20+ Anime Characters Who Would Start Their Own YouTube Channel

In the world of YouTubers, influencers, and even anime shows that showcase a bit of this, it makes me think there are anime characters who would do perfectly in this world.

Characters who have the skills and personality for:

  • YouTube.
  • Making videos.
  • Becoming a so called influencer.
  • Turning Youtube into a business.
  • Doing YouTube as a hobby.

Or simply using YouTube to promote themselves, their products, partnerships, or their opinions and talents.

Here are the characters who would do just that.


1. Honoka Kousaka (Love Live School Idol Project)

Honoka Kousaka is the main idol of the original Love Live franchise. High optimism, high energy, extroverted, insistent, and an introvert’s worst nightmare which we see with her friend Umi Sonoda.

Jokes aside, she has the personality and the confidence to do well on YouTube and would start her own YouTube channel the same way she started the idol group in the actual anime series.

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2. Wild, Wild, Pussycats (My Hero Academia)

These characters and girls from My Hero Academia are an energetic bunch who are always putting on a show of sorts.

In the My Hero Academia series they may not be the most popular or the characters who get the most screen time, but in the context of a YouTube channel, they’d be the ones to do it.

Or they’d already be doing it if YouTube was already a thing in the world of MHA.


3. Ruby Hoshino (Oshi No Ko)

Ruby Hoshino is the daughter of Ai Hoshino, the original singer who was famous beyond reason in the anime’s story. So it’s normal for Ruby to be included in this list.

Similar to her mother, she has talent and has the energy for not just performing on stage, but to start her own YouTube channel.

The funny thing is in the anime itself in season 1, Ruby along with her group is doing exactly that (a YouTube channel in essence) under a different name which is typical of anime to do for copyright reasons.


4. Ichika Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)

Ichika Nakano is the sister with a secret: she is working to become an actress. This is revealed over time in the first season to Uesugi, who spots Itsuki and observes.

She even has the skill for it.

It’s only natural that Itsuki or a character like her would use something like YouTube to promote and market herself, her image, her personality, and most of all, what she does to a wider audience and have the ability to pull it off successfully.


5. Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun (Slayers)

Amelia is the young process from the anime Slayers, which aired back in the 1990s. It’s like a female version of DBZ with similar characters in strength, etc.

This purple haired female side character, though more like a secondary main character of sorts, has always been confident, optimistic, and made for the camera since a kid.

As foolish and naive as she can be as a person, her honesty would end up reeling in an audience that would support her beliefs and goals.


6. Vivy (Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song)

Vivy loves singing, and it’s her mission to do so. That’s how she was created and programmed, though she does have a mind of her own in some ways.

This is shown when her goals shift as the anime progresses, despite her initially aligning her own goals with that of her new partner in crime.

Vivy would be a natural on camera, and it would be entertaining to see what she would come up with if it were real.


7. Kamina (Gurren Lagann)

Kamina is an energetic kind of character and there is a reason why he is the main protagonist of Gurren Lagann.

He’s the motivation behind the series, the reason Simon becomes who he is and everyone else. He refused to give up despite what the so called reality had in store for him.

Given how he likes the thrill of adventure and doing things to stake his claim, YouTube would be a good avenue for a character like Kamina and others like Yoko would join in.


8. Ai Kamiyo (Dark Gathering)

Ai Kamiyo from Dark Gathering is a tragic character but an idol type of girl in this psychological anime series.

Her eyes have been designed, it’s assumed, to show respect to Ai Hoshino from Oshi No Ko. Life isn’t fair for Ai, but she has a strong support group and she has a bright attitude despite everything.

This would show well on camera, and she’d make a YouTube channel in real life if given the opportunity and would have a similar energy to Ruby Hoshino (Ai Hoshino’s daughter).


9. Bulma (DBZ)

Bulma is not just a scientist but a brilliant one thanks to her father, who is also a brilliant scientist, and her encouraging mother. She has a knack for inventing things.

The younger bulma in the early Dragon Ball would be more likely to express herself through a YouTube channel and do a good job of it. But Bulma in later years would still be able to do good stuff with YouTube given her personality and inventions especially.


10. Himmel (Frieren)

Himmel is the kind of guy who wants to be remembered, and this is especially true because of his relationship with Frieren who is an Elf who lives close to an eternity or longer.

So by comparison, it makes him feel some type of way.

He sets out to help people, make a difference, play his part, and spread positivity so to speak and in the end, that’s what he gets in return: a lot of people who admire and look up to him.

In a YouTube world, he’d use YouTube to showcase all of his adventurers and moments and the difference he’s making to other people’s lives all on camera.


11. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane is a natural on camera and a natural when it comes to people. I’d say she’s a bit of an ambivert type of character.

She enjoys company, but at times may like her own space, and especially loves her family as the eldest sister.

As a model who is used to being in front of the camera, she’d easily warm to YouTube and would do well with behind the scenes model shoots for SSorcerers weekly and other activities you could imagine Mirajane doing.


12. Nico Yozawa (Love Live School Idol Project)

Nico Yazawa is the “Nico Nico Nii” girl, a meme which spread all across the internet years ago when the anime was first airing and first released.

She is a “later” character in the original Love Live series, and she is there to change things up a bit with her fresh attitude.

Small but full of energy and necessarily puts on a show despite being completely different when no one else is looking.  In A YouTube world, she’d shine easily and it wouldn’t even be a struggle for Nico.


13. Kyoka Jiro (My Hero Academia)

Kyoka Jiro is a natural when she gets on stage and starts singing, as we saw in MHA. This is in spite of her being an introvert, but one who loves music enough to get lost in it when she performs.

Earphone Jack Girl might be the coolest of the MHA characters when it comes to style, and she could use this in a YouTube series on her own channel, maybe in collaboration with other MHA characters.


14. Ruiko Saten (Railgun)

Ruiko Saten is the girl who is always pulling up the skirt of Uihara to tease and piss her off in the anime of Railgun (off camera).

Energetic, clearly extroverted, and loves teasing and pushing it when it comes to her closest friends. Including Misaka Mikoto.

Ruiko gets along with everyone and even has some unique skills that would be good for the camera, alongside her personality and ability to talk forever about “mysterious” events taking place in the world she’d like to uncover.


15. Minori Kushieda (Toradora)

Minori Kushieda is a fool in the Toradora series. A happy fool. Dancing, clowning around, sarcasm, Minori has a it all down when it comes to a good laugh.

Being the extrovert she is there is no one she can’t entertain and that’s in a genuine way, rather than just for show.

These elements would drive her to use YouTube to promote something, which would indirectly promote herself and make her a sensation in her own right.


16. Mitsuko Kongo And Friends (Railgun)

Mitsuko Kongo is the type of “posh” girl who loves to show off, impress others, and is proud of herself, her skills, who she is, and what she’s capable of.

Despite seeming dishonest she’s the opposite and has the best intentions even if it comes off as being overly dramatic or attention seeking.

Seeing as she’s not pretending and is being authentic, the camera + youtube would be the best match up for a character of her calibre.


17. Kokomi Teruhashi (Saiki K)

Kokomi thinks she’s God’s gift. She thinks she’s a goddess. She sees others as nothing but her servants, men included, but on the surface, she has the attitude of an angel which is ironic considering she’s arrogant enough to believe she is one.

Imagine a character like this on YouTube with her own channel, she’d be a menace. Even if it meant lying through her teeth and doing whatever it took to keep up with appearances and the “perfect girl” image she’d crafted.


18. Tenma (School Rumble)

Tenma is an airheaded girl who catches the attention of a mangaka in the making in School Rumble.

She doesn’t think much about doing things and just goes with the flow or whatever it is she feels like doing at that moment. From this point of view, she is doing the things she wants to do without overthinking or analyzing.

It makes her a pure soul, and that would comically reflect well on camera if she could get around to being consistent on a platform like YouTube.

Her sister Yakumo would encourage her as well, maybe.


19. Kyouko Mogami (Skip Beat)

Kyouko Mogami starts out as a regular girl with black hair. A girl in a relationship with a guy who is doing his best to get into showbiz.

Foolishly, Kyouko pays his rent and does everything for her “love”, who then ditches her once he gets an opportunity to enter the business.

Seeking revenge, Kyouko walks through the front door of a building where acting takes place for actual actors, and manages to get into the business through nothing but sheer will, confidence, luck, and potential.

A character like Kyouko, as shown later in the anime, would bring something fresh to a platform like YouTube and she’d like to do it.


20. Kirino Chiba (Bamboo Blade)

Kirino Chiba is the leader in the Bambo Blade series. She encourages everyone in her group to train and put the work in. She’s not even the strongest member, but she is when it comes to leadership.

She’d make a YouTube channel for all of her members, including herself, to promote themselves and to show off the strength of their toughest member: Tamaki Kawazoe.


21. Kana Minami (Minami-Ke)

Kana Minami is the middle sister in this anime series, and also the funniest.  This reason alone is why she’d make a YouTube channel, do well at it, and would be encouraged to keep doing it.

She’s fearless, doesn’t care much for what people think, and prioritises joy for herself over everything else.

She’s not the kind to overthink and stress herself out over decisions.

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