9+ Most Similar Anime Characters To Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia is the undisputed main character of Fairy Tail, and one of the anie[‘s best and most memorable characters of the franchise.

Sometimes, you could even say the anime is about her since she is involved in so many backstories in some way, shape, or form.

With the new Fairy Tail 100-Year Quest anime about to air in July, let’s talk about similar characters to Lucy Heartfilia that fit the bill quite well.

Here’s a list.


Similar anime characters to Lucy Heartfilia:


1. Bulma (Dragon Ball)

Bulma might be a surprising choice because most wouldn’t think of her, but she is a relevant choice here.

This is especially true for the Bulma in early Dragon Ball and the Bulma we see in DBZ rather than DBS.

Like Lucy, Bulma has always been confident as a person and this is more true when it comes to her appearance and physical beauty. Both characters even use this for personal gain, though Bulma much more.

Not to say that Lucy brags about this because she doesn’t, but neither does Bulma though there are similarities here.

Like Lucy, Bulma has contributed to the anime and has been a major part of why certain events played out, not to mention her dedication (both) to making a difference where they can.


2. Tania (Beast Tamer)

Tania is also a confident female character not dissimilar to Lucy Heartfilia. You can see it in both of their demeanours, their attitudes and how they carry themselves as people.

The dragon Tania is a proud dragon, and one with beauty in the Beast Tamer series. She’s strong, has standards, self-respect, and doesn’t take lightly to people f*cking with those she cares about most.


3. Rumia Tingel (Rokudenashi)

Rumia is a character in hiding of sorts in the anime Rokudenashi. She is strong-willed, knows healing magic like no other, and is so valuable for her abilities that she is being targeted.

Like Lucy, she is very empathetic, forgiving, and sometimes too caring and compassionate to other people. Especially those who have bad intentions or may have done them wrong in the past.

In fact their level of empathy is on another planet, and it’s a trait that makes them good people down to their core.

Their backstories are similar as well, but not the same.


4. Morgiana (Magi)

Morgiana is an ex-slave from the dark continent, which is a reference to the same term used for parts of Africa in the modern day (in a demeaning way of course).

Her race called the Fanalis is also based on Africans, but with a different art style to respect and avoid misrepresenting a sensitive subject.

With the goal of helping people who are being oppressed, and being one of the most empathic and caring characters out there, it’s safe to say it parallels well with Lucy and her overall character in this sense.


5. Pacifica Casull (Scrapped Princess)

Pacifica is also blonde like Lucy, but she is also a princess who was thrown off a cliff in an attempt to kill her as a baby. Somehow she survived and was adopted by her now brother and sister.

The world claims if she turns 16 everything will come to an end, and so they continue to hunt her down to kill her off, and she witnesses people suffering as a result of being associated with her.

Despite this, Pacifica is a strong character and one who moves forward despite her hardships. She is also a caring person.


6. Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)

Tamaki Kotatsu is like Lucy Heartfilia and you might say for some of the wrong reasons. One of those reasons is the fanservice and the juicy bits of both anime.

In all seriousness though, like Lucy, Tamaki is a bit of an underrated and underappreciated character as far as her role in the anime, her strength in the anime, and what she’s capable of in the anime.

Lucy in FT is strong but often doubted, and it’s the same with Tamaki. Their personalities in certain circumstances crossover as well.


7. Goddess Hestia (Danmachi)

Hestia is the cheerleader for Bell Cranel and the goddess who unlike others is much poorer and isn’t taken as seriously as others.

This makes life somewhat harder for her especially Bell, who live together, but they get their shine later through trials and tribulations, leading to a mansion they now live in with other party members.

Hestia is jealous, protective, believes in others, thinks positively, and has optimism for the future (a lot like Lucy even in the hardest of times).

That’s where the comparisons end, though.


8. Iori Nagase (Kokoro Connect)

Iori Nagase is one of the main characters of this mystery, semi-psychological anime series. The plot is about an Alien who f*cks with the main characters’ lives, pitting them against each other in a test of loyalty.

The background of Iori is that of a household filled with dysfunction, and this affects Iori more than she realizes until later.

Sometimes she feels like she can’t be herself, but eventually has the courage to do just that. While her home life isn’t like Lucy’s, there are crossovers in how it makes them feel and what it does to their personalities.


9. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Ochako Uraraka is the girl who has fallen for Deku, but more importantly, the girl who wants to make a lot of money so she can help her struggling family.

Her goal is the most noble and practical of any pre-hero in the MHA series.

Similar to Lucy, Ochako doesn’t go out of her way to let Deku know she is interested, and instead it shows in their back and forth with each other.

Ochako is again a character who is doubted despite her strength and capabilities, but as with Lucy, she plays an important role in various outcomes that people may not give her credit for.


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