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32 Of The Greatest Anime With Political Themes

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Several anime deals with politics and the government, whether from an Isekai genre, fantasy world, or realistic setting.

However, surprisingly few titles are devoted almost entirely to political intrigue, engaging in complicated political games over the whole series instead of briefly mentioning it or covering it for one or two story arcs.

A political power struggle with high stakes and suspense serves as the setting for the story in a political thriller.

This genre typically urges audience members to consider and comprehend the significance of politics. Popular subjects in this genre include war, terrorism, organized crime, and political corruption.

Here are 32 Intriguing Anime with Political Themes!


1.) Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

word image 132826 1

Balsa is a bodyguard with a spear who wants to save eight lives to make up for the eight lives she lost in her previous life as a warrior.

She meets the young Prince Chagum, who barely escapes a murder disguised as an unrelated assassination attempt. Chagum’s mother persuades her to protect the prince—from none other than the emperor himself.

But who exactly is Chagum, and why does the emperor of Shin Yogo want to murder his own son?

The 2007 anime Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Seirei no Moribito), an action/adventure fantasy, spends a lot of time worldbuilding so that the audience can comprehend the political structures, motivations, and implications behind the decisions made by its characters.

The program, however, is far from being dreary; on the contrary, its honesty and heartfeltness make it so compelling.

It manages to strike an astonishingly delicate balance between its political intrigue and its themes of family, acceptance, and the invisible ties of fate.

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2.) Joker Game

word image 132826 2

An excellent series for fans of historical anime, Joker Game is more than just a political thriller.

Japan has created a brand-new agency called the D-Agency that will aid in its efforts to infiltrate other nations and gather as much information as possible.

In a large portion of the Joker Game, soldiers are instructed to abandon their “respectable” combat traditions and adopt modern methods of armed conflict.

One of the main characters is a member of the Japanese Imperial Army who finds it difficult to learn how spies function while also learning to fight like one for the good of his nation.


3.) Aldnoah. Zero

word image 132826 3

The human species found an advanced technology named “Aldnoah” and a hyper gate on the Moon in 1972 that allowed them to go to Mars.

The Vers Empire was established on Mars after that, and the war was declared against the “Terrans,” or those who remained on Earth.

Although the destruction of the Moon as a result of the war on the Moon led to an uneasy ceasefire, the peace was tenuous.

When Asseylum Vers Allusia, the princess of Vers, is murdered on Earth, peace is disrupted. The narrative’s focus is now the battle between the two empires to end the war.


4.) Gatchaman Crowd

word image 132826 4

The 2013 anime television series Gatchaman Crowds was created by Tatsunoko Production and helmed by Kenji Nakamura.

In this tale, a 16-year-old enthusiastic high school student named Hajime Ichinose, obsessed with collecting day planners and stationery, is picked to be a Gatchaman. Gatchaman is a powerful fighter from Tachikawa who defends the city.

She is tasked with battling a mysterious alien life form known as MESS, but she does not take her duties seriously due to her nature.

To the surprise of one other Gatchaman fighter, her irresponsible actions actually do more good than harm.


5.) Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

word image 132826 5

Three superpowers—the Holy Britannian Empire, the Chinese Federation, and the Europa United—rule the planet in an alternate history.

The plot takes place after Japan was conquered by the Holy Britannian Empire on August 10, 2010, using Britannia’s most recent weapon, the “Autonomous Armored Knight” or “Knightmare Frame.”

Britannia then essentially deprives Japan and its residents of all rights and liberties, renames the nation Area 11, and refers to its people as Elevens.

This timeline appears to split when King Henry VIII of England had a male heir who became King Henry IX and later, when England, under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth III, was defeated by Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Britannian Empire was founded in the colonies of Britain in North America when the queen escaped there.


6.) Arslan Senki

word image 132826 6

Arslan is more of a traditional political tale with a dash of D&D fantasy thrown in. Young prince Arslan, the main character, loses both his father and country due to a coup.

He only has his servant Daryun to help him survive while on the run. Together, they gradually create a group of dependable individuals to confront the army that took Arslan’s realm.

Even though the most recent anime series based on Arslan isn’t perfect, it’s still among the best of the decade.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (Arslan Senki) is based on historical individuals and events from sixth-century Persia, such as Cyrus the Great and the East Roman-Persian Wars.

It is set in a fictionalized but surprisingly plausible portrayal of ancient Persia and neighbouring countries. Because of its complex and profound politics, the show’s cultural setting, characters, and general plot are enhanced rather than diminished.


7.) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

word image 132826 7

Fans of cyberpunk who need a lot to sink their teeth into might check out the Stand Alone Complex series.

The world of Ghost in the Shell is set in the future and discusses the wrongdoings of the government and huge businesses and the social consequences of cyberterrorism.

Stand Alone Complex, which debuted in 2005, feels more relevant today than it did back when technology was more important than ever.

Hackers have the power to reveal the wrongdoing of multimillion-dollar corporations.

The 52-episode season is divided into two sections, each focusing on one of two significant cases: the Laughing Man, who engages in corporate terrorism, and the Individual Eleven, who deals with refugees and the risks of nationalism.


8.) GATE

word image 132826 8

A portal that leads to a fantasy universe suddenly emerges in present-day Tokyo. From this gate, supernatural creatures and medieval armoured warriors charge the city, mowing down and destroying everything in their path.

A Japanese military unit is organized and tasked to travel to the other side to establish connections between the two worlds.


9.) Pumpkin Scissors

word image 132826 9

Gonzo and AIC have published and produced the anime series Pumpkin Scissors, which debuted on several Japanese television networks on October 2, 2006, and concluded on March 19, 2007, with the 24th episode.

The empire abruptly declares a ceasefire with the Republic of Frost after a protracted battle that has lasted for years. Three years later, hunger and the epidemic had reduced the empire to rubble. Outlaws who once served in the military now do so.

An Imperial Army relief mission led by Alice L. Malvin to reestablish order in the war-torn empire encounters Randel Orlando, a former anti-tank soldier, and he joins them.


10.) The Story of Saiunkoku

word image 132826 10

The Story of Saiunkoku (Saiunkoku Monogatari), an anime that claims to be about romance, is uncommon in that it strongly emphasizes politics.

The show aired from 2006 to 2008 and has many clan and administrative leaders, military commanders, and department employees in addition to its primary couple.

Saiunkoku, on the other hand, makes the most of its vast cast, letting the viewer care deeply about its characters and adding colour and nuance to a genre not generally noted for its political undertones.


11.) Night Raid 1931

word image 132826 11

How can spy agencies be made more stylish? Giving them superhuman abilities. Following the Sakurai organization, brought from Japan to deal with significant dangers to their nation, Night Raid 1931 takes place in Shanghai.

The series is jam-packed with spy missions, from saving Japanese presidents from the Chinese military to handling covert nuclear weapons development.

Given that it is rife with allusions that most viewers won’t understand, Night Raid will be a delight for any anime fan with a background in history.


12.) Mobile Suit Gundam 00

word image 132826 12

The story centers on the conflict between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon in the year 0079 of the futuristic “Universal Century,” during which the latter unveiled the RX-78-2 Gundam.

This new, enormous robot was under the direction of a young civilian mechanic named Amuro Ray.

There is a strong political element around several Gundam series. Zeon proper, an ‘evil’ empire, is what the Federation is up against in Gundam 0079.

The antagonistic characters of Gundam 00 deliberately deploy the Gundams to force an end to hostilities. Child soldiers employed by Iron-Blooded Orphans to fight the war against a “not” Federation are present.


13.) Crest of the Stars

word image 132826 13

From January 2, 1999, through March 27, 1999, WOWOW broadcast the adventure drama anime series Crest of the Stars from Studio Sunrise.

The main character of this anime is Jinto Lin, a young aristocrat whose world was occupied by the Abh Empire, the biggest empire in the cosmos. The President of Jinto’s planet, Jinto’s father, traded a position in the Abh Empire for their world.

