Comiket Bloodrive Donation SUFFERS After Pandering To Feminists In The West

comiket blood drive donation bus 1
Written by Theo J Ellis

Comiket and red cross are known for their blood drive campaigns in Japan, to get people to donate blood.

This is no secret.

But after the controversy stirred by western feminists on Twitter about Uzaki Chan’s Blood Drive in 2019, Comiket decided to take a “considerate” approach.

The advertising on their buses for example – have “extremely” small images of anime girls.

They may as well NOT be on the bus all together because they’re so obscure from a distance.

Also – the anime girls in question have been watered down with smaller chest sizes to appease insecure feminists on Twitter.


In spite of all this pointless pandering the red cross and Comiket have done, there are STILL western feminists (in the USA) complaining about the characters being “cute” rather than sexualized.

Or in other words: this is all a farce and they only want something to complain about.

After all – this is about control and attention seeking.

Here’s the translation:

“I detest it.

“I would prefer if male staff were present so it was 50/50.

“Why only have youthful, cute females? What’s its purpose here? That’s what I’m saying. The kind of women working at a blood donation drive are depicted in a delusional way. There’s a revolting feeling of displeasure seeing them this way, yes? The blood donation drive is not that kind of service.”

The irony here is this has NOTHING to do with donating blood to REAL human beings in Japan.

That’s the whole point of the campaign.

Anime characters aren’t real and aren’t supposed to be realistic, hence fiction.

In a separate Tweet a person with common sense says:

“This is why feminists aren’t to be trusted.”

He’s absolutely right.

The loud minority of American feminists who attack anything that makes THEM feel insecure can’t be trusted.

Nothing they campaign, complain, or scream about on Twitter holds any relevance and is never a real issue affecting real people.

They’re a loud minority of people who’ve been hurt by Men and are now claiming any Man (or anime girls in this case) that’s presented in a certain way is misogynistic and outright toxic.

The SAD thing about The Red Cross and Comiket scaling back on their anime designs. And pandering to irrelevant feminists who’ve complained EVEN when they’ve got what they wanted, is someone will die as a result of this decision.

The campaign was less successful than the Uzaki Blood Drive by a wide gap. The whole point of a blood drive campaign is to give blood to people in need.

So because of this – anyone who suffers as a result of these politically correct and selfish actions may die.

If that happens – self centered feminists who don’t give a sh*t either way, and The Red Cross will be at fault.

People like this are at fault.

This is EXACTLY why censorship, pandering, and political correctness is a BAD thing.

Nothing good comes from it, except making a handful of people “feel” better about their unrelated problems, at the expense of hurting the majority who suffer.


News source: Noriyuki Works.



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