The Latest Inuyasha Series Yashahime Accused of Promoting Child Grooming Pedophilia |
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The Latest Inuyasha Series: Yashahime Accused of Promoting Child Grooming & Pedophilia

The anime industry is always under fire for something. It can’t even take a breath to chill for a moment or two.

The latest drama and controversy is connected to Yashahime: Princes Half Demon.

It’s the latest Inuyasha series that focuses on Sesshomaru’s twin kids in particular.

The latest episode has driven Twitter and social media up the wall!


Yashahime Controversy

yashahime controversy rin kids e1610906340990 |

In this episode, Rin gives birth to the twins the anime is based on. The father is Sesshomaru, who fans will know is older than Rin.

There’s no arguments there.

After the latest episode and what went down, many Twitter users are accusing Yashahime of child grooming and pedophilia.

yashahime controversy twitter |

A few accounts Tweeted Crunchyroll directly, saying:

“Why is a 13 year old giving birth to a grown mans kids? How can you promote something so vile, especially when its target adueince is young children who could be influenced by this.”

Another one says:

“Are you aware that in this ep a 13/14 year old gave birth to a adult man’s children? Isn’t this supposed to be a kid’s show?”

The other account claims it’s promoting child grooming and isn’t appropiate.


Twitter explodes

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As you can see, Twitter is absolutely going bonkers.

Crunchyroll is getting tagged constantly about Yashahime’s alleged “child grooming” and pedophilia taking place.

About half the people Tweeting are saying this, or at least have this view point.


Yashahime child grooming argument

yashahime facts rin | yashahime facts | yashahime grooming debunked |

There’s a lot to breakdown from the images.

If you’re a fan of Yashahime, I’ll leave it to you to decide.

The basic argument is about how rin isn’t groomed by Sesshomaru, and how the controversy is blown out of proportion.

As well as it being taken out of context.

What do you think about this controversy?


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