Yowamushi Pedal anime wallpaper

Are You Looking For Inspiration? These Yowamushi Pedal Quotes Will Do The Trick!

Yowamushi Pedal Quotes taken from the following anime characters:

  • Shoukichi Naