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25+ BEST Upcoming Manga Released (Or Ongoing) in 2023!

Publishers appear to be focusing on a combination of classic and contemporary series in 2023, including additional works by outstanding authors like Sui Ishida, the author of one of my favourite horror mangas, Tokyo Ghoul, and Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch.

I also added those if new manga format releases, such as omnibuses, collector’s editions, or manga box sets, start serialization or debut in 2023.

It might be challenging to keep track of all the new manga publications scheduled in a year, with so many new licenses being announced every week.


1.) Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World by Masaki Kawakami & Shinta Fuji

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Additionally, Yen Press has announced plans for an English print edition of the fantasy and adventure manga Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World by Masaki Kawakami and Shinta Fuji.

The show centres on Nick, an experienced explorer who was expelled from his party and rejected by his lover.

He sets out to create an unstoppable team with a few other spirits who share his jaded outlook in order to save their grim, dreary world.


2.) Sweet Poolside by Shuzo Oshimi

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Shuzo Oshimi, the author of Blood on the Tracks and The Flowers of Evil, has just released a new manga series called Sweet Poolside. Toshihiko Ota and Ayako Goto, who attend the same middle school, are the subjects of the novel Sweet Poolside.

In contrast to Ayako, who is constantly told that she has too much body hair, Toshihiko is tormented by his peers because he lacks body hair. One day, Ayako comes to Toshihiko and asks him to shave her body hair.

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3.) Your Forma by Yoshinori Kisaragi & Mareho Kikuishi

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Technology created to protect against viral encephalitis, called In Your Forma, has become widespread. In a world where your every sight, sound, and feeling is being recorded, Officer Echika must use this intrusive technology to solve cases.


4.) The Girl That Can’t Get a Girlfriend by Mieri Hiranishi

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Viz Media will also publish the Girl That Can’t Get a Girlfriend by Mieri Hiranishi in the spring of 2023. “An autobiographical manga about one woman’s search for the hot short-haired partner of her dreams,” according to Viz, describes the series.

Mieri is a nerdy, awkward college student who has never been on a date. Her previous crushes on other butch ladies have all failed miserably.

All of that changes when she meets Ash and experiences first-time love; however, when first love ends in first heartbreak, Mieri will do anything it takes to win Ash back.

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5.) My Special One by Momoko Koda

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Viz will publish my Special One, a rom-com and shojo manga by Momoko Koda. On February 7, 2023, the first volume is scheduled for publication.

Sahoko is a depressed high school girl who has a strong aversion to gorgeous men and won’t let herself fall in love once more. Kouta enters her family’s restaurant. Kouta is a highly well-known national icon accustomed to receiving love from everyone.

As expected, their initial encounter is a disaster, yet Kouta keeps returning.


6.) Choujin X by Sui Ishida

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Viz is also releasing Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida’s, Choujin X. On February 21, 2023, the first volume is scheduled for release.

On their journey home, Tokio and Azuma come across a Choujin, a person with sinister abilities who poses a threat. Tokio and Azuma decide to become Choujin themselves after the Choujin threatens to kill them.


7.) Tombs: Junji Ito Story Collection by Junji Ito

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On March 28, 2023, Junji Ito’s hardback collection of short stories, Tombs: Junji Ito Story Collection, will be available. A strange village is formed by several tombstones arranged in rows. What fate awaits a brother and sister following a car accident in this town of the dead?

In another story, a girl becomes silent after having her tongue turned into a slug. Can a pal help her? Then, after moving to a new town, a young guy discovers that the house next door has just one window.


8.) Shaman King: Flowers by Hiroyuki Takei

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A sequel to Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei, titled Shaman King: Flowers, is being published by Yen Press in English for the first time.

Hana Asakura seeks excitement, but what does he expect when his family starts a brawl outside his door? The struggle for Asakura’s dominance has begun!


9.) The Yakuza’s Bias by Teki Yatsuda

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Teki Yatsuda, the author of Home Far Away, has a new action comedy manga series called The Yakuza’s Bias that Kodansha is translating into English. One of the top lieutenants in the notorious yakuza organization Oshio-gumi is Takeru.

