6 Pokemon Life Lessons That Are Full Of Wisdom

Pokemon Life Lessons

The Pokemon series first started in 1996. With the release of Pokemon red, and many other Pokemon games.

The video games became so popular that the team behind Pokemon started a cartoon series.

20+ years after Pokemon started, there’s a lot to look back on. As well as plenty of takeaways and Pokemon life lessons we can all learn from.

And lots of inspiration us Pokemon fans can take from the franchise!

Let’s talk a little more about that, shall we?

6 Pokemon Life Lessons

1. You have to keep training

If you’ve played Pokemon video games or watched the cartoon, you know training is a big part of it.

In the beginning of the Pokemon series, Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu is weak… And Ash’s cocky attitude holds him back.

That’s why he was easily defeated by Lieutenant Surge’s Riachu.

Pokemon Life Lessons

But later in the series, Ash’s Pikachu becomes one of his strongest allies. Mainly because he trains with Pikachu non-stop.

If you want to make any kind of progress in life, you’ve got to train hard.

Especially when you lose or feel defeated.

2. Life is about leveling up

With every step you take towards your goals, you eventually become better and better.

True fans of Pokemon video games know that leveling up is a part of creating a successful team.


Life is no different

If you want to overcome challenges, you’ve got to level up your skills. Leveling up guarantees you’ll overcome your challenges without too much trouble.

The more you rise up the ranks, the easier it becomes!


3. Always aim high

Pokemon Life Lessons

“My goal is to become a Pokemon master.” – Ash Ketchum

Ash mentions this in the beginning of the Pokemon series. And throughout the Pokemon series as it continues. He always aims high, and that’s why he’s so determined and driven to do his best as a Pokemon trainer.


Life is no different

The higher you aim, the further you’ll end up. Just like a video game challenge.


4. You have to lose before you win

Pokemon Life Lessons

Ash learns this as he loses many gym leader battles throughout the first Pokemon Anime series. And life is no different.

Losing is hard. Nobody likes it. But you have to lose so you can learn from your losses, and do better next time.


5. Never give up

We all know Ash Ketchum isn’t the type to give up on his goals or himself. And that’s why he gets s far throughout the series.

He may not be a Pokemon Master yet, and he may lose battles sometimes, but because he never gives up he continues to improve.

By not giving up on yourself you’ll keep improving. And that will help you succeed at whatever you’re doing.


6. Cheating will only get you so far

Pokemon Life Lessons

Team Rocket is always seen trying to “cheat” there way to success. And the things they want. But how far does it ever get them?

Is Team Rocket ever better off after “cheating” and “stealing” so many times throughout the Pokemon series?

Learn from Team Rocket. Cheating will only get you so far in life.

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