These Are The Most Similar Anime Characters To Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

Wendy Marvell might be the most underrated character from the Fairy Tail franchise. She’s the sky dragon and one of the youngest dragons in the series who sees Natsu as an older brother.

With the new Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest airing soon (J.C. Staff), let’s compare similar characters to Wendy Marvell from various anime shows.


Similar anime characters to Wendy Marvell:


1. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga starts out weak in the anime series, or at least in a sense. She has always been treated badly compared to others on some level, and being a girl brought challenges.

Despite her timid nature seemingly, she grows stronger over time and becomes more of who she is and develops a whole lot more guts and inner strength, as well as physical strength.

This is comparable to Wendy Marvell, especially given the fact both characters are introverts.


2. Uiharu Kazari (Railgun)

Uiharu is the daughter you’d want in real life as far as principles, behaviour, innocence, and attitude,  while still having guts and the inner strength to push forward and face her challenges.

This is all in spite of her physical appearance.

Uiharu can be stubborn but her heart is always in the right place at least.  Uiharu and Wendy Marvell would become good friends.


3. Sana Kashimura (Alice & Zouroku)

Sana Kashimura is the main protagonist of Alice and Zouroku. She has an ability called “dreams of Alice”. Anything she imagines becomes real.

If she imagined a dragon capable of blowing a city to bits, she could bring it into existence, or even imagine a new planet where she is transported, etc.

She escapes a laboratory where they experimented on her, and begins a new life with Zouroku, a florist who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Sana is strong,  but she has no intention of missing her powers.


4. Lenalee Lee (D. Gray Man)

Lenalee Lee is the sister of Yu Kanda,  a relevant character, and is also a Chinese anime character from D. Gray Man.

She is the friend of Allen Walker, the main character, and has shown her anger towards him for not relying on her when he needed to, which was almost fatal.

She’s the loyal friend you can’t find just anywhere, and a character who grows stronger over the course of the franchise, surprising fans with what she is capable of.


5. Mash Kyrielight (Fate Grand Order)

Mash Kyrielight is the pink-haired female protagonist of Fate Grand Order and one of the most loved FATE girls in the franchise.

She is easygoing, laid back, supportive of others and loyal. She is the “shield” of the series after all.

She respects her senpai the same way Wendy respects her Senpai, which would be Natsu or Erza.


6. Nagomi Wahira (Akiba Maid War)

Nagomi is a female maid who joins the maid business on a whim. She likes the way it looks, and so, she becomes a maid thinking it’s gonna be sweet, innocent, and fun.

But she soon realizes that this is a bloody business where maids across Tokyo fight to the death for territory, power, and dominance.

Nagomi being the diplomat and the genuinely nice character, tries to win battles with speeches expressing her thoughts, but she realizes this won’t work. But still pushes anyway.

Even when she has the opportunity to kill, she refuses. And this is a lot like Wendy Marvell even though Nagomi is a regular character with no supernatural powers to speak of.


7. Azmaria Hendric (Chrono Crusade)

Azmaria is a girl who could do no wrong, but in an ironic twist of fate, has been wronged by many people around her.

They use religion to control her and succeed until she’s freed from that lifestyle by the female protagonist of this series called Rosette Christopher.

Azmaria is angelic, and when it comes down to it, she will fight but only for the most righteous reasons.


8. Madoka Kaname (Madoka Magica)

Madoka Kaname is what you would call a female character who is innocent, can’t do any wrong, is pure, and isn’t the type to wanna start trouble, just like Wendy.

As we see later in the anime, Madoka Kaname has a lot more guts than people give her credit for, and she is driven mainly by her desire to protect rather than to fight for fighting’s sake or outright violence.

Once her mind is made up, there is no turning back.


9. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

Iuzku Midoriya, like Wendy, used to cry a lot, mope a lot, and was seemingly afraid of things and didn’t have the most guts of anybody.

like Wendy from Fairy Tail, Deku manages to overcome many of his fears, and he even surprises himself in the process a lot of times.

This becomes more clear when he starts to see the impact he’s having on those around him.

Both characters start out weak but make major progress and become stronger down the line.


10. Wiz (Konosuba)

Wiz from Konosuba has always been the type of female character who is shy, gentle, hard working, and a person with the purest intentions.

And like Wendy Marvell, we see there is a side to Wiz that shows up when protecting others, fighting for others, and when she ultimately gets serious.

There is a parallel between both characters despite their differences.


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