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11+ Anime Girls Who Would Choose The Bear Instead Of A Man

By now you obviously know the joke about:

  • The viral video of women claiming they’d choose a bear over a man.
  • Their reasoning being “the man is a threat” and a bear would be safer.

And of course, the insane amount of:

  • Memes.
  • Jokes.
  • Responses.

And everything surrounding this comical social media take.

In light of that, let’s talk about female anime characters who would make the same decision.

That is, wrongly choose a bear over a man.

Here’s a list.


1. Blade (Redo Of Healer)

Blade Redo Of Healer tiddies |

Blade from Redo Of Healer despises men as we can see in the anime series. In fact, the site of men seems to make her stick to the stomach and she has a special hatred for the male species.

Her moral compass is the type that allows a person to drug, abuse, and r*pe women and get some sick kick out of it.

Given the choice between a man and a bear, she might be dumb enough to choose the latter.


2. Nonon Jakuzure (Kill La Kill)

Nonon Jakuzure Kill La Kill |

Nonon Jakuzure seems like the Lesibain type if you watched the anime of Kill La Kill.

She’s obsessed with Satsuki Kiryuin and doesn’t favour men too much in the anime and despite gender, she appears to be unhinged when it comes to “protecting lady Satsuki” and fighting for her so-called honour.

While not as bad of a character compared to let’s say, Blade, Jakuzure might make the choice of bear vs man.


3. Tomie Kawakami (Junji Ito)

Tomie Kawakami Junji Ito |

Tomie Kawakami makes a lot of female characters look like a saint by comparison in this manga (with an eventual anime at some point I assume).

She is the main antagonist of this brutal series. Similar to Esdeath in a way, she is aware of her beauty and has no problem using it to her advantage.

Like using it to seduce men, for example, only to kill them off, infect them, and further push her extremely selfish desires and goals as you’d expect from a morally corrupt character.

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4. Hellscythe Eucliwood (Is This A Zombie?)

Hellscythe Eucliwood Is This A Zombie anime |

Hellscythe, among other characters in this comedic and so called romantic series, takes joy in abusing the main male protagonist character.

In fact, the main male character is summoned from death and becomes a zombie, and in turn, becomes the plaything of Hellscythe who constantly disrespects and slaps him about.

That’s his lot in life in this anime series. He’s nothing but a punching bag with the story pushing this trope into the “comedy” section of the shelf, assuming you find humour within it.

High chance she wouldn’t think much of a man in a “bear vs man” scenario.


5. Taiga Aisaka (early stages)

Taiga Aisaka toradora series jc staff |

Taiga Aisaka in the early stages of Toradora is a bit unhinged. In fact, she’s so bad that many people complained about her character and either dropped the anime outright, or it soured their interest in Toradora in general.

I was initially soured by it, but the later half of the series, and after episode 5 especially, explains a lot and improves dramatically.

Either way, Taiga in the early stages clearly hates men despite her reasons, and in this stage of her life, the poor girl would make a very bad choice if it were a literal scenario.

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6. Mahiru Inami (Waganai)

Waganai inami mahiru |

Mahiru is a girl who supposedly has some sort of phobia in this Waganai anime series, also known as Working!! in English.

She doesn’t show up straight away, but when she is introduced as the main characters are talking it out and working in the cafe in the back, it starts to become clear.

She has a phobia for men, and even lashes out and attacks the only man who works in the cafe, which becomes the anime’s source of comedy aside from its slice of life nature.


7. Norn (Redo Of Healer)

Norn Redo Of Healer thighs |

Norn abuses men and uses them for her pleasure, nothing more, nothing less. She’s even more unhinged than her older sister, and much more savage, strategic, and dangerous than her older sister which is hard to believe.

She has a man slave she uses to stand on, walk over, and take her frustration out on like kicking him in the balls to let off some steam.

A woman like this with an already f*cked up moral compass isn’t gonna think much of a man in a scenario of life or death. Not that she will need the help in slaughtering the bear anyway.

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8. Kazuki Kuwanomi (Plastic Memories)

red head plastic memories |

Kazuki Kuwanomi is one of those Tsunderes that might piss you off to no end. She is unhinged, angry, aggressive, and has one of the worst attitudes a woman could have towards a man.

In fact, given how wholesome but emotional this anime can be, and even romantic, Kzuki’s presence can ruin things from time to time despite her having somewhat redeemable qualities later on.

Still, she fits the bill and that’s the point here.


9. Asuka Bodyguards (Urusei Yatsura)

Asuka Bodyguards Urusei Yatsura |

Asuka’s bodyguards in the Urusei Yatsura anime are absolutely unhinged and a little crazy.

Keep in mind this anime is a parody series but the shoe fits, so we might as well wear it.

Her bodyguards, who mirror Asuka’s upbringing, have a weird distorted view of men across the board.

In fact, they look at men like filth, dirty, strange, and something to be avoided at all costs because they’re nothing but dogs.

Asuka is more innocent in this sense, but still visibly corrupted.


10. Louise (The Familiar Of Zero)

louise familar of zero tsundere |

Louise from the Familiar of Zero anime series (released in the 2000s) is a perplexing character in my eyes. I say this because some people like this anime, and I can’t see the appeal.

First off Louise summons the main male character into another world (It’s an Isekai, the OG actually), and he becomes Louise’s servant.

She whips him, abuses him, punches, kicks, smacks him about, and literally gives him scars, bruises, and scratches as a result.

Later on, he falls victim to Stockholm syndrome and they somehow become a happy couple in love and all romantic.

We can see Louise clearly doesn’t think much of a man and her Tsundere tendencies can’t wash that away as it’s the most extreme example out there (hard to debate).

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11. Misaki Ayuzawa (early stages)

misaki ayuzawa maid costume |

Misaki Ayuzawa takes the last cake but only in the early stages of this rom com.

She genuinely hates men. Her father ran off and left the family in debt, so this is where the hate stems from.

If boys are having fun in school, she’ll punish them as a student council president and throw her weight around, being aggressive, angry, bitter, and disrespectful.

If girls do the same thing, she has a double standard for them and treats them all like princesses who can do no wrong.

The boys recognize this and are vocal about it, but it doesn’t change until a man named Usui walks into Misaki’s life, criticizes her for her actions, and ultimately becomes the love interest of Misaki.

If Usui didn’t step into the picture, she too would choose the cuddly bear over the frightening man, and her martial arts wouldn’t be enough to protect herself either.

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