As a result, Jinto joined the nobility and was given an education at the ABH. He encounters Lafiel, a princess of the Abh Empire, along the way, and despite her icy exterior, they become fast friends. On the other hand, there is a conflict within the Abh kingdom.


14.) ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

word image 132826 14

The 2017 mystery drama ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. (ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka) features a heavily politicized backdrop and atmosphere.

Filled with continually growing fascination from start to finish, it’s an immersive production with an ambitious size that still doesn’t come across as pretentious or overwhelming.

The surprising twists and turns, equally unexpectedly endearing lead, and slick visual flare of this kind of slow-burn political thriller will reward viewers with patience enough to stick with it.


15.) Princess Principal

word image 132826 15

The steampunk and political television show Princess Principal is for those who still seek pretty girls.

The beginning of the 20th century is when the series is set, and the Kingdom of Albion (essentially Britain) discovers a way to create flying ships.

This series is surprising since it focuses on the differences between the two sides as well as the in-depth backstories of the key characters rather than just on how lovely the females are.

Given all the parallels the series makes, Princess Principal clearly adores both spy fiction and the political thriller components that go along with it.

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16.) One Piece

word image 132826 16

The story of Luffy and his pals’ quest for the ultimate treasure, “Onepiece,” is told in One Piece. While the plot revolves around obtaining a treasure, it also tells the tale of a fight to control the oceans.

From the outside, it can appear to be a humorous adventure series, but it is really just a power battle between several worldly factions.

This power fight involves the World Government, Yonko, the Revolutionary Army, and numerous pirates. Both the pirates and the Marines have unique methods for achieving justice.

I gave it a low rating since the narrative focuses solely on the general power struggle and ideological disagreements rather than exploring internal political tensions and difficulties.


17.) The Rose of Versailles

word image 132826 17

Nippon TV broadcast Studio TMS Entertainment’s drama/fantasy anime series The Rose of Versailles from October 10, 1979, to September 3, 1980.

A story about the French and American Revolutionary Wars called “The Rose of Versailles” is set in France both before and during the French Revolution.

Marie Antoinette, the youthful Queen of France, serves as the narrative’s main character, although Oscar Francois de Jarjayes eventually comes back into focus.

Oscar, the youngest of her father’s six daughters, was brought up by her general military father to succeed him as the head of the Royal Guard at the Palace of Versailles. Oscar was the youngest of six daughters.


18.) Kingdom

word image 132826 18

The Warring States era of ancient China is narrated by each Kingdom in its unique way. Li Xin, the primary character, is based on a real-life commander who served as an advisor to the Qin emperor thousands of years ago.

Xin is portrayed as a young man from a lowly background who has lofty goals. The audience gains insight into his motivations for wanting to aid in uniting China under Heaven through his challenging but still inspirational boyhood. By successfully helping aristocrats, Xin advances in society.

However, some people can understand the controversy surrounding the positive portrayal of the Qin Dynasty, which some Chinese historians view as a brutal regime (the Qin emperor may have united China, but he has a reputation for not being a nice guy).

Although Xin executed another general for his unjust acts toward innocents.

The show demonstrates that Xin is a man of action and assumes leadership. No matter how many troops are under his command, he knows how to do the job.

As portrayed in the anime, his leadership and charisma make him a very honourable character who will help him fulfil his destiny of unifying China. He dislikes dealing with bureaucratic approvals.


19.) Legend of the Galactic Heroes

word image 132826 19

The pinnacle of political television is the enduring Legend of the Galactic Heroes. This television series alternates between space battles and political intrigue.

The Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance are meant to be at war in this novel, but it’s about much more.

The two major characters, geniuses on opposing sides of the conflict, struggle with their own side’s members just as much as they do with each other.

This series features political uprisings, revolutions, and more, and that’s just the beginning. Fans can watch either the Production IG version, which is still producing new seasons or the original anime, which lasted from 1988 to 1997.


