How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The Anime Industry

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Written by Theo J Ellis

The coronavirus started around mid February 2020. Back then it was only in China and it hadn’t blown out of proportion yet.

Then in March – that’s when the coronavirus started travelling across the world in a dramatic way.


This manga/anime meme speaks volumes

manga meme coronavirus

This was the reality last month. Nobody cared and “coughing” and other symptoms wasn’t a second a thought.

Now it’s got everybody losing their effin minds, mass-panicking, and more than anything: confused.

All this drama with

  • People emptying supermarket isle’s
  • Buying out toilet paper
  • Fighting
  • People getting sick

And everything else is having an impact on the anime industry.

It’s impacting people within the anime industry, hence the business and everything connected to it.

Here’s what’s been happening since the Coronavirus outbreak started.



How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Anime Industry:


1. Anime conventions being cancelled or postponed

“The next Anime NYC is November 20-22, 2020, and it is too soon for us to comment on if or how coronavirus could affect the convention. The health and safety of our attendees is our top priority, but we cannot predict future conditions in NYC or Japan eight months away.”

“As you may be aware, Governor Charlie Baker recently announced a ban on all gatherings of 250 people or more in Massachusetts. This ban is set with no current end date, until the governor announces otherwise. With Anime Boston 2020 scheduled for less than four weeks from now, it is highly likely this ban will still be in place. Given the uncertainty around these new circumstances, we have no choice but to cancel Anime Boston 2020.”


As we can see – there’s a lot of announcements being made from anime conventions worldwide. Not just in Japan or the US.

You can expect to see more anime conventions in the UK (Manchester, Liverpool, etc) get cancelled.

And elsewhere in the world like India, Philippines and other countries.

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Anime conventions NOT cancelled just yet

At the moment – these are the only known anime conventions that haven’t been cancelled thanks to coronavirus.

Whether it’ll stay that way though is another question.


2. Anime shows being streamed for FREE

Amazon Japan is streaming their anime for FREE for titles like Pokemon.

It’s their way of keeping kids, teenagers and whoever else indoors during the coronavirus outbreak.

This “free” streaming period will last up until early April 2020.


Bandai is another anime company that’s offering FREE streaming for a list of their shows.

Anime like:

  • Aikatsu! (1 episode to 50 episodes).
  • Cowboy Bebop.
  • Gundam Build Divers.
  • Keroro Sergeant 1st Season.
  • Gust! Iron Leaguer.
  • Scride.
  • Absolutely unbeatable Raijin Oh.
  • Phi Brain: God’s Puzzle (1st season).
  • “Seriously and seriously, Kaoritsu Zorori (1st to 50th episodes).
  • Majin Heroes Wataru.
  • Mado King Granzort.

All these anime will be streamed FREE until April 5th 2020 from Bandai to keep people indoors.

We haven’t seen similar efforts from companies in the US or the west in general yet (Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc).


3. Anime shows delayed

Re:Zero season 2 was one of the major anime to get pushed back to July 2020. It’s original date was April 2020.

This is happening to multiple anime shows, Railgun T being one of them.


Originally – Railgun T was paused in February. But this week it’s coming back as J.C Staff is ready to record again.

You can expect more shows to get this treatment, and in some cases – even cancelled if the coronavirus gets bad enough.


There’s also the possibility that anime announcements for AOT or Bleach will be cancelled.

Bleach in particular is supposed to have a BIG announcement on March 21st 2020.

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4. Anime exhibitions and events closed

“The Tokyo Corridor, which is scheduled to be held from March 20 (Friday) to April 7 (Tue), 2020, will be held at the Tokyo Anime “Devil’s Blade” Full Concentration Exhibition. As a result of taking into consideration the health and safety aspects of customers and other parties concerned, we have decided to cancel the event.”

Exhibitions are events where art is displayed and other items.

Demon Slayer‘s exhibition was cancelled, even though days before it was announced to be fine.

As of now – this is one of very few exhibitions to be cancelled.


The anime and manga industry will lose money in 2020

anime cash money

All of these events that have played out will have an impact on:

  • Money
  • Revenue
  • Profits
  • Health
  • Working hours
  • Production
  • Schedules

And so much more in the anime industry.

Most of it can’t be avoid because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Only anime companies who’ve invested in streaming will be relatively unaffected. Anime studios and businesses that have relied on an outdated mindset will take the biggest right-hook to their profits.

On the other hand – overworked anime staff may get more time to relax so they can take a breather from the grind.

How long do you think this will last?



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Tu mama wey

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