He follows the rules of the Japanese underworld, where loyalty is valued above all else, and relationships between soldiers and their aniki are considered holy, before being dragged to a K-pop concert by the boss’s sole child, where he meets Jun for the first time.

Takeru enters the fandom with all the earnestness and enthusiasm that only a genuine yakuza guy could muster, smitten like a new hire on his first job.


10.) Tista by Tatsuya Endo

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Viz is publishing the two-volume Tista manga series by Spy x Family author Tatsuya Endo. On April 4, 2023, the first volume will be made available. The actions of a mysterious female sniper named Sister Militia perplex the NYPD.

She has killed numerous criminals with a long-range gun by firing once and hitting her target each time. Tista, a solitary college student raised in a Catholic orphanage, is her cover name.


11.) Boy’s Abyss by Ryo Minenami

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On April 25, 2023, the first volume is scheduled for release. Reiji Kurose, a high school student, was “simply” living in a small town. He was tied to this city through his family, friends, and classmates. He believed that this was how his life would always be.

Until he met her, that is. Is there any hope for life? Is there a light in the distance? A boy meets girl serial that mirrors the current has just begun.


12.) Puella Magi Oriko Magica Omnibus by Magica Quartet & Kuroe Mura

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Additionally, Yen Press announced at Anime Expo 2022 that Puella Magi Oriko Magica by Magica Quartet and Kuroe Mura will be published in a new omnibus format.

The series was initially published in individual volumes by Yen Press with an English translation, but they are now reissuing it as omnibuses.

The series follows Yuma, an orphan who is all too eager to acquire magical abilities, and Oriko, the last magical girl, as they work together to rescue the future. Discover Oriko’s wonderful journey in its first three volumes with the help of this deluxe omnibus.

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13.) Seven Seas License Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto

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Susumu Nakoshi is the main character in the Homunculus narrative. He spends one day in a five-star hotel, and the next is spent living in his car. A mysterious 22-year-old medical student named Manabu Ito approaches him and claims he would be the ideal subject for his experiment.

When his car is towed and requires money, he rejects his offer but then takes it. Nakoshi agrees to let Ito drill a hole into his skull using the trepanation procedure in exchange for 700,000 yen.

Following this experimental procedure, everything first seems normal for Nakoshi, but this all changes when the consequences start to take effect, and he starts to perceive the homunculus in everyone.


14.) Renjoh Desperado by Ahndongshik

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The author of Lindbergh, Ahndongshik, has a new series called Renjoh Desperado that DENPA is translating into English.

Monko is a lone traveller who has started searching for her ideal partner. She can be found wandering the wild and untamed highways west of Tokyo.

She needs to use much more than just her heart to locate her ideal in a place where murderous bandits and attractive landowners, who are occasionally the same person, are common.


15.) Show-ha Shoten! by Akinari Asakura & Takeshi Obata

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Yen Press revealed that they had obtained a new license for The Essence of Being a Muse at their appearance at Anime NYC 2022. The series is described as follows by Yen Press: The day I learned I didn’t get into art school, everything “unique” about me perished.

I’ll obey my mother now that I’m back to being “ordinary” to find “happiness,” stuck in a circle of “what if? along with “too awful.”


16.) K-ON! The Omnibus Collection

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K-ON! is also getting a new format release from Yen Press. from Kakifly. It is a compilation of the beloved anime series’ primary source material.

In K-ON! Four girls stand forward to save the pop music group at their high school, although lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa has never played an instrument before.


17.) Is Love The Answer? by Uta Isaki

word image 131009 17 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

The protagonist of the narrative is a high school student named Chika, who has never been in love or even had a crush on someone and has no desire for intimate contact. Chika has scepticism despite her friends’ assurances that she “hasn’t met the one yet.”

Chika doesn’t become aware there is a word for how she feels inside until she enrols in college and encounters other people who identify with her. After years of debating whether love was the solution, Chika concludes that there may not even be a solution—and that’s just fine.


18.) The Great Cleric by Broccoli Lion & Hiiro Akikaze

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A brand-new isekai manga series titled The Great Cleric was created by Hiiro Akikaze and is written by Broccoli Lion, who also penned The Great Cleric light novels (Choujigen Game Neptune). Luciel is resurrected into Galdardia, a mystical fantasy land, following his unfortunate death.