20.) Magi

word image 132826 20

The show follows Aladdin, a Magi, on his journey to discover who he really is. A djinn he knows by the name of Ugo is with him. Then he makes friends with Alibaba, and a wonderful trip begins.

Magi is a magician who selects a deserving contender to become a king and oversees the elected officials while they establish a nation.

The tale of the Magi explores the qualities of a good ruler. It does an excellent job of handling difficult topics like politics, country, kingship, etc.

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21.) Yona of the Dawn

word image 132826 21

The protagonist of this tale is Princess Yona, who has a comfortable but secluded life with her pacifist father, King II.

Yona is surrounded by caring staff and is guarded by her bodyguard, Hak, so her main issues are her wild red hair and her trying to convince her father to let her marry her cousin, Soo-wan.

On the night of her 16th birthday, Yona loses all her treasures and is compelled to leave the castle. Yona understands that she must become stronger to survive, as Hak is the only one who can stand up for her.


22.) Terra Formars

word image 132826 22

Despite having good intentions, one’s actions might have negative effects in this fast-paced anime based on the manga series by Tachibana Kenichi and Sasuga Yu.

There are times when circumstances are simply out of one’s control. Hence the name Terra Formars evolved from cockroaches of extreme power and size (and intelligence).

The obvious response to such a threat is eliminating it, but what can be done once it has expanded past a certain point? How can you educate the populace while keeping them safe? Those issues are frequently covered in this series.

It also discusses other hot-button issues, including human experimentation and internal disputes brought on by competing and self-serving agendas, which adds to the political fervour.


23.) Hetalia: Axis Powers

word image 132826 23

Germany did not anticipate North Italy and Japan being his sole steadfast allies in a turbulent era of World Wars and general concern for the future.

Even though it is a progeny of the once-powerful Ancient Rome, North Italy is helpless, useless, and excessively fond of pasta. On the other hand, Japan is dependable and practical yet has bizarre obsessions that would baffle anyone.

Germany must devise a strategy to make this odd partnership successful because he feels like he got the short end of the stick.


24.) Grancrest Senki

word image 132826 24

After the horrible occurrence known as the Great Hall Tragedy, the continent of Atlatan finds itself once more engulfed by the fires of war.

Sir Alexis Douse and Lady Marrine Kreische’s wedding, which was meant to be a happy occasion that would bring about peace between the Fantasia Union and the Factory Alliance, turned out to be a tragedy.

A powerful convergence of “Chaos,” an evil energy from another dimension that corrupts the environment and releases monsters and demons into the world, abruptly interrupted the ceremony as the bride and groom made their way down the aisle.

Alliance mage Siluca Meletes is making her way through the Chaos-infested countryside to learn under a renowned magician after failing to stop this catastrophe.

Theo Cornaro, a teenage warrior bearing a mysterious “Crest,” a magical sign that grants its user the ability to banish Chaos, saves Siluca when she is captured by a gang of troops working with the Federation.

Theo, who has no allegiance to any one domain, aspires to become a Lord to free his hometown of Sistina from its oppressive ruler and the Chaos engulfing it.

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25.) The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

word image 132826 25

The so-called “Alpha Stigma” is said to have eyes that can examine all forms of magic. They are most infamously referred to as cursed eyes because they can only cause harm and death to other people.

The Magician Academy of the Roland Empire, a prestigious institution dedicated to educating magicians for military purposes, previously educated Ryner Lute, a gifted mage and also a bearer of the Alpha Stigma.

However, he swears to make the country more orderly and peaceful with his best friend and fellow survivor, Sion Astal, after many of his classmates lost their lives in a conflict.


26.) Lord Marksman and Vanadis

word image 132826 26

In a fantasy version of Europe, rival nations are preparing for war. One of these nations’ seven areas, Zhcted, is managed by Vanadis, or War Maidens. Eleonora “Elen” Viltaria, a member of the Vanadis, conducts an attack against Brune, a nearby enemy nation, armed with potent dragon-carved weapons.

