3 Morgiana Quotes From Magi Kingdom Of Magic

Morgiana Magi

“I can’t see anything anymore, this feels strange.. Am I really going down? I wonder if there really is a bottom here.” – Morgiana

Morgiana is a female character who’s both physically and mentally strong.

Once a slave in the past, and now a free girl after being saved by Alibaba, Morgiana is the perfect example of strength.

Few people can experience what Morgiana has, and still come out on top. That’s what makes Morgiana such a great character.

And as with strong Anime characters, they sometimes have great anime moments with great quotes.

Let’s get into that.


Morgiana Quotes

3 Morgiana Quotes From Magi That Prove She's A Warrior

“Don’t worry, I may not look it, but I’m very strong.” – Morgiana

Morgiana says this in response to Alibaba, just before she starts to fight.


3 Morgiana Quotes From Magi That Prove She's A Warrior

“I will not hesitate anymore. I’ll reach my destination, no matter where it is!” – Morgiana

Morg says this as she’s headed towards the Toran nation, deep underground. In a pitch black cave.

When you hesitate, you slow yourself down and get in your own way. That’s the lesson here.


3 Morgiana Quotes From Magi That Prove She's A Warrior

“I want to fight for the people who are being oppressed.” – Morgiana

Morgiana is a Finalis. A race that was enslaved and captured for many years.

Since escaping that way of living and gaining her freedom, this is what Morgiana fights for.

If you want to do something, then do it. Fight for it. And go for it without letting anything or anyone hold you back.



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