18+ Anime Characters With Orange Eyes You Should Get To Know

In the anime world you have:

  • Blue eyes (which are common).
  • Green eyes (quite common-ish).
  • Red eyes.
  • Purple eyes.
  • Silver/grey eyes.
  • Pink eyes (quite rare).

But orange eyes in anime has to be one of the most unique of all character types and eye colors.

Unlike hair colors eyes don’t usually point to anything specific about a character’s personality, and orange is no different here when it comes to that compared to a color like Red at times.

Here’s a list of anime characters worth knowing about that fit the bill.


Orange eyed anime characters:


1. Konan (Naruto)

Konan in the Naruto series is one of this Ninja-styled anime’s many beauties. She has blue hair, orange eyes, and usually isn’t the most expressive.

She seems level headed and logical, and isn’t the type to outrage, act out of character, or lose her composure. But you get to see how desperate she can be once Obito (or the supposed “Madara”) shows up in Naruto Shippuden.

In the end she’s a female character from Naruto who could have had more shine and better moments, but she’s still memorable in spite of it.


2. Naruko Anjou (Anohana)

Naruko Anjou is one of the anime’s many characters connected to Enma, the white haired girl who suddenly dies and many people mourn the death of. Especially Enma’s mother.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Anohana series but Naruko is one of the anime’s characters I liked. In fact I probably enjoyed her character the most.

She’s realistic and relatable. She can come across as an asshole and she isn’t one to pretty things up the way the male characters tend to do.

Her eye color matches her hair color as well.


3. Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom)

Karma Akabane is one of this anime’s most memorable characters for a good reason. He’s more than just his bright red hair, orange eyes, cocky attitude, and somewhat aggressive personality.

He’s the reason the anime can be so entertaining because his rebelliousness and willingness to take risks makes the plot more involved and sometimes dark-ish.

His fights with Nagisa, the blue haired MC and their evolving relationship makes the anime shine too in a lot of ways, and makes Karma the guy everyone comes to like overtime.


4. Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki is the anime’s star of the show, or one of many in this well crafted Shounen series filled with well written female characters.

She comes from a village, the rural countryside. Even still she has her own self confidence and isn’t the type to cower in fear when a “curse” pops up and threatens the situation.

Nobara can come off as a bit cocky at first, but she’s humbled quickly. She learns from the experience and continues to develop into one of Shounen’s best female characters.

She’s what Sakura Haruno should have been but never got the chance to become.


5. Rengoku (Demon Slayer)

Rengoku is the guy who shows up at the start of the 2nd season of Demon Slayer. He’s also the guy featured in the best selling anime movie Mugen Train which made well over $500 million dollars in a short space of time.

He’s a symbol of peace for other people. He symbolizes hope and is the one many looked up to, including Tanjiro Kamado. Rengoku is the type to take on a challenge even if it’s clear it’s too much for him.

That’s why he’s a hero in the end and respected by his Kohai’s.


6. Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Kyo is part of the massive Sohma family in the Fruits Basket series. The Sohma family is made up of members who represent the Chinese zodiac. If one of the members “hugs” a girl they turn into the animal they represent, like a rat or a snake.

In the first Fruits Basket series Kyo is seen as the male Tsundere. In a way he acts the way Vegeta does at various points of the DBZ franchise.

One thing is clear about Kyo: he’s into Tohru Honda, the anime’s main female character. And that develops in the new Fruits Basket adaptations.


7.  Nagatoro Hayase (Nagatoro San)

That’s right – the famous troll called Nagatoro also has orange eyes with black hair and a mischievous smile. She’s always up to something or trying to tease the main character in some way or another.

In the beginning of the anime she starts out bullying her Senpai. But eventually this “bullying” turns into romantic interest and she starts to desire to protect him and stand up for him.

A 2nd season is on its way and it’s likely to start another controversy for just existing since Twitter trolls are so easy to trigger.


8. Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid Sama)

Misaki Ayuzawa is the student council president, and a mean one. She’s always stomping about the hall ways, throwing her weight around, and pissing off boys in particular.

In the early stages she’s sexist, hates men, and gives only fair treatment to the girls of her school…. Until she meets a supposed troll called Usui Takumi.

In a nutshell her “sets her straight” but not in the way you think, and the romance and character development kicks off from there.

Even in 2022 it’s still one of the classic and best Shoujo/rom com anime series with relatable messages.