Tigrevurmud “Tigre” Vorn, a teenage archer and earl for Brune’s Alsace province, eventually sees Elen decimate his entire army. What might the significance of this new relationship be? Elen spares Tigre in an odd turn of events, telling him to “Become mine.”

Madan no Ou to Vanadis, an adaptation of Tsukasa Kawaguchi’s light novel of the same name, is a grand adventure, including stunning women and intricate military strategy. Tigre and Elen are caught in a global fight filled with dark secrets, plots, and corruption.


27.) Attack on Titan

word image 132826 27

Eren Yeager, the main character of the anime and manga, discovers his Eldian ancestry toward the end of the story.

His plan to get revenge on the country of Marley, which has mistreated Eldians and sent troops to the island to capture it and take the powers of the Eldians, is put into motion in the show’s final season.

History of the Eldians, a group descended from Ymir Fritz, a woman. To create the nation of Eldia, Ymir Fritz transformed into a Titan, an enormous humanoid monster with nuclear-bomb-level heat and radiation emissions and the ability to demolish tall walls by herself.

In particular, Marley was brutalized by the Eldian Empire, which broke Ymir’s soul into nine titans, who “created the world-conquering, blood-soaked legacy of the Eldian Empire.”


28.) Log Horizon

word image 132826 28

After the most recent update to the well-known MMORPG Elder Tale, thirty thousand astonished Japanese players find themselves instantly transported inside the game’s universe without being able to log out. Shiroe, a socially awkward college student, is one of them.

His astonishment and dismay are brief because he is a seasoned player and goes out right once to investigate the boundaries of his new reality.

To bring stability to the virtual metropolis of Akihabara, Shiroe must learn to survive in this new environment while leading others and interacting with the NPC “natives.”


29.) Knights of Sidonia

word image 132826 29

The alien race Gauna has been hunting out the last of mankind ever since it narrowly averted destruction many years ago and fled across the cosmos in a handful of enormous seed ships.

Nagate Tanikaze emerges from his lifetime of seclusion deep below the seed ship Sidonia in the year 3394 in quest of sustenance on the top decks, only to find himself drawn into circumstances that are taking place without his knowledge.

Tanikaze must protect humanity’s last chance for survival and repel the Gauna when they launch their attack on Sidonia, assisted by his fellow troops and companions Shizuka Hoshijiro, Izana Shinatose, and Yuhata Midorikawa.

Tanikaze is the hero Sidonia needs, and Sidonia no Kishi follows him as he learns about the world that has been above him his entire life.


30.) Eureka Seven

word image 132826 30

Renton Thurston, a 14-year-old kid, resides in Bellforest, a small town. In search of excitement to spice up his routine life, he longs to leave his home and join the mercenary group known as Gekkostate.

However, trapped between the responsibility of carrying on his father’s legacy and his grandfather’s urge that he become a mechanic like him, Renton finds the only excitement in his hobby of riding the Trapar wave particles that are dispersed throughout the air, an activity similar to surfing.

Everything changes when a mysterious object smashes through Renton’s garage and is later identified as a Light Finding Operation, a robot known as the Nirvash typeZERO capable of riding the Trapar waves.

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31.) Ride Back

word image 132826 31

The GGP, an organization from the future, now rules the whole planet. A bright young ballet dancer named Rin Ogata decided to give up after suffering a terrible injury while performing.

Years later, while attending college, she walks upon a club building and quickly becomes fascinated by a “Rideback,” a robotic vehicle that transforms into a motorcycle.

She quickly discovers she is a natural on a ride back due to her exceptional balance and elegance in ballet. But those same abilities also land her in many legal issues with the government.


32.) How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

word image 132826 32

Kazuya Souma, a 19-year-old aspiring civil servant, is left alone and without anyone to call family after the passing of his grandfather.

An ongoing battle with the demon army has put the entire world in danger, and Kazuya was summoned to aid in the conflict as a gift from Elfrieden to its allies.

He is then transferred to the Elfrieden Kingdom, a small, failing nation in another world, to be a “hero.”


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