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The Best Anime Tropes That Never Go Out Of Style

Gon Smiling Hunter X Hunter
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Anime tropes are full of clichés, annoyances, and sometimes, unnecessary things that pop up too often.

I talked about that here a little bit: Some Of The Most Overused Anime Cliches We Have To Deal With

But not all anime tropes (or tropes in general) are bad. Or inherently bad for that matter.

Some are legit and never go out of style, no matter how much we see them.

Let’s talk about it.


The Best Anime Tropes:


1. I-I-It’s not like I’m doing it for you, BAKA!

crimson reina funny moments squid girl tsundere

Sometimes a character is so embarrassed they try to explain their way out of their “positive” action.

Sometimes it’s romance related, other times just a kind gesture, or a case of the character having too much pride.

We see a variation of this trope so many times in anime. It never goes out of style and never will.


2. How Tsundere’s react when complimented

tsundere embarassed mikoto misaka

Tsundere’s always have the same typical reaction when you compliment them.

  • Blushing
  • Red face
  • Exaggerated reaction.

And so on. Usually to an extreme degree that makes the character all the more “cute”.

It’s a trope that never gets old and doesn’t bother anyone.

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3. The “Yandere” trope

YouTube video

Anime characters who are over protective, a danger to themselves and a danger to others. But are simultaneously romantic when they need to be.

Yandere’s and the trope that follows them has been in style for years at this point. It’s one of the most popular.

As long as they don’t abuse the trope and characters aren’t the same, I see this trope standing the test of time.

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4. The happy-go-lucky character

happy go lucky girl anime

You don’t always have these characters, but many anime have them. Some are Shonen, some are comedy, romance, or fantasy.

These characters are cheery to a fault and never seem to be phased by anything or anyone.

In some ways it’s realistic, but the way it’s exaggerated makes this trope the way it is. And it’s one that never gets old.


5. Stars in your eyes

star eyes magical sempai

When an anime character is over the moon, in the moment, and so excited they could die from the adrenaline. This is a common trope.

We see it from anime boys, girls, men, women, and especially kid characters. Sometimes when eating food.

This trope captures how he feel in the moment when we’re too excited for our own good.


6. Ditzy face

roman saotome funny klutz

The cliché “ditzy” face is usually seen with female anime characters. But you do see it from male characters as well.

It represents a person who’s silly, carefree, sometimes clumsy and a little too easy going.

The “ditzy” face is seen when a character makes a mistake or wants to be a little cheeky.


7. The exaggerated “Mu-ha-ha-ha”

benio sama laugh engaged to the unidentified

One anime that comes to mind is Engaged To The Unidentified. Benio-Sama has this evil laugh down to an art.

It’s usually seen when an anime character gains an advantage over someone, or when they discover something mind opening.

Or it’s used to show an anime character’s arrogance or dominance over another.

Surprisingly it’s not an irritating cliché at all. But a funny one.

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8. Cute head pats

cute nekopara headpat

Anime characters getting patted on the head is a source of calm and serenity. It’s one of the most wholesome tropes in the industry.

Sometimes it’s used in a way that can be considered fan service. But the cute kind. Other times it’s to comfort a character.

And then there’s moments where it’s used as a sign of love and affection. It’s a trope that’ll never die.

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9. The overly apologetic character

bocchi funny moments

Hitori Bocchi reminds me of this trope. She’s a teenager with social anxiety. And yet she makes it her mission to make friends to grow stronger.

When she feels like she’s in trouble or she did something wrong, she apologizes to the extreme.

Many characters are like this. It’s a trope that isn’t tailored to one gender.


10. Banging your head off the wall

kuroko shirai head bang gif

One example is Inuzuka from Romeo X Juliet. He’s seen banging his head off a wall in the beginning. So much so you’d expect blood to be dripping from his head.

Kuroko Shirai does this too in Railgun. Except she bangs her head off the table in frustration.

That’s what this trope is. It’s about when you’re angry as F or so frustrated that you “feel” like banging your head of a wall.


11. Saying “thank you” to the point of insanity

nibutane chuunibyou thank you

Arigato (thank you) is a common trope you see in anime. And it’s one that reflects Japanese culture to a degree.

Anime obviously exaggerates it beyond belief though. And characters are usually seen blushing or embarrassed when saying thank you.

Similar to head pats, it can be wholesome in its own way.

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12. The cold Dandere character

homura akemi dandere

Dandere’s by their nature are cold hearted, aloof, and distance themselves from other people. That’s how they’re perceived.

Homura Akemi is one of those characters. She’s a tough nut to crack and doesn’t show her “good” side to almost anyone.

Underneath that barrier though is a misunderstood girl who’s warmer than she appears.

This trope is one of the most welcome there is. It’s relatable as well.

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13. Crying face

inuzuka crying romeo juliet

Anime characters crying, usually when it’s not that serious is another trope that’s more hilarious than annoying.

There are times when it gets out of hand (Zenitsu from Demon Slayer), but when used right it’s a trope that’s appreciated.

The way it’s dramatized in stupid, dumb situations is what makes this trope appealing.


14. Squeezing a characters cheeks when annoyed

megumin cheek squeeze funny

You see this trope play out in:

  • Konosuba
  • Love Chuunibyou & Other Delusions.
  • K-On

And so many more anime. The comedy genre is chock full of it.

When an anime character is annoyed, it’s sometimes followed by this trope.



ONII CHAN umaru chan

The famous “ONII-CHAN” never goes out of style. It’s usually followed by a character sparkling, doing their best to appear or be “innocent”.

Sometimes it’s used in a way to show a sisters appreciation for their older brother.

Either way – this trope ain’t going nowhere.

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vegeta NANIIII

The famous “NANI”, translation for WHAT??

When a character is in shock or surprised by something, this is the typical reaction. And the words are dragged out to make it more ridiculous.

Gamers, Railgun, and many many anime take advantage of this trope.


What other anime tropes never get old?



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