How The Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge Started And Why Its Still Popular |
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How The Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge Started, And Why It’s Still Popular

The anime community. And its spread beyond that within the past week.

It didn’t originate on Twitter, but on Twitter the #sailormoonredrawchallenge has attracted a lot of attention.

People are still yapping on about it. And with good reason.


How It All Started

sailor moon redraw challenge funny |

The 1st image I could find is on a site called New Grounds. Published on May 17th 2020.

The sailor moon redraw depicts a dark-ish image of Usagi crying with a shocked expression. The shock’s coming from whatever she’s reading on the flip phone.

And then from there…

deviant art sailor moon redraw |

The next day it continued on Deviant Art, May 18th 2020. Where more artists were doing their own versions of Sailor Moon’s image from season 3.

Some of those artists shared it to Twitter.

Once artists like this started using the hashtag #sailormoonredraw a lot of people got rallied up.

From there the challenge set off like fireworks, hence the modified hashtag #sailormoonredrawchallenge.

It’s been ongoing ever since.



1. Controversy

I’d hate to say it but it’s true. One of the reasons this blew up is because of controversy.

I’m talking about the FAKE outrage Twitter is known for. And in this case – racism because people love to make things about “race” for no apparent reason.

An artist did an “Asian” style drawing of Sailor Moon and that’s where the madness began.

And when THIS redesign was done as part of the challenge, it only escalated it even more. Thanks to SJW’S in the USA.

This redesign in particular gained the most retweets and likes of any other image.

It’s amazing what people spend their time thinking about, eh? Always trying to take the fun out of things because they’re not having any. ‍♂️

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2. Talented artists from all over the world

sailor moon redraw twitter |

Ignoring all the nonsense criticism and controversy from outrage artists, in the end this trend still continues because of talented anime artists.

Some of them get creative and even throw in characters from different cartoons outside of anime. And even beyond that.

It’s gotten so viral that some artists are taking part on YouTube as well. Plus Tumblr and other platforms.

Twitter is just the most popular one at the moment because of how it works.


More sailormoonredrawchallenge examples

sailor moon redraw naruto | sailor moon redraw sonic amy | sailor moon redraw purple hair | sailor moon redraw yugioh | sailor moon redraw funny face | sailor moon redraw hilarious | sailor moon redraw kill la kill | sailor moon redraw man funny | sailor moon redraw ochako | sailor moon redraw pink hair | sailor moon redraw cute | sailor moon redraw challenge bakugo | sailor moon redraw black girl | sailor moon redraw challenge mha | sailor thornberry redraw funny | sailor moon redraw indian character |

There’s too many to share here. There’d be 1000’s of em if I did.

You can find more of it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social network.

Source: Twitter.



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