The 17+ Best Quotes From GATE For Fans Of The Series

GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri characters in this post:

  • Rory Mercury.
  • Youji Itami.
  • Lelei La Lelena.
  • Kurokawa Mari.
  • Yao Ro Dushi.
  • Duran.
  • Gray Co Aldo.

GATE is an Isekai anime series with a lot of military focus and themes, besides fantasy and harems.

I love the quotes throughout this series, especially from Rory Mercury. 

Make sure you share your favorite GATE quotes on whichever social networks you love using. And with that said lets get into these anime quotes.

Here they are.


1. Youji Itami Quotes

Gate anime quotes

“Did you know? If a colony of ants gets rid of the laziest one, another one will just start being lazy instead?” – Youji Itami


Gate anime quotes

“A mission’s one thing, but I can’t put them in danger for personal reasons. The only life I can do that to is my own.” – Youji Itami


Gate anime quotes

“I work to support my hobby. So If you asked me which I’d choose, my job or my hobby, my hobby takes priority.” – Youji Itami


“If you don’t have the resolve to take responsibility for her until the very end, then don’t do anything unnecessary.” – Youji Itami


2. Lelei La Lelena Quotes

Gate anime quotes

“Only humans, with their short lifespan, are driven to solve every problem they encounter. It is how they live.” – Lelei La Lelena


Gate anime quotes

“Someone who can be deceived by others will be deceived again and again.” – Lelei La Lelena


“If a member of one’s family is killed by a thief, then one should hate the thief. But people will miss aim their hatred — why should they go to where the thief hides? If one loses a family member to sickness, then one should hate the disease. It is not the doctor’s fault; yet people will hate the doctor.” – Lelei La Lelena


3. Rory Mercury Quotes

Gate anime quotes

“Girls are happier when they’re the only one you’re nice to.” – Rory Mercury


Gate anime quotes

“More than anyone else, humanity is a species which looks forward to tomorrow. Because of their dreams, they can bear with the unjustness of the present.” – Rory Mercury


Gate anime quotes

“Ruling over death means ruling over life. Death is the climax of life. To have the best death, you must honor life.” – Rory Mercury


Gate anime quotes

“Some questions with no answers cannot be answered even by those who live forever. Yet, the absence of a correct answer does not mean the question cannot be answered.” – Rory Mercury


“To a girl, a man who’s nice to everyone… hm, I suppose that works as an example, to a man, it would be like a woman who opens her legs to anyone. People want companions so they can swiftly satisfy their need for love and affection. A woman wants a man who only shows his love to her.” – Rory Mercury


4. Kurokawa Mari Quotes

Gate anime quotes

“People can’t live for the future without accepting reality.” – Kurokawa Mari


“People can face tomorrow because they can see reality and accept it. By denying reality, you cloud up the present, and tomorrow will never come. No, you can cloud it up, but your tomorrow will be that much crueler.” – Kurokawa Mari


5. Gray Co Aldo Quotes

“It is a shame for a knight to have one’s trust in him withdrawn halfway.” – Gray Co Aldo


6. Duran Quotes 

“Sometimes, you’ll run into a situation which is dangerous, but which you can’t run from. Sometimes, you know you’ll lose, but you have to advance anyway. If you can’t be a smart man, then you should be the stupidest man of all. What do you think?” – Duran


7. Yao Ro Dushi Quotes

“Revenge is a rite that restores one’s spirit after it has been ravaged by the anger and hatred of loss. That is the only way to heal one’s soul and stand up again to face reality. That is the only way we can have a tomorrow.” – Yao Ro Dushi

Which GATE quotes are your favorites?


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