How To Watch More Anime Without It Eating Too Much Of Your Time

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Watching more anime is a legitimate question anime fans have. Believe it or not.

The real question though is this: how do you watch more anime without wasting too much time?

After all, anyone can watch more anime. All you do is sit-down for hours on end until your eyes bleed.

That’s not reality though. People have got sh*t to do, people to see, and a life to create.

Here’s how you can speed up the anime watching process without developing bad habits.


1. Treat every anime season like a buffet

anime season fall 2020 calendar

Source: Twitter

When I go to the all you can eat buffet, more so if it’s new, I see what food’s available and try it all if I can (at once).

It doesn’t have to be in one bite, no pun intended.

Once I know what food I like and what I don’t, I’ll stick to the tried and true. The familiar. The “good” stuff I like enough that I’ll never get sick of it.

Anime is the same in that way.

Every season there’s new anime. Right now it’s still fall 2020:

  • The Journey Of Elaina.
  • Fire Force Season 2.
  • I’m standing on 1,000,000 lives.
  • Assault Lily Bouquet.
  • Talentless Nana.

And there’s so many more anime like Higurashi, Jujutsu Kaisen, etc.

I mentioned these 6 anime in the bulleted list because I’m watching all 6 every week.

I watch 3 or 4 in one night on Friday. The rest on Sunday (Talentless Nana).

talentless nana kyoya and hiiragi

The reality is I can’t watch every single anime, every single season, and expect to have a life and do what needs to be done.

No one can (unless they don’t have a life, literally). 6 anime is still a lot but is only 2 hours in a week.

Trying to watch everything is draining. Just like forcing yourself to eat food at a buffet you don’t like is a pain in the you know what!

Stick to what you’re enjoying, and forget everything else. Even if it means watching it at some point later.

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2. Choose 1 or 2 days a week to “binge”

binge watching anime sophie twilight

When anime is a daily habit you can end up binge-watching on a daily basis. Which means you’re burning through whatever time you have.

Binge-watching anime means anything else you wanna do isn’t possible, assuming you have the privilege of binge-watching everyday at all.

That leads to a bad habit and makes the idea of “getting things done” more difficult, because too much play can make you lazy and complacent.

That’s why binge-watching 1 or 2 days of the week is the ideal choice.

When you binge an anime series in this way:

  • You can even watch a 12 episode anime in only 4 hours.
  • Or a 24 episode anime in 8 hours, even though it’s a stretch.
  • You can stay focused and live your life without anime anchoring you down.
  • You can take care of your priorities without anime becoming a bad habit.

And generally speaking, you won’t be as lazy or tired. Sitting down in front of a TV or laptop can do that. It’s just a thing with entertainment.

Short bursts of binge-watching is better than trying to do it everyday. I doubt you’ haven’t seen why from personal experience.

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3. Choose to watch anime when you’re able to multi-task

cute anime girl multitasking gif
Multi-tasking be like.

If you know how to make food and cook, this is always a good opportunity. Assuming you wanna go there and it’s relevant to you.

When the food is doing, you can watch and finish an anime in the time it takes to cook (20 minutes, 40 minutes, etc).

It’s not all about multi tasking though.

If you’re taking a break from something physical, anime can be a good escape or break from whatever you were doing. And you end up watching more anime because of it.

You won’t every or a ton of opportunities to do it, but there are opportunities. You just have to look and think.

That’s true if you’re trying to watch more anime for whatever reason anyway.

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4. The 3 episodes a day rule

yoshino koharu 3 fingers

The other option to speed up your anime watching, without anime becoming a distraction is to stick to ONE anime series.

By doing this you can watch at least 3 episodes everyday, and it still won’t get in the way of “life” despite it being daily.

3 episodes is 1 hour of your time, or 1 hour of your day I should say. That’s about as minimal as it gets.

The benefit is you can almost watch a 24 episode series in a week, or a 80+ episode anime in a month. It’s the best of both worlds.

bleach anime series cover 2

When I started getting back into anime again, I let loose and watched 3 episodes everyday.

Sometimes 4 episodes.

This is how I ended up watching all of Bleach after being recommended to check it out.

Same for anime shows like:

  • Shakugan No Shana.
  • Attack On Titan.
  • Maid Sama.
  • Special A.
  • K-On.
  • Owari No Seraph.
  • Claymore.

And a ton of other anime shows.

It all comes down to what’s going on in YOUR life at this moment, and what time you’re able to spare.

The 3 episode rule is a flexible one though, and it works for almost everyone since it’s only 60 minutes your time.

Like an investment, before you know it months or a year later – you’ll have a sizeable amount of anime under your belt as it compounds over time.


5. Stop spending time on things you don’t care about

anime cute girl thinking face an angel flew down on me

This is more of an “extra” step you can take if you feel there are things you do for the sake of it… Which could be put back into anime.

Or better yet: that time could be shared between anime and just freeing up time to do other things in your day, week, month.

For example – do you flick through the TV for 30 minutes everyday, knowing you’re not gonna bother watching anything anyway?

Do you browse through YouTube because you’re bored and literally waste 1 hour doing absolutely nothing?

Even if you take that time and don’t put it into anime, it’s still something to think about.

There’s probably an opportunity to gain more time that you’re overlooking.

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last point is me lmao
anything I don’t have proper interest in, I get busy being a weeb instead
gotta up the balance smh


And also steer away from series that last hundreds of fucking episodes

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