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13+ Naruto Anime Characters Who Are Extroverts!

If you’re a fan of the Naruto anime series or if you watched a bit of it, do you know who the extroverts are?

Extroverts are those that are outgoing and want attention just like when you first meet Naruto Uzumaki in the first episode.

Extroverts are not like introverts who are quiet and shy. Extroverts and introverts are the complete opposite of one another.

Check out the characters listed down below that are extroverts in the series and some may surprise you.


1. Naruto Uzumaki

If you have watched a couple of Naruto episodes, you’ll know that Naruto is outgoing, sociable and he engages anyone to try to get attention.

Naruto didn’t have any friends at first, but when he became confident and became a ninja, Naruto’s personality became more extroverted rather than introverted.

Naruto eventually becomes the hero of Konoha village with his determination to save a friend and protect the people that he cares for.

Not only that, he becomes Hokage when he is an adult! It’s all thanks to Naruto trying his best.

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2. Sakura Haruno

When viewers see Sakura for the first time, she’s a bit annoying at first.

She tries her best to impress Sasuke, making Naruto jealous. However, she’s actually an extrovert because she’s outgoing and usually hangs out with the other girls of her class.

Her rival and friend is Ino Yamanaka as they both compete for Sasuke and fight one another when the time comes.

Her skills weren’t that great at first, but becoming an adult, her determination to surpass her teammates made her a better ninja and with better skills.

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3. Ino Yamanaka

Ino is outspoken and an extrovert. She used to be friends with Sakura Haruno until Sakura announced that she liked Sasuke when they were kids.

Ino becomes happy for Sakura after seeing Sakura’s growth on her abilities as a ninja. Ino and Sakura argue most of the time during the series but it’s probably because of their rivalry to one another.

Ino fell in love with Sai and the two married to one another and had a kid after the series.


4. Jiraiya

Jiraiya doesn’t look like it but he is one of the legendary sannin, and his power is proof.

He’s outspoken and perverted when viewers see him for the first time. Even Naruto calls him “ero-sennin” but Jiraiya is a good father figure to Naruto.

Naruto didn’t know it, but Jiraiya trained Naruto’s father when he was a kid. Jiraiya is an extrovert who tries to flirt with women all the time but fails.


5. Tsunade

Tsunade is the fifth Hokage and she has strong strength along with medical ninjutsu. She’s an extrovert who’s outgoing and outspoken to Naruto and others.

Naruto is like her little brother and Tsunade protects him. Tsunade gambles a lot and has bad luck that she has a lot of debt in the end calling her “the legendary sucker.”

Jiraiya believed that there was an attraction between him and Tsunade but Tsunade felt like they were only friends when Jiraiya died.


6. Yahiko

Yahiko and his fellow teammates founded the Akatsuki, which he could use: water, wind and fire.

He was able to learn the basic ninjutsu when he and his teammates were learning from Jiraiya. Yahiko has almost the same dream and personality as Naruto because he wanted peace and he never gave up.

Yahiko is an extrovert and was the first one to approach Jiraiya to help him and his teammates train.


7. Deidara

Deidara is a character in Naruto with a distinct personality. His mannerisms, abilities, and motivations make him a favorite from the Akatsuki group in Naruto.

His fight with Sasuke is one of his most iconic moments, and it shows just how brave and confident he was in his mission.

He’s a Naruto favorite.


8. Kiba

Kiba doesn’t like to be excluded from things.

During the Naruto Shippuden episode where Team 7 Reunites, Kiba gets upset that Sasuke wants to become Hokage while he announces that he does as well but no one was listening.

He could be outgoing just like Naruto and be bashful whenever he is around friends or teammates. Kiba’s attacks are normally paired with his dog, Akamaru and both of them have different abilities during battle.

Kiba is also part of team 8 which consists of Shino, Hinata and Kurenai-sensei.


9. Killer Bee

Killer Bee is like Naruto where he has a jinchuriki within him and the Akatsuki is after him. He loves to rap and he sometimes ignores the third raikage while singing a rap song.

Killer Bee is an extrovert as he never stops singing and is outgoing to everyone, he is hyperactive at times.

He joined the Allied Shinobi Forces during the fourth war to help out Naruto and the others, and he is from the Hidden Cloud Village.

When Naruto became an adult and as Hokage later on, he and Naruto stayed friends. At one point, Killer Bee wanted to visit Naruto but he couldn’t because Naruto is busy.

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10. Raikage

The 4th Raikage is a serious character, and doesn’t take things lightly. This makes him a tough leader who others follow, respect, and admire in his clan.

He’s also a powerful Naruto character, as well as being high up the food chain with his lighting speed and agility.

Just like Killer Bee, Raikage is an extrovert and has no struggles with communication and conversation.


11. Might Guy

Might Guy can be loud and obnoxious and he can annoy Kakashi with their rivalry. Might Guy thinks they’re rivals while Kakashi doesn’t really care.

He mostly uses taijutsu during battle and he has a protege named Rock Lee.

Besides using taijutsu, he can use other abilities like ninjutsu and his own technique, “the Eight Gates.” However “the Eight Gates” is extremely difficult as Guy could succumb to the injuries from it.


12. Rock Lee

Rock Lee is Might Guy’s protege, and he works under him almost all the time. Rock Lee and Might Guy could be mistaken for being family members based on looks.

Unlike other characters Rock Lee focuses on Taijutsu, just like his master. And he’s powerful enough to challenge other Shinobi in spite of his supposed handicap.

He’s the definition of hard work being talent, and hard work being a talent in itself.


13. Kushina Uzumaki

Do you know the saying: like mother and son? That quote is actually true between Kushina and Naruto as they have the same personality.

Kushina is a little more feisty and outgoing than Naruto.

The Nine-Tails called Kurama was actually sealed inside Kushina first before it was transferred to Naruto. Kushina is quite violent with her husband Minato if he does anything stupid.

Even as a young genin, Kushina has a nickname called: Red Hot-Blooded Habanero when there were kids that were teasing her.

Kushina could be hot tempered and isn’t one to be messed with.

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