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The 16+ Greatest Rewrite Quotes Anime Fans Shouldn’t Miss

Rewrite anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Kotori Kanbe.
  • Akane Senri.
  • Kotarou Tennouji.
  • Kagari.
  • Lucia Konohana.
  • Sakuya Ohtori.
  • Shizuru Nakatsu.
  • Chihaya Ohtori.

Rewrite is a romance/supernatural series produced by 8-bit in 2016. “Rewrite” is associated with the ability to change the body and enhance it’s strength.

Despite being a short series it has enough meaningful quotes with different takeaways.

Here’s the best lines from Rewrite.


1. Chihaya Ohtori Quotes

Chihaya Ohtori quotes |

“Don’t say that for no particular reason! That’s what I hate about you!” – Chihaya Ohtori


2. Akane Senri Quotes 

Akane Senri quotes |

“Shimako, eventually you’ll know everything I knew, and remember everything I did. Including my sadness and pain. But you still have to live. You must not die, even if you give up on living. No matter how hard it is, choose life.” – Akane Senri


Akane Senri quotes 1 |

“You’ll be cowering in agony in the darkest corners of society, searching for a spider’s thread to die on.” – Akane Senri


Akane Senri quotes 2 |

“Love is nothing more than a cultural idea attached to our pre-existing genetic needs to reproduce and gain recognition from our peers.” – Akane Senri


Akane Senri quotes 3 |

“Welcome, Gypsy, to my secret room.” – Akane Senri


3. Kotori Kanbe Quotes

Kotori Kanbe quotes |

“That’s just running away… The longer you spent not doing what you want, the more time you’ll waste. Everytime you run away, you lose part of your life. I’m not going to run away like you.” – Kotori Kanbe


Kotori Kanbe quotes 1 |

“A garden retains its beauty as long as it is tended to and cared for. Life in general, is the same. Once it becomes pretty, it mustn’t go back to being the primitive mess it started out as.” – Kotori Kanbe


4. Shizuru Nakatsu Quotes

Shizuru Nakatsu quotes |

“You… and I… we can do it!” – Shizuru Nakatsu


5. Sakuya Ohtori Quotes

Sakuya Ohtori quotes |

“Kotarou is far more human than any of you!” – Sakuya Ohtori


Sakuya Ohtori quotes 1 |

“When I first saw you, I felt as though I’d met my destiny.” – Sakuya Ohtori


Sakuya Ohtori quotes 2 |

“Now… Let the flowers bloom one last time!” – Sakuya Ohtori


6. Lucia Konohana Quotes

Lucia Konohana quotes |

“If living has meaning, then so does dying… if dying has no meaning, then neither does living.” – Lucia Konohana


7. Kagari Quotes

Kagari quotes |

“Thank you, that was a wonderful memory, better than any I’ve ever seen. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you’ve done well for a single individual, now finish your final task with pride…Come.” – Kagari


Kagari quotes 1 |

“Good memories must not be sad.” – Kagari


8. Kotarou Tennouji Quotes

Kotarou Tennouji quotes |

“At the very least, I hope that all of the choices I’ve made while wandering through the darkness might give everyone a ray of Light.” – Kotarou Tennouji


Kotarou Tennouji quotes 1 |

“I surrender! I know you won’t listen to anything that I say, so let Kotori come here and be my lawyer…but dead men don’t need lawyers.” – Kotarou Tennouji


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