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The Hypocrisy Of Anime Cons Banning Ahegao Clothing

ahegao double peace sign
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Ahegao is an exaggerated “sex face” women make that originates in Japan. With their eyes rolled back and tongue sticking out.

Its become a meme in the anime community, and for the MOST part – anime fans don’t take this seriously because it’s not designed to be an issue.

But of course – for obvious reasons (especially these days) this might cause outrage with certain people. Whether they’re anime fans or not.

And while I wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing Ahegao, I have to point out the hypocrisy with anime conventions banning Ahegao clothing.

Back in November 2019 – Sunny Anime Expo (in Newcastle, UK) changed their policies.

As the Tweet says:

“because we are an all-age convention”.

Almost 4000+ people retweeted it, and over 24K+ liked it.


More anime cons have followed the herd since November 2019

Colorada Anime Fest “tweaked” their policy on January 16th 2020, with a similar tweet.


On January 17th 2020 (a day after) Ahegao.

And of course – why they’re banning it from their conventions.

On January 18th 2020 – clothing.

They even say “we have decided to follow suit”, so it’s no coincidence.


Protecting the children

From a “children’s” point of view, I understand why they’re doing this. And why other anime cons are following the herd.

If you’re going to an anime con with your kids (8 years old for example) you don’t want them being exposed to Ahegao clothing.

It might me humor to me and you, but it’s not good for kids to be absorbing that kind of… “content” we’ll say.


But “sexual imagery” applies to cosplay, and the children exposed to it at cons

This doesn’t apply to any of the cons mentioned in this post, but there are anime cons who are “for all ages” who allow Men and women to dress like this under the guise of “cosplay”.

It makes sense.

Cosplay is a high five for your favorite character, expressed through clothing. And that’s the intent.

But as we all know – cosplays that mirror characters with “sexual” clothing are no different to Ahegao faces on a T shirt.

Especially since one is brought to life and shows a lot of skin, while Ahegao is art slapped onto a piece of clothing.

cosplay naked

Is THIS acceptable for anime conventions of all ages, with children walking around…. JUST because it’s cosplay?

Logic will tell you this is sexual just like Ahegao, and has an even bigger impact as far as arousal and “eye candy” these cons swear to protect children from.

Hence tweaking their policies.



Anime Detour is an example of a con that makes my point about hypocrisy loud and clear.

There’s more than one argument to this topic. But all I’m saying is – if this is REALLY about protecting children, half-naked and almost naked cosplays should ALSO be banned by anime conventions. If we’re all for equality.

And not just the cons who’ve already done it, but upcoming anime cons in 2020 who decide to follow the herd.

And especially anime cons from 1-3+ years ago who are for all ages, and yet see no issue with cosplays of the “sexual” type. While demonizing Ahegao as if it’s the devil.

YouTube video



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