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16+ Funny Anime Facts And Lessons Fans Will Understand!

Raphiel Funny Gabriel Dropout
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Anime is full of funny facts and lessons relating to itself, or the culture. It’s the source of its comedy a lot of the time.

It’s fiction of course, so it’s not to be taken seriously.

If you’re up for a good laugh, or to roll your eyes, this is it.

Let’s get started.


Ridiculous things anime teaches you:


1. People die when they are killed

people die if they are killed shirou


2. School roofs are never locked

anime school roof


3. Socially awkward guys get the most girls

high school dxd harem e1600597381440


4. If you get killed by truck-kun, you’re reborn into a new world

isekai trope funny


5. Shouting makes you stronger

vegeta powering up meme


6. Flat is justice

flat is justice anime meme e1600597899308


7. Large is justice

large is justice hyperdimension neptunia


8. Gods can be useless

goddess aqua crying


9. You can snowboard with humans

gintama funny scene


10. Real life loli exists

real life loli hachikuji mayoi


11. The law of equivalent exchange

fullmetal alchemist aw of equivalent exchange meme


12. Time machines are real

time machine anime vending machine


13. You can’t assume one’s gender

anime confusing gender


14. Anime wisdom

funny anime wisdomfunny anime wisdom loli


15. If she abuses you, she’s a Tsundere who loves you

tsundere violence


16. Gender equality

kazuma gender equality lesson

SOURCE: https://www.quora.com/q/qurarara/What-have-you-learned-from-anime-lately



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