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A Collection Of Quotes From “Gantz” Anime Fans Should See

Gantz anime quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Kei Kurono.
  • Nishi Joichiro.
  • Ayumu Kato.
  • Hiroshi Hatanaka.
  • Kosuke Nakajima.
  • Butter Dog.
  • Giichi Furuta.
  • Ryuji Kajiura.
  • Kei Kishimoto.
  • Sei Sakuraoka.
  • Hojo Masanobu.
  • Muso Tokugawa.
  • Yoshino Uehara.
  • Daichi Nozaki.
  • Muroto Hajime.
  • Naozumi Saito.
  • Tetsuo Nemoto.
  • Masaru Kato.
  • Green Onion Alien.

Gantz is an old school anime by 2019 standards. Produced in 2003 by studio Gonzo.

It’s an anime with deep rooted messages, harsh quotes, lessons, and themes that will give you something to think about when all is said and done.

If this is the kind of quotes you’re looking for, or you’re a fan of the Gantz series, this is for you.

Let’s get started.


Classic Quotes From “Gantz” For Anime Fans:


1. Kei Kurono Quotes

Kei Kurono quotes 1 |

“Yeah, so I don’t appear to be the brightest crayon in the box but I still look down on the rest of the world.” – Kei Kurono


Kei Kurono quotes 2 |

“Well… if this is the way it’s gotta be…” – Kei Kurono


2. Ayumu Kato Quotes

ayumu kato quotes |

“Just because you’re tough doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, right?” – Ayumu Kato


3. Nishi Joichiro Quotes

Nishi Joichiro quotes |

“I had 90 points… 90 points… I just needed 10 more to be free… I was so close, momma.” – Nishi Joichiro


Nishi Joichiro quotes 1 |

“In order to save a life, you must throw another life away.” – Nishi Joichiro


Nishi Joichiro quotes 2 |

“Anyone who points a gun at me dies. Got it? Point a gun at me, you die.” – Nishi Joichiro


4. Green Onion Alien Quotes

green onion alien quotes |

“Take my green onions!” – Green Onion Alien


5. Hiroshi Hatanaka Quotes

Hiroshi Hatanaka quotes |

“It won’t work on me! Not on me! I’m gonna live through this, and then I’m gonna…” – Hiroshi Hatanaka


6. Kosuke Nakajima Quotes

Kosuke Nakajima quotes |

“Don’t you f*** with us, you little sh*t.” – Kosuke Nakajima


7. Tetsuo Nemoto Quotes

tetsuo nemoto quotes |

“No need for me any more, then…” – Tetsuo Nemoto


8. Muso Tokugawa Quotes

MUSO tokugawa quotes |

“For it is written that with true faith, one can always find a way.” – Muso Tokugawa


9. Hojo Masanobu Quotes

hojo masanobu quotes |

“Sadako… This is such bullsh*t… Just such bullsh*t.” – Hojo Masanobu


10. Kei Kishimoto Quotes

kei kishimoto quotes |

“I love you Kato… I love you…” – Kei Kishimoto


11. Sei Sakuraoka Quotes

sei sakuraoka quotes |

“I’m going to win! And then, we’ll go home together!” – Sei Sakuraoka


12. Kannon Quotes

kannon gantz quotes |

“You’re finished! Ha ha ha ha ha! You fool!” – Kannon


13. Masaru Kato Quotes

Masaru kato quotes |

“Please… Let my little brother Ayumu be strong on his own… And let him find happiness.” – Masaru Kato


14. Yoshino Uehara Quotes

Yoshino Uehara quotes |

“I’m…. sorry!” – Yoshino Uehara


15. Naozumi Saito Quotes

Naozumi Saito quotes |

“I’m not going anywhere! This whole thing is nuts!” – Naozumi Saito


16. Daichi Nozaki Quotes

Daichi Nozaki quotes |

“Kurono, be careful. Gantz isn’t the sickest one here. The sickest ones are human.” – Daichi Nozaki


17. Giichi Furuta Quotes

Giichi Furuta quotes |

“Stop making excuses! Enough! I’ve had it. I’ve had enough of this mindless cycle of violence! I’ll do it!” – Giichi Furuta


18. Ryuji Kajiura Quotes

Ryuji Kajiura quotes |

“Hell, until today, I’ve never actually wanted to kill a man. But between you and Hajime, I think I could develop a taste for it!” – Ryuji Kajiura


19. Muroto Hajime Quotes

Muroto Hajime quotes |

“But you’re going to kill me? No, have mercy, please! Help me!” – Muroto Hajime


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