5 Dark Life Lessons You Can Learn From Death Note

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Death Note is an ugly series. When you peel it back like a banana, there’s nothing but a rotten theme that paints a dark picture of what reality can look like.

It’s an unfair world and those who are the most insecure end up doing the most damage and causing the most problems.

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But that’s what makes Death Note so brilliant, dramatic, semi-realistic and entertaining. And the protagonist makes you love or hate him because of his internal struggle to “do the right thing”.

With that said, there’s a lot of lessons we can learn from Death Note.

So let’s talk about that, from a “dark but honest” point of view.


The Biggest Life Lessons From Death Note:


1. People are the root of all evil

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You’ve heard all the stupid sayings: Money is the root of all evil, and nonsense like that. But the reality is: people are the root of all evil.

It’s always been that way, and Death Note proves it with the ugliness of the plot and main character: Light Yagami.

He’s a bored kid with no direction or a sense of purpose in his life. So when he ends up with the Death Note by accident, the power goes to his head.

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One minute he’s a hero of justice (so he tells himself, pretty much), and he’s doing “good” deeds by getting rid of bad people.

Society even praises him for it.

But then he gets drunk off it and sways more to the evil side of going about his life.


Life is the same way

Items, material… that has nothing to do with anything. They’re not the problem, the problem is the person who uses it.

And HOW they use it.

In Light Yagami’s case – he was the wrong kinda person to get his hands on the Death Note, and that’s why evil taints his heart.


2. Power is dangerous in the wrong hands

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Continuing on from my last point – power in the wrong hands leads to disaster. You can see that in the “real world” when it comes to companies, governments and all kinds of stuff.

But focusing on Death Note for a second – once Light Yagami gets familiar with the Death Note, and what it’s capable of… the power gets to his head.

But in reality: Light Yagami was insecure from the get go, and the Death Note is just a means of exposing who he really is on the inside.

Deep in his heart.

light and misa amane

The further you get through Death Note, the more you realize how dangerous Light becomes. Because he starts to misuse and abuse the power he’s been given.

Even to the point of believing he’s a real life “God” after developing a complex.


Life is the same way

Power is dangerous in the wrong hands. If you haven’t taken care of yourself, your mindset and your self esteem, power will destroy you in the end.

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3. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” society

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Trying to create the perfect society is hard with so many differing opinions, ideas, morals, ethics and rules.

Light Yagami must have known this at some level. Which is why he was so desperate in creating that kind of society.

But it doesn’t turn out the way he expects when all is said and done.

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The perfect society he wants is ruled by HIS ideas alone. Nobody gets a say in how things play out, or whether it makes sense or not.

And so – Light murders a lot of people, even if they’re not “bad” in general.

And that’s followed by killing anyone who opposes his ideals… The equivalent of a dictatorship, or communism.


Life is the same way

No matter how perfect a society gets, there’s always someone who opposes it. That’s not to say there’s no use making an effort, just that the idea of perfect isn’t shared by everyone.

There’s too many of us living on the planet for that to be the case.

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4. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

l lawliet and light yagami

If you’ve watched Death Note, you’ll notice how Light Yagami befriends L Lawliet later into the series. And how they essentially become “best friends” in so many words.

Or at least L Lawliet believes he’s “good friends” with Light Yagami to some degree.

misa amane l lawliet and light yagami

It even seems like L Lawliet is having fun and enjoying himself for once in his life. He feels like he can “trust” someone.

A friend he’s never been able to have.

But Light Yagami is an enemy, naturally. And he even stabs him in the back (metaphorically) and finishes off L Lawliet for good. Thanks to the power of the Shinigami.

rem death note shinighami


Life is the same way

Even your best friend will stab you in the back, if they’re the wrong friend to begin with.

It’s sad but true.


5. It’s hard to trust people

Trusting someone with your life, let alone money, a favor or “secrets” is tough. How many people will stay true to their word?

In fact – how many people will make promises to your face, only to go behind your back and gossip, talk sh** and then smile when they see you again?


Trust is hard

Light Yagami Quotes 1

“In this world, there are very few people who can actually trust each other.” – Light Yagami

Light Yagami makes this point during the first half of the anime. There aren’t many people in this world who trust each other.

Of course it all comes down to personal experience, where you’re born, where you live and who you’re around, but the point still stands.


Death Note Life Lessons:

  • People are the root of all evil.
  • Power is dangerous in the wrong hands.
  • There’s no such thing as a “perfect” society.
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  • It’s hard to trust people.


What life lesson has Death Note taught you?



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