You’ll LOVE These Top 30 Country Flags Drawn As Anime Characters

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Anime character designers are able to draw anything they put their mind to.

And they’ve done so in the past and present for a lot of different events and happenings in Japan. And even around the world.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is no different

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The upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo has been represented by anime designers. Covering 30 countries in total.

Let’s get into all 30 designs from each individual country, in preparation of the Olympics.


Top 30 Country Flags Drawn As Anime Characters:


1. UK (United Kingdom)


2. Japan 


3. Philippines


4. Mexico


5. China


6. South Korea


7. Singapore 


8. Belgium


9. Spain


10. Switzerland


11. Germany


12. Denmark


13. Finland


14. Vietnam


15. Malaysia 


16. Thailand


17. Italy


18. Argentina 


19. South Africa


20. Sweden


21. Venezuela 


22. USA (United States Of America)


23. Russia


24. India


25. Brazil


26. Netherlands


27. Indonesia


28. Norway


29. France


30. Canada


Which country do you represent?

There are 30 countries on this list drawn as anime characters for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

If your country made it on the list, leave your comments below. And if your country didn’t make it? Do the same. 😉

Anime fans are everywhere, so you may as well represent!



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