These Are The Most Similar Anime Characters To Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

Mitsuri Kanroji is the airheaded female protagonist of the currently airing 2024 Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc).

She’s energetic, bubbly, smiles a lot, and manages to see the positive in all situations despite the seriousness of the matter.

She’s also a much stronger Hashira than she appears to be based on her sometimes silly personality or “tee-hee” ditzy moments.

Here’s a list of anime characters similar to Mitsuri Kanroji.


Similar anime characters to Mitsuri Kanroji:


1. Satou Matsuzaka (Happy Sugar Life)

Did you know that Mitsuri Kanroji has the same voice actress as Satou Matsuzaka as well as Yuno Gasai?

It’s no surprise Mitsuri’s role in Demon Slayer is stellar, and that her role in the anime as far as her voice is so distinctive.

That aside, Satou Matsuzaka shares a few traits with Mitsuri besides their pink hair.

Satou is also a bubbly girl who can talk and talk on end. The type of person who knows how to strike up a conversation and finds it easy to socialise with others.

She also has one of the best smiles in anime alongside Mitsuri, and both can appear to be “in their own world” to so speak.

Even her mannerisms are similar, at least when she’s in a good mood.


2. Yui Hirasawa (K-On)

Yui Hirasawa is the airhead of the K-On series, released way back in the mid-2000s by Kyoani.

She is a risk-taker in life. The kind of person who does something even if others think it’s crazy, out of bounds, risky, or dangerous.

She does it for the thrill, and she does it to enjoy herself in the process without being restricted or bound by rules that must always be followed.

Yui and Mitsuri share their airheadedness, the fact they’re in their own world, and how much of the spotlight they steal when they’re on screen thanks to their “fun” personalities.


3. Shichijou Aria (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

Shichijou Aria may be a troll type of character, but she’s still one of the klutz type of anime characters that appear in various shows and genres.

Sometimes, knowingly or not, Shichijou can come across as if she’s not paying attention to the details and that she is unaware of what’s going on with certain things.

She’s viewed differently by others, but at the same time she is respected and she does work hard when it counts.

Both Shichijou and Mitsuri Kanroji breathe the same air as far as similarities and crossovers.


4. Emilia (Re:Zero)

Emilia is a nice character overall. She’s the main female protagonist who was wrongly hated and criticized by the community at a toxic level, which later didn’t age well once season 2 came around.

While Emilia can be slightly silly and naive or a little airheaded of sorts, she’s more well put together in this way and is a very focused person.

She may be gentle, but she sets boundaries, draws the line where necessary and is fiercely protective (not unlike Mitsuri Kanroji).

We’ll get to see more of this in the 3rd season of Re:Zero!


5. Sun Seto (My Bride Is A Mermaid)

Sun Seto is the daughter of a Yakuza father and is part of a Yakuza family by extension.

While her father might be aggressive and brutal plus overly protective, Sun Seto is more so called refined, logical, sensible, and has a strong moral compass.

She’s the wife of Nagasumi Michishio which her father hates and tries to murder him behind her back on many occasions.

Given how strange Sun Seto is being a mermaid girl and her overall characteristics, she’s like a different shade of Mitsuri (the other way around actually).


6. Yotsuba Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)

Yotsuba is the main airhead of the Nakano family, and in fact, may as well be the only one given her personality on the average day.

Orange Hair, and a personality as bright as her hair colour, she’s the one who stands out in her Quintenssenital family since she’s so extroverted, kind, caring, thoughtful of others and has a habit of not putting herself first.

Her aura shares similarities with Mitsuri Kanroji and explains how the latter would be in a romantic setting.


7. Riri Hitotsuyanagi (Assault Lily Bouquet)


Riri is the cute main protagonist of this Studio SHAFT series. She’s new as an assault lily, a type of soldier who trains and deals with a type of monster threatening their world.

While she seems helpless and weak on the surface, when it comes to combat she shines and becomes a different person all together.

She also has the ability to lead which seems like a contradiction when you see how she normally behaves.

Pink hair aside, she and Mitsuri would get along thanks to their personality types and are of course similar.


8. Roman Saotome (Sket Dance)

Roman Saotome has to be the funniest anime girl on this list, and one of the funniest parody anime characters of all time.

She’s a parody of a shoujo manga girl, and plays the role well in her day to day life and has fun doing it.

Even so, Roman Saotome is still airheaded in general but has a habit of playing it up to the point of a hard cliche.

She’s what Mitsuri would be if she turned it into an art.


9. Sheele (Akame Ga Kill)

Sheele from Akame Ga Kill on the surface seems like an unlikely choice as an assassin and a fierce one at that.

When you dial back her story, and you look at her personality, it makes sense.

Sheele struggled to do anything right in her previous life, working jobs, being a waiter, and so on. She was yelled at for being and seeming useless and never was successful in her work.

This is comically and partially because she’s an airhead and is very bad at organizing things, leading to her being forgetful where it counts (small details, etc).

She’s also a chillingly calm, gentle, and compassionate person despite her role as an assassin (in which she apologises after each assassination).

She is what Mitsuri could have been in a world like Akame Ga Kill, and personality wise, they’re so similar yet so different.


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