Anime Shows In 187 Countries That Fans LOVE The Most (Official)

Anime Shows In 187 Countries That Fans Love The Most (official) (3)
Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime Motivation is known for original posts from a data stand point.

Being the first anime site to do this style of content since 2016, it’s not surprising.

It’s only natural a post like this would be on the horizon.

In the past it’s been about:

  • Countries where hentai is the most popular.
  • Countries where manga (and anime) is the most popular.

And a similar format for Pokemon, Redo Of Healer, Crunchyroll, not to mention anime vs Hollywood (statistically) and many others.

This time we’ll be talking about the most popular anime by country, instead of where anime is the most popular in general.


A comprehensive list with visual maps

The data is taken from:

  • Google.
  • Ahrefs.

And 187 countries were analyzed to come to the below results.

The list first started out with 100 anime titles, then was narrowed down to 20 anime with a time frame of the last 90 days!

Let’s get started.


1. Most popular anime by country (worldwide)

most popular anime in every country maps

  • Pokemon.
  • Attack On Titan.
  • One Piece.
  • Dragon Ball Z.
  • Demon Slayer.
  • One Punch Man.
  • Death Note.
  • Yugioh.
  • Bleach.

When you measure the most popular anime by country, worldwide, POKEMON comes out on top. Mostly thanks to America.

But it’s also true with Australia, and some parts of Asia.

One Punch Man is particularly popular in a specific part of the world. With the rest (not including Naruto) split up across the maps.

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2. Most popular anime in North/South America

most popular anime in north and south america map

  • Naruto (48.57%).
  • Pokemon (31.42%).
  • Attack On Titan (11.42%).
  • Demon Slayer (8.57%).

North & South America are very particular. Only 4 anime are the most dominant.

Naruto has over 48%, with Pokemon not far behind (over 31%).

Next is Attack On Titan and one of the newest, best selling shonen: Demon Slayer!


3. Most popular anime in Europe

most popular anime in europe map

  • Naruto (41.86%).
  • Pokemon (23.26%).
  • Attack On Titan (9.30%).
  • One Piece (2.33%).
  • Demon Slayer (2.33%).
  • Death Note (2.33%).
  • Yugioh (2.33%).

In the continent of Europe, Naruto wins out with over 41% preferring the series above others.

Pokemon is 2nd with 23%, with the rest in the single digits, including AOT, OP, DS, Death Note and Yugioh.


4. Most popular anime across Asia

most popular anime in asia map

  • Attack On Titan (39.13%).
  • Naruto (28.26%).
  • One Piece (15.21%).
  • Demon Slayer (6.52%).
  • Pokemon (4.34%).
  • Death Note (2.17%).
  • One Punch Man (2.17%).
  • Bleach. (2.17%).

In Asia, no series is favored more than 40%, let alone 0% or 60%.

Attack On Titan sits at 39.13%, with Naruto and One Piece next in descending order.

Demon Slayer, a new-ish Shonen ranks higher than Pokemon, Death Note, One Punch Man and Bleach across Asia in general.

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5. Most popular anime across Africa

the most popular anime in africa

  • Naruto (58.82%).
  • One Piece (17.64%).
  • Attack On Titan (11.76%).
  • Pokemon (7.84%).
  • Dragon Ball Z (1.96%).
  • One Punch Man (1.96%).

In Africa, the motherland, Naruto is dominant with 58% of Africans preferring it over the others when broken down.

One Piece and Attack On Titan are next in line, with Pokemon beating out DBZ and One Punch Man (the latter which are equal).


6. Most popular anime in Oceania

most popular anime in oceania

  • Pokemon (63.63%).
  • Naruto (18.18%).
  • Attack On Titan (9.09%).
  • One Punch Man (9.09%).

Throughout Oceania, Pokemon is the dominant series with over 60% of people favoring the anime.

Next in line is Naruto with 18%, and Attack On Titan in sync with One Punch Man by percentage.

It seems Pokemon is received very differently here.


Source: News tip from diamondlobby

What do you think of the statistics in relation to your country or continent?



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