9. Officer Jenny (Pokemon)

Officer Jenny is a classic character from the Pokemon anime and the Pokemon games. But it’s specific to the anime where Officer Jenny has orange eyes.

She also has green hair and has become of Pokemon’s favorite female characters (aside from her lack of character development for obvious reasons).

She shows up in the Pokemon series time and time again.


10. Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)

Tamaki Kotatsu is either a female character you will grow to love, hate, or pretend she doesn’t exist. The reason is because of the sheer amount of fanservice that’s shoved into the Fire Force series.

In the first season they lay it on pretty thicc, but they tone it down in the 2nd season and she gets some serious work and character development. Plus a backstory.

Tamaki isn’t the strongest character in Fire Force but she’s agile and has been shown to adapt well and pull off feats that seemed impossible for her to do.


11. Hermes (Danmachi)

Hermes is a bit of a troll in the Danmachi anime series. He always shows up out the blue, and every time he shows up it’s seemingly convenient or too convenient.

He withholds information and tends to keep his distance, making him mysterious, aloof, and a lot of the time – hard to figure out his true intentions.

Even though he’s not a main character in Danmachi, he does play a bigger role than it seems he will when you first get into this franchise.

His dress sense is always the same.


12. Benimaru (Tensei Slime)

Benimaru is one of Rimuru Tempest’s loyal followers and warriors. In fact he’s one of the warriors closest to Rimuru and is often not too far apart.

He’s the kind of guy who can smile in a fight or at the thought of it, and is generally laid back unless agitated or messed with.

He’s a lot more memorable than other characters in the Tensei Slime series.


13. Celica Arfonia (Rokudenashi)

Celica Arfonia is the adoptive mother of the main character Glenn Radars. She’s known as the most powerful mage in the entire continent. And no one is sane enough to f*ck with Celica.

She’s not just a mage, but she’s a witch who’s lived 100’s of years and has even seen wars and much worse than the average living person.

Celica is fun to be around, is a dedicated woman, inspires others, and likes to tease those closest to her like Glenn Radars. She’s a down to earth, genuine person who never misuses her power.


14. Jahy (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated)

Jahy is the anime’s main female character and demon girl. Before her realm was destroyed by a magical girl Jahy was 2nd in command and ruled over many lesser demons.

Once she lands on earth after being flung out of her dimension and losing most of her powers and red crystals, her form changes into a child.

She lives in a small beaten down flat and kills herself working to restore the lifestyle she once had, and new experiences humble and even mellows out her personality a bit.


15. Wiene (Danmachi)

Weine is the new character that’s introduced around the 3rd season of Danmachi. She’s not just a regular, she becomes an extremely important character throughout the entire season.

Blue skin, pointy ears, orange eyes, and sharp claws makes anyone who see’s her sh*t their pants at the sight of her physique. She’s harshly judged and experiences heavy racism.

Bell Cranel is the main character to accept her as she is with an open mind and an open heart.


16. Sadao Maou (The Devil Is A Part Timer)

Sadao Maou is another main character who’s also a demon. In fact he’s Satan himself. He’s designed in a plain way without any stand out features in his human form.

After Hero Emilia (an angel) almost kills him and his minions, he escapes to earth deliberately to survive.

After getting passports, a place to stay, and a job at a knock-off Mc Donalds he starts to devise a plan of what to do next with his subordinate Ashiya.

There’s a 2nd season coming out in July 2022 so we’ll see more from Sadao and all the other characters from S1 plus new characters.


17. Yuri Amagake (Battle Game in 5 Seconds)

Yuri Amagake is the blonde female character introduced back in 2021 in the Battle Game In 5 Seconds anime series. It’s an action series with supernatural elements.

Of all the characters in this “death game” style series, Yuri’s story has to be the most meaningful and probably tragic. She brings purpose and depth to the series.

Though she has good traits like being caring, loyal, easy to trust, and someone who will stick by you, she can be ruled by her emotions at times which can get the better of her.


18. Karen Kamiya (World’s End Harem)

Karen Kamiya is the side character from the World’s End Harem series released back in early 2022. This controversial anime where guys impregnate girls to repopulate society has a twist.

The twist is men were killed off purposely with a small number remaining for the sake of profit and the control of men by women.

Karen Kamiya is an important piece to this story, and she’s one who doesn’t seem to care about the feelings of the men around her, except if they can help her achieve her own personal goals.

She’s smarter than she appears and can seem pretentious and overly familiar with everyone she comes into contact with. And is hard to read.


How World’s End Harem Exposes Society’s Double Standards

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