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Why Vic Mignogna’s Still More Popular Than Jamie Marchi & Monica Rial

If you want the FULL, non-bias story of how this started:

The Truth About Vic’s Allegations Since January 2019

Moving on… I thought I’d take the time to do some research on:

  • Vic Mignogna.
  • Monica Rial.
  • Jamie Marchi.

I noticed between the three voice actors, one of which is being defamed, ALL of their reputations have been damaged.

Not one of them has come out of this #metoo movement unscathed because of the back and forth.

The #kickvic movement added salt to the wound for Jamie and Marchi more than they realized.

Plus their “coming out the closet” comments and constant bashing has only made it worse.

And even though Vic Mignogna hasn’t said much until January 2020 – his reputation took an obvious hit. But NOT as much as Jame and Monica would have expected.

Or anyone on the side of “justice”.


Let’s start with Vic’s reputation since January 2019

Since January 2019 – Vic Mignogna’s reputation’s been ruined.

As the whole #metoo movement started, we can see searches for Vic on Google JUMPED.

But after that – it took a nosedive and hasn’t really recovered since. It’s on cruise control.


Jamie Marchi’s reputation since January 2019

Not surprisingly to me – Jamie Marchi’s popularity went through the roof for a short while.

Nobody (especially myself) even knew she existed until this whole #metoo movement started.

But as you can see later on – Jamie Marchi’s trend line FALLS drastically and keeps getting worse. Even in 2020.


Monica Rial’s reputation since January 2019

And for Monica Rial, the voice actress for Bulma – it tells a similar story to Jamie Marchi’s.

The moment the #metoo movement was in full swing, searches for Monica Rial jumped into the sky.

After that – we can see a clear trend of her popularity going into the gutter. And it hasn’t really recovered (even in 2020).


When you compare Vic, Jamie & Monica’s popularity:

  • The blue line is Vic Mignogna.
  • The red line is Monica Rial.
  • The yellow line is Jamie Marchi.


What this actually means:

  • Vic Mignogna has always been more famous than both VA’S combined.
  • the #metoo movement was a stepping stone for Jamie and Monica.
  • All 3 VA’S have taken damage, including the VA’S who took advantage of it.
  • While Vic Mignogna’s rep has gown down, it’s still managed to stay afloat.
  • There are NO winners. But only losers.

As this Tweet points out – the anime community’s been divided. Mostly in the west.

But the damage is in the anime dubbing community more than anything else (and with Voice Actors).

While Vic Mignogna’s reputation has fared better than you’d think (knowing the allegations), in the end everybody loses out.

Nothing has “truly” been accomplished and nothing has improved for the most part.

Arguments, accusations, debates and ruined reputations is all we’ve got. And this is still happening everyday.


Updated graph:


Source: Google Trends


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