The Coolest Sword Art Online Wallpapers That Will Blow You Away

kirito and asuna sao wallpaper
Written by Theo J Ellis

Sword Art Online is a worldwide success for a reason: millions of anime fans LOVE it. Despite the anime getting so much hate.

And with the amount of main and support characters in the series, there are enough SAO wallpapers to go round for everybody.

Let’s get into some of the most gorgeous, cool and striking Sword Art Online wallpapers.

All the sources will be shared towards the end of this post.


The BEST Sword Art Online Wallpapers:


Yuuki Konno

yuuki konno kawaii wallpaper
Yuuki Konno smiling crying.


yuuki konno forest wallpaper

yuuki konno white wallpaper

yuuki konno and sao characters
Yuuki Konno emotional wallpaper.


Yuuki Konno And Asuna

asuna and yuuki konno fighitng together e1564679620207
Yuuki Konno and Asuna swords.


asuna and yuuki konno wallpapers
Yuuki and Asuna beautiful wallpaper.


asuna blue hair and yuuki konno sao
Yuuki and Asuna smiling.


asuna fighting yuuki konno wallpaper
Yuuki and Asuna fight.


asuna and yuuki konno emotional wallpaper


Sword Art Online Characters

yuuki konno asuna kirito sao wallpaper


sword art online characters cool wallpaper


sword art online characters happy wallpaper


sao characters cool wallpaper


sao swords wallpaper


amazing wallpaper sao characters smiling


sword art online anime characters wallpaper


sword art online art


sao beach wallpaper


sao characters wallpaper


kazuto kirigaya and sao characters wallpaper


sword art online family wallpaper


sao happy wallpaper


sao anime wallpapers 1


sword art online crew wallpaper


Kirito And Asuna Yuuki

kirito and asuna kissing wallpaper


kirito and asuna wallpaper


asuna and kirito together wallpaper


asuna and kirito cute wallpaper


asuna yuuki and kirito fighting wallpaper


asuna yui and kirito wallpaper


kazuto and asuna wallpapers


kazuto kirigaya and asuna yuuki wallpaper


kirito and asuna married wallpaper


kirito and asuna kissing


yui and kirito kissing asuna yuuki


asuna and kirito sitting down bench


kazuto kirigaya with asuna yuuki


kazuto and asuna romantic wallpaper


kirito saving asuna wallpaper


sao ordinal scale wallpaper


sword art online words wallpaper


asuna yuuki bad ass wallpaper


SAO Alicization

sao anime bad ass wallpaper


sao anime wallpaper alicization


kawaii alice wallpaper sao


kawaii sao alicization wallpapers




cute alicization wallpaper


asuna and alice wallpaper


alicization kids sao wallpaper


alicization sao fight


alicization wallpaper


alicization blonde boy


alice sao wallpaper cute


alice sao alicization wallpaper


alice peaceful wallpaper


alice old young wallpaper sao


alice amazing sao wallpaper


alice beautiful wallpaper sao


alice angry sao wallpaper


alice and kirito alicization wallpaper


Lightning Flash Asuna

asuna yuuki beautiful


asuna yuuki sexy wallpaper


asuna yuuki yelling wallpaper


asuna yuuki sword wallpaper


Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

ordinal scale anime wallpaper


ordinal scale movie wallpaper


Sinon Asada (Shino)

sinon asada legs wallpaper


sinon sniper wallpaper


sinon and shino asada wallpaper


shino asada wallpaper


shino asada blue hair


sinon white hair sao wallpaper


sinon sniper rifle hecate wallpaper


sinon focused wallpaper


sinon cool sao wallpapers



yui wings wallpaper sao



suguha wallpaper blonde hair


leafa and kirito wallpaper
Leafa embracing Kirito.


leafa and asuna wallpaper sao
Leafa and Asuna Yuuki ALO.


Sword Art Online: GGO Arc

sinon and kirito wallpaper
Kirito and Sinon Asada GGO.


sword art online ggo wallpaper
Sinon, Kirito and Death Gun.


death gun kirito and sinon wallpaper



sachi sao wallpaper
Sachi death sad sao moments.


Alternative Gungale Online

sword art online beautiful wallpaper
Alternative Gungale Online characters.


Llenn wallpaper sao
Llenn Gungale Online cute.


gungale online wallpaper 1


Kazuto Kirigaya (Black Swordsman)

kirito sao wallpaper bad ass
Kirito black swordsman sao.


black swordsman kirito
Kazuto Kirigaya black swordsman sao.


kazuto kirigaya fight wallpaper



silica cute wallpaper
Silica sword.



lisbeth wallpaper


lisbeth wallpaper sao

Source: Alphacoders SAO



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