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The TRUTH About The Vic Mignogna #MeToo Allegations (From Start To Finish)

2019 has been an insane year for anime and entertainment.

Vic Mignogna’s sexual allegations and the #metoo movement made its way into the anime industry this year. All thanks to a misunderstood Tweet pointed towards Vic (instead of Monica Rials ex boyfriend).

It was taken out of context and I’ll get into it soon.

Either way – I’m gonna cover the facts about this #metoo case, the sexual allegations and Vic Mignogna. Starting from January 2019 all the way until now in December, before 2020 slides into the picture.

So let’s get started.


How Vic Mignogna’s #metoo allegations started

nyahko vic |

It all started with THIS post by Nyahko.

If you can’t be bothered with the image, here’s the text:

“When I was 16 he cornered me in an elevator and put his hand up the back of my skirt.

Vic is a predator he had been speaking to Myself and a friend online & over the phone for months before the con and had even told us we should meet up and hang out IN HIS ROOM at the con, he said even if we couldn’t pay for the con we could still hang out and have lunch or something.

He seemed so nice, He listened to me and let me pour my heart out about my home life. He told me it wasn’t my fault, He was so kind and I thought he actually genuinely cared about me. He spent months gaining my trust and my friend’s trust.

He paid for our food for that day at con and even gave my friend a small box filled with FMA merch and his CDS (Spoiler they were Bible reading in “Character voices” he had done)

He was polite and sweet until I ran into him alone in the elevator. it was the end of that day for my friend and I and we just wanted to go crash in another friends room for a while before heading home. My friend wanted to get upstairs faster so she took the stairs.

I have a hip deformity so I look perfectly healthy but going up and down stairs is hard on my hips and I avoid them if I’ve been on my feet all day. I was worn out but still fully awake and didn’t see any issue getting into the elevator with someone who I felt like I knew who had been so nice to me. but as soon as the doors closed he put his hand up the back of my skirt and fondled me. He sexually assaulted me knowing I wouldn’t say anything.”

THIS is what started the whole #metoo case. And the sexual allegations that follow.

This is the most trustworthy allegation that holds any weight against Vic Mignogna. Even if the evidence isn’t black and white.

It’s detailed, clear, holds NO malice and isn’t written with deceit or bias. It’s simply a statement from a girls experience with Vic Mignogna, and how it affected her.

Everything else (like the VA’S accusations) is noise from people who wanna benefit from the attention.


nyahko vic mignogna response |

In response to why she never confronted Vic Mignogna about it, she said this:

“I first considered it when Vic married a 16 year old to avoid statutory rape charges (in 2014 he was facing possible statutory rape charges in Texas so he took the girl and her mom to Vegas so the mom could sign off on their marriage so he couldn’t be charged).”

This comment in particular is false (I’ll get into that later).


vic allegations hanleia |

And finally after Nyahko made this post, @Hanleia made this Tweet to Funimation with the screenshots.

And THAT is how this whole shebang started.


False allegations against Vic Mignogna since January 2019


nyahko vic 16 year old girl false |

QUOTE from Medium:

“On the second post Nyahko made, she says that years later she heard that Vic married an underage girl and was facing charges over it. That however is not true, it was not Vic who married a 16 years old, it was actually voice-actor Illich Guadiola.”

The PROOF is in this Daily Mail post:

VA Illich Guardiola monica rial ex boyfriend |

VA Illich Guardiola daily mail |

This man happens to be Monica Rial’s ex boyfriend.

Somehow Vic Mignogna’s name was thrown into it to make false allegations against him. And ruin his reputation even more.

It’s there in black and white from 2014.

Let’s continue.


YouTube video

One false allegation against Vic is how he’s so called “homophobic”. A term used these days by people who don’t like the fact that you won’t pander to their feelings, or “agree” with them.

One woman asks Vic if the characters in a certain anime are “Gay”.

In response Vic says the characters aren’t “homosexual with each other”, and that’s it.


YouTube video

And here years ago, Vic explains his views on Yaoi, which people have spun to mean “he’s homophobic for not signing Yaoi art”.

That’s where these baseless homophobic accusations starts and finishes.


Here we get into the Monica Rial accusations she’s made against Vic since the drama started.

She along with other VA’S decided to jump on the hype train and benefit from it.

YouTube video

But of course – as is the case with facts, it turns out NONE of her allegations are true or hold any weight.

This video does a good job of highlighting it. Showing Monica Rial comfortably “hugging” Vic AFTER she claims he sexually harassed her. On multiple occasions, too.


“Monica Rial released a statement against Vic Mignogna a few months ago, in which she accused him of sexually assaulting her. She said that Vic kissed her in a hotel room against her will, and that she distanced herself from him ever since. However, people have been uncovering videos from conventions that the two have done together where she seems to be extremely comfortable around him.

She touches him all the time and calls him an awesome person and a good friend. Keep in mind, all of these video clips are from AFTER the alleged incident, which she claims took place in the mid 2000s.”

At best – Monica’s comments are suspect and shady as I’ll show you now.


As we can see in this Tweet from Vic 2 MONTHS before Monica jumped on the #metoo train, he’s seen with Monica smiling in the picture.

They all look happy and nothing seems out of place.

And THEN Monica Rial tweets this to Vic in response:

“It was so much fun!” with a kiss emoji.

There’s also this official video on Twitter that makes you question her stance and the motive behind it.


vic mignogna fake rumors |

Next we have a BUNCH of people on Facebook (and many other platforms) intentionally trying to manipulate the sitiation. And “spin it” to defame Vic Mignogna.

It says:

“You should photoshop that picture so it looks like Vic’s hand is on your chest. That way no one can claim it’s out of context”

Allegations like this, of which that are plenty, are false and based off people looking for attention.


YouTube video

In this video, one of the random accusers of Vic Mignogna slipped up when making false claims.

She claimed she was 3 different ages within the same year during a “fake” allegation she made.

Or as the evidence puts it:

“A Vic Mignogna accuser claimed that Vic behaved inappropriately with her at a convention in 2009. In 3 separate tweets, she claimed that she was 14, 15, and 16 at the time of the convention.

Interestingly enough, this accuser was a former Rooster Teeth employee. Rooster Teeth has been known to be biased against Vic, since they fired him immediately after the allegations against him picked up steam.”

It turned out it was a rooster teeth employee jumping on the hate train on Twitter.

Ironic because Rooster also fired Vic.


vic mignogna evidence |

Here we have random people who tried slandering Vic, claiming he “kissed” fans against their will, and all other kinds of accusations that have been proven false.

Here’s a snippet:

“There is a photo also going around with Vic giving me a kiss on the cheek and they are falsely stating I was 20 years of age in 2012. I am 21 now. This particular photo was taken in Manchester at Risembool Ranger dinner that I set up, that my mother was present at along with other parents. I requested these photos myself with my mums AND Vics consent.”

On top of this – she even got in touch with Anime News Network about it.

ANN ignored her and chose to run with the “false” story they portrayed of Vic.

ANN by the way, who are supposedly “the most trusted anime news source on the internet”.


Jamie Marchi is another who “came forward” about sexual allegations from Vic, which again are sketchy.

Here’s a video of Jamie Marchi KISSING her sexual harasser, enjoying every moment of it.

Not exactly something you do with the person who abused you.

YouTube video

In a separate video Jamie Marchi is seen “latching on” to Vic and leaning on his shoulder.

It’s clear she’s interested in Vic. Shown by her flirtatious behaviour.

YouTube video

In neither of these videos is Jamie Marchi uncomfortable. But Vic Mignogna doesn’t seem too interested.

This is a case of toxic women destroying a man’s reputation because he’s not interested and they’re feelings are hurt by this fact.

On top of the fact that society believes the woman’s word 100% of the time (In the US especially).


YouTube video

And finally – Ron Toye joined in trying to destroy Vic’s reputation.

He is Monica Rial’s husband after all so it makes sense. But in Ron Toye’s case – Ron Toye is the one with skeletons in his closet.

There’s solid evidence of him abusing his EX wife. So it’s a hypocritical stance to begin with.


And down the line of 2019, it was revealed that Funimation said they never accused Vic of sexual assault.

Based on Funimation swearing under oath about it, and the evidence surrounding it, it seems like Funimation was probably pressured into firing Vic to avoid any trouble.

That’s why Vic Mignogna was fired out of the blue, without a full-blown investigation.

100% of these allegations AFTER the first Tweet are hype and were used for personal gain by VA’S, culture vultures, propaganda news site and so-called journalists.

Each one has been proven wrong and it’s all in black and white.


Where The Vic Mignogna Case Stands Today

Vic Mignogna made an appeal that went through.

Not long after Ron Toye deleted his Twitter in fear of the appeals to hide evidence.

ron toye account deleted |

But Ron Toye restored his account the other day (out of fear, probably).

As for Vic Mignogna and the allegation that started this whole thing?

Aside from the first allegation, this is all one big promotional campaign on the VA’S part to gain fame off the back of Vic’s destruction.

I had NO idea who any of these VA’S were (except Vic) until this #metoo scandal started.

P.C news sites covered it unsurprisingly, so I guess they got what they wanted out of it…

Except everybody’s been damaged to some degree because of what it’s done to the anime dubbing community.



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