unforgettable Life Lessons To Be Learned From Shimoneta
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5 Unforgettable Life Lessons To Be Learned From Shimoneta

Shimoneta is an ecchi series that slaps you over the head with perversion, dirty jokes and some of the weirdest fetishes I’ve ever seen.

It’s English name is: A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist.

So what the F is an anime like this doing here?

What could you learn from a lewd anime that in some cases, might be too extreme and uncomfortable for some viewers?

After all, Japan is too weird for some. And Shimoneta is the perfect example of that.

There’s always something to learn if you pay attention though. So here are 5 things you can learn from Shimoneta that are surprisingly relatable (or just true).


The Life Lessons Shimoneta Taught Me:


1. We live in a “politically correct” society 

Ayame Kajou glasses

In Shimoneta, the world has become so ridiculous that it’s a crime to tell dirty jokes, or even speak about sex-related subjects.

The government’s mission in the anime is to create “a clean and pure society”, and the slightest bit of “filth”, aka dirty jokes, is all it takes to land you in jail… for life.

The main character: Ayame Kajou is the rebel of this series who stands out AND stands against this politically correct way of thinking and living.

Spreading her “dirty jokes” and dirty pictures in schools to make teens sexually aware again (and free from society’s systematic prison).


Life is the same way

Sometimes I can’t even believe how politically correct we’ve become as a society. And it makes me wonder what happened and when it began.

You might not remember, but in 2017 a Canadian porn star (in her early 20’s) committed suicide for a similar reason.

Her name is August Ames.

She shared her opinions on not wanting to do “sex” scenes with gay men, giving objective reasons as to why.

And the world took it as an insult and literally bashed and sent her death threats for MONTHS.

Telling her to go kill herself and all kinds of vile shit.

In the end, they got their wish. Because in December 2017 she did exactly that.

And none of them were reprimanded for any of it.

Has society gotten so bad that it’s wrong to say what’s on your mind, even if there’s no malicious intent behind your words?

Shimoneta paints a similar picture. Even if not as vile.


2. You have to stand up for your beliefs

Ayame Kajou glasses 1

Ayame Kajou is a teenager (16) just like most other characters in Shimoneta.

In the “normal” world, teens are supposed to be sexually active. Because that’s the phase where your body starts to change.

It’s biology. And it’s not something to be looked down on.

But in the world of Shimoneta, they’ve brainwashed people across the world (not just kids) to believe it’s impure to even think those kinds of thoughts.

And to believe it’s “a crime” to engage in those kinds of acts.

But Ayame Kajou believes that’s the wrong way to think. And so she stands up for her beliefs, even in the face of overwhelming odds and the risk of being jailed for challenging convention.


Life is the same way

The truth is: that if you don’t stand up for your beliefs, you’ll be a slave to someone else’s beliefs.

Especially the kinds of beliefs that don’t make you happy, fulfilled or satisfied with your life.

Every day there’s someone trying to kick you down, break your confidence, and force you to live up to “their” standards and beliefs. Without even considering your own because they don’t care.

Standing up for yourself gives you confidence, power and something to live for.

Without that, life is pretty dull. And you may as well flush the thought of happiness down the toilet.


3. Some people have an agenda and don’t have your best interests at heart

sophia anna mother shimoneta

This is best shown in Shimoneta when Anna’s mother is giving a fancy speech to promote her hidden agenda.

On the surface, her goal is to make Japan a “pure” place. And to do that she plans on distributing a set of underpants that are able to track your every move and protect you from impurity.

But in reality, this is nothing more than “nice” manipulation, abuse of power, and a step forward to completely control and enslave society. Both mentally and physically.


Life is the same way

You know yourself by now that there are people who don’t give a shit about you. Except only when it benefits them in some way.

Usually at the expense of your own happiness, freedom or something of value.

You have to look under the surface of what someone is saying, or even beyond what someone seems to be.

Only then will you see their true agenda, and whether they’re legit and worth putting your trust in.


4. Gender equality

anna yandere crazy shimoneta

This is a SPOILER but, in Shimoneta there’s a scene where Anna (a main character) is seen sexually harassing Okuma. Almost to the point of rape (which would have led to pregnancy in real life).

How? Because Okuma didn’t ask for it, he didn’t want it, and he begged Anna to stop.

Now I’m no fool, this anime is a comedy series. Everything is supposed to be silly and ridiculous. But when you look at it objectively, it’s a pretty dark reminder of gender equality, and how men vs women are treated and perceived in these kinds of situations.


Life is the same way

If a man sexually harasses a woman, the world screams for justice to be served.

If a woman sexually harasses a man against his will, it’s passed off as either:

  • The man “probably” wanted it anyway.
  • A misunderstanding.
  • Impossible.
  • Or outright ridiculous.

It’s the kind of thing that’s “laughed” off. And yet is deadly serious when the shoes on the other foot.

It’s an interesting observation from Shimoneta that’s easy to miss.


5. There’s nothing wrong with “dirty” jokes

The anime’s plot is committed to making the concept of telling dirty jokes forbidden.

It’s a crime after all in the world of Shimoneta. And that’s in spite of the fact telling dirty jokes is a harmless act that’s no different to telling regular jokes.

With the exception that dirty jokes are more… dirty.


There’s nothing wrong with that

ayame shimoneta gif glasses

In the real world, we’re not as extreme or politically correct about sex, dirty jokes, or anything of the sort.

But even still there is a “slight” stigma related to it that’s perceived as being “off” limits.

It’s almost like religion in the sense that people are reluctant to talk or even joke about it.

But isn’t that a part of what makes us human?

Biology is a bitch. You can’t fight it. That’s how we work.

I think Shimoneta is a beautiful example of that. And it’s powerful enough that if you watch it, you might start to view the whole concept a LOT differently than before.

It really is a refreshing anime series.

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