He reinvents himself as a healer and starts to make his way in the world since he always has a plan. While Luciel has some experience making money, he needs to learn about Galdardia.


19.) A Condition Called Love by Megumi Morino

word image 131009 19 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

The most recent manga series by Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty creator Megumi Morino, also available through Kodansha, is titled A Condition Called Love.

Hotaru, a first-year high school student who has always had mixed feelings about love, is the novel’s main character.

She would rather have an active lifestyle with her family and friends.

So when she notices Hananoi-Kun, a classmate, sitting in the snow following a messy split, she offers him an umbrella to use while he is drying. However, she senses that her life will change significantly when he asks her out in front of everyone the following day.


20.) Break of Dawn by Tetsuya Imai

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The most recent Alice & Zoroku author Tetsuya Imai manga series, Break of Dawn, is available through Seven Seas. Although summer is more significant, the year is 2038. Yuma, a young child, is fixated on the Arville Comet’s upcoming return.

He discovers something unique—something extraterrestrial—one day while snooping around on the roof of an apartment building.

As the dawn of a new age for him and humanity approaches, Yuma and his friends must collaborate to unearth a mystery that has lain dormant on the Earth for years.


21.) The Valiant Must Fall by Yu Aida

word image 131009 21 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

Yu Aida, the author of Gunslinger Girl, has a brand-new historical manga series titled The Valiant Must Fall, and Seven Seas is the first publisher to make it available in English. Haruyasu was cast adrift in an unfamiliar new world following the end of the Edo period.

He yearned to die badly. After a botched assassination, he was left at the mercy of the alluring young woman who was his intended victim’s bodyguard and who could heal.


22.) Sword of the Demon Hunter: Kijin Gentōshō by Motoo Nakanishi & Yu Satomi

word image 131009 22 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

Young Jinta and his sister must leave their house during the Edo period and seek safety in a mountain community. Years later, Jinta has developed into a skilled swordsman who has vowed to defend the local shrine priestess.

Jinta is tasked with killing a demon that threatens the shrine, but when he faces it in the forest, he learns that it speaks of events that will occur one hundred and seventy years from now.

With this, Jinta embarks on an epic fantasy quest spanning several periods as he pursues a demon through space and confronts his sinister side.


23.) Gap Papa: Daddy at Work and Home by Utakata

word image 131009 23 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

The author of Uwasa no Saeki wa Kare to Koi ga Shitai, Utakata, has a new manga series called Gap Papa: Daddy at Work and Home. The entire series is coloured.

This heartwarming comic about a good family is going to touch your soul. Its main character is a salaryman loyal to his wife and child. When he returns home, this cold-looking salaryman reveals his true self as a loving husband and father.

What a difference between his actions and words—playing funny games with his young kid and giving his adored wife lots of kisses.


24.) School-Live! Letters by Norimitsu Kaihou (Nitroplus) & Sadoru Chiba

word image 131009 24 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

School-Live! Letters are the latest manga series from Norimitsu Kaihou (Nitroplus) and Sadoru Chiba. It is a School-Live! Sequel narrative. Which Yen Press also published with an English translation.

The former members of the School Live Club start new lives after the end of the world. They write letters to one another to keep in touch, recall the past, and live in the present.


25.) SOTUS by BitterSweet & Kei Shichiri

word image 131009 25 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

A brand-new manga series by BitterSweet and Kei Shichiri is titled SOTUS (Alice in the Country of Clover: Twin Lovers). In the SOTUS educational system, upper-level students subject lowerclassmen to “trials.”

The senior leader of the engineering department, Arthit, has strict training requirements for his incoming juniors so they can obtain the gear, the emblem of their major. However, first-year Kongpob promises to steal Arthit’s equipment: “I’ll make you my wife!”.


26.) Tsugumi Project by ippatu

word image 131009 26 | https://animemotivation.com/upcoming-manga-released-in-2023/

The English translation of Ippatu’s brand-new action post-apocalyptic manga series Tsugumi Project is being published by Kodansha. In this series, Leon is separated from his family based on a false accusation.

He is sent on a suicide mission to retrieve a lethal weapon from Japan, a hazardous location ruled by enormous, radioactive, mutant monsters. The name of the weapon was Tsugumi.

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