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5 Of The Best Life Lessons To Learn From Demon Slayer

anime no one expected to do so well. It’s killing it and has been since 2019.

A successful movie that’s hit records unseen, and a massive growing fan base that was a gateway for new anime fans.

The anime itself is about the relationship between human brother and demon sister. And the tragedy that takes place to make that happen.

That by itself gives the anime tons of life lessons to learn from and acknowledge.

Let’s talk about it.


Demon Slayer Life Lessons:


1. Strong emotions will always overpower logic

tanjiro carrying nezuko |

Remember in the beginning when Tanjiro comes back home to his family’s corpses, and finds out Nezuko is now a demon?

In Tanjiro’s eyes, Nezuko is a human. His sister. And the idea of her being a demon who eats and kills people doesn’t register in his mind.

Even when Nezuko attacks Tanjiro he refuses to fight back, and holds on to the hope that Nezuko will see sense. And “overcome” her new demonic nature.

That’s when Giyu Tomioka comes onto the scene and almost kills Nezuko. But Tanjiro begs him to spare her life.

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What we witness in these early episodes is the power of EMOTION.

In general, you can use logic to overcome emotion if the emotion isn’t strong and doesn’t run deep.

In the case of a strong emotion like the love of your family, no amount of logic will change a person’s mind.

Tanjiro still see’s Nezuko as human regardless.

That’s why Tomioka is moved by Tanjiro’s speech. To the point where he gives Nezuko and Tanjiro the benefit of the doubt.

Even Giyu’s logic was overpowered by Tanjiro’s strong emotions. Despite Tomioka’s duty as a demon slayer.

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2. Being weak means there’s potential to become stronger

tanjiro episode 1 trauma |

Tanjiro is weak. He was weak. So weak he couldn’t do anything about Nezuko becoming a demon, or stopping the demon who slaughtered his family.

Even if Tanjiro was there to witness it, he would have died anyway. He understands and is frustrated by his glaring weakness, and that drives him to get stronger.

He doesn’t look at his weaknesses as a flaw, as a burden, or as something he can never improve on. And he doesn’t use it as an excuse to stay weak.

Tanjiro realizes being weak means there’s potential to become stronger. And so with the help of Giyu, he makes the effort.

tanjiro training demon slayer |

Tanjiro’s still weak for a good while, and we see that when he first starts training in the mountains.

In fact it seems like training the guy is pointless because of his lack of progress. And slow progress at best.

But through hard work and dedication, and because of the love for his sister, he starts to live up to the potential of becoming stronger.

That’s the lesson. Where you are isn’t permanent, it’s a means of getting to where you wanna be. Despite your weakness.

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3. Life is a b*tch, but it doesn’t have to be

tanjiro fighting |

Tanjiro, unlike other Shonen protagonists, is nice, kind, and gentle in a way that’s genuine and real. Other than Deku, there’s few who are like Tanjiro.

He wants the best for everyone, even his own worst enemies. Even if those enemies happen to be demons who want him dead.

This is all in spite of the fact Tanjiro suffered trauma in the beginning of the series. Trauma by the hands of a demon.

Life was a b*tch to Tanjiro. He had every right to give up, quit, or even commit suicide considering the world he lives in.

tanjiro smiling |

No ordinary human can survive for long in a world filled with demons who have unbelievable physical strength. It’s only a matter of time.

And yet Tanjiro continues to fight. He doesn’t allow life to remain a “b*ch. He does something about his circumstances.

He chooses to look on the bright side of life, even at times when he feels down and can’t be arsed being optimistic.

Life is a b*tch, but it doesn’t have to be. That comes down to how you deal with it and what you do from that point onward.

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4. The importance of empathy

tanjiro white head band episode 5 |

Empathy is an underrated trait. Or even skill. Emotional intelligence is usually downplayed, with ordinary intelligence being exaggerated.

Even in the anime industry we see this with characters like L Lawliet or Light Yagami.

The thing about characters like Tanjiro is he’s one of the more empathetic types of characters. And protagonists.

This is a guy who’s fairly intelligent, but his greatest strength is his emotional intelligence. His empathy.

The reason is because of how he treats demons, in spite of being a demon slayer himself.

tanjiro and nezuko chan |

Can you put this down to his sister being a demon, which change Tanjiro’s outlook on the concept of demons, and how they are?

That’s a possibility. A likely one. But you can’t use it as an excuse for how empathetic Tanjiro is to demons in general.

There’s no better display of this than Tanjiro’s classic fight later in the series. The high ranked demon slayers can’t make sense of it.

Empathy is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, even if you can’t relate. And understand them.

If more people did this on a day to day basis, violence, wars, drama, pain and suffering would decrease. And society would be happier.

There’d be less trolling, less judging, and a lot less insecurity.

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5. The importance of family

tanjiro with family |

Family means different things to different people. It’s not always about being tied by blood.

In Tanjiro’s case, it is about blood ties. Once he came home to the dead bodies of his family, it started to sink in like never before.

This is more true when he realized there’s still a chance to save Nezuko, or at least preserve her life as a demon with human tendencies.

The thing Tanjiro gasped is the importance of family. Even though it was pushed on him in the worst way possible.

tanjiro and nezuko crying 1 |

In the world of Demon Slayer, when you’ve lost your family, you’ve lost everything. Who you are as a person changes forever.

Demon Slayers like Giyu Tomioka understand this. He’s alone, a lone wolf, and even though his comrades are “family”, it’s hardly the same thing.

That’s why Tanjiro clings so tight to Nezuko, his only sister and family member who survived.

Without Nezuko, would he have the motivation to go on living? Would he become a demon slayer at all?

Would Tanjiro have empathy for demons?

Tanjiro now knows how important family is in a way he never could have. And that’s why he’s so relentless in his pursuit of his goals.

Family is everything, and it’s all you have when sh*t hits the fan and there’s no one else around.


Demon Slayer Life Lessons:

  1. Strong emotions will always overpower logic.
  2. Being weak means there’s potential to become stronger.
  3. Life is a b*tch, but it doesn’t have to be.
  4. The importance of empathy.
  5. The importance of family.

What life lessons did you take from D.S?



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