RWBY’s Toxic Fandom, And The Suicide Controversy (Let’s Clear Some Things Up)

Anime Motivation is based in the UK, so it’s around 9:50AM as I’m writing this.

When people say RWBY’S anime fandom is toxic they’re not lying. It REALLY is a toxic fanbase.

It seems last night a LOT of drama has spread after publishing news about the supposed suicide of a girl related to RWBY’s fanbase.


How it all started

This news was picked up from Hero Hei’s YouTube channel, where he spoke about the same thing.

A lot of the info gathered in yesterday’s post was also taken from the supposed girls “Tumblr” account, her Twitter, and a bunch of other tweets talking about the same thing.


As you can see from the above image of the girl who started this controversy, she’s DELETED her account.




TONS of tweets came flooding in about the whole thing being a hoax. Or in other words – how RWBY’S fanbase is so toxic.

So toxic in fact that they were willing to go THIS far just to sh*t on other people in the community.


Even emails about the RWBY suicide hoax started coming through

As it says:

“Hi I would just like say that this has been confirmed a hoax. There is several posts of proof and Cleo doesn’t even exist.

As someone who has in fact lost close friends to suicide and a survivor myself this enraged me to see it’s fake. Yes bullying is an issue and big cause of things like this but this person generated ans Photo shopped the original post which I have seen.

The same person who is posting on this person’s behalf has 4 different accounts or more. There are 2 detailed posts about these proof findings. I just wanted to put this out there that this is a hoax. “


The reason I covered this news in the first place

YouTube video

it’s WELL documented how RWBY’S anime fandom is toxic beyond belief. 

Many people have come out on Twitter talking about. Even people in the industry itself.

Yesterday on November 6th, 3 news pieces were published:

  1. 22 Popular Anime Theme Songs In Autumn 2019 (Rated by Japan)
  2. Kyoto Animation Shares Heart Breaking Message To Honor Victims (Memorial Event)
  3. Girl Commits Suicide After Being Bullied By RWBY Fanbase (Sad News)

It was a “normal” day. And I morally thought it was the right thing to do to share the news about the so-called “suicide”.


But obviously that was a BIG mistake

The girl who started all this is lower than sh*t. Especially when I know personally how serious suicide is and how it impacts everyone connected to the victim.

I’m honestly speechless at how platforms like Twitter are used for stupid sh*t like this, all for an ego stroke.

RWBY’S toxic fanbase is for real.


Wrapping this up by addressing this RIDICULOUS tweet:

First of all let me say – I don’t even know Hero Hei personally. 

AND he has no connection with Anime Motivation whatsoever.

I’m aware of who he is and what he does, but the notion of “you were paid blood money to create a hoax” is absolute bullsh*t.

Anyone who follows Anime Motivation or me personally knows this is NOT the kind of thing you’ll ever see.

Every news piece is picked up organically, and no one’s getting paid sh*t to publish news on this site.

Though I don’t see Hero Hei making that kind of video to “make shippers look bad” either (I hope not).

Either way…

That’s not gonna happen here and never has.


With that said – this is a lesson learned

Thanks to everyone who reached out and spoke out about it.

The UK was asleep at the time, but at least it’s been addressed now and put to bed.



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