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The 15+ Best Black Clover Wallpaper Quotes For Desktop & Mobile

Black Clover Anime Wallpaper Asta
Avatar of Anime Motivation

anime that’s consistently putting out content. And the fanbase reflects that.

With its shonen themes like never giving up, and its set of characters, this gives the quotes a vibe that’s meaningful and different.

Here’s some of the best to share for your desktop and mobile!


  • 1600 x 900
  • 1000 x 800

Let’s get started.


Black Clover Wallpaper Quotes:


1. Asta Quotes

“I always hated the fact that I was never blessed with any magic. But in place of that, I was blessed with wonderful teammates.” – Asta


“My magic is never giving up!” – Asta


“As you live you lose reasons and hope. But as you keep on going, you pick up new reasons and hope.” – Asta


“Even with no magical powers… I’ll become the magic emperor.” – Asta


“I’ve been facing adversity from the day I was born! No matter how many of you there are, or what happens, I’ll overcome it all.” – Asta


“I’m going to be the magic emperor! This is something I’ll never give up on!” – Asta


“Don’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t know her circumstances, do you!” – Asta


“If you don’t give up, you’ll get through.” – Asta


“We might not be a family by blood, but, we should treat all the teammates we’re going to make in the future as family!” – Asta


“Gravel may be gravel, but me? I’m gravel that shatters diamonds!” – Asta


2. Vanessa Enoteca Quotes

“When you can’t beat fate on your own, that’s when you rely on your friends and team.” – Vanessa Enoteca


3. Fuegoleon Vermilion Quotes

“Being weak is nothing to be ashamed of… Staying weak is!” – Fuegoleon Vermillion


4. Yami Sukehiro Quotes

“This is the first time I’ve seen royalty that was labeled a failure… If you feel like fighting against it all, come with me.” – Yami Sukehiro


“Protect whatever is precious to you. One day it’ll lead you to protect something else.” – Yami Sukehiro


“Surpass your limit. Right here, right now.” – Yami Sukehiro

Featured Image source: wall.alphacoders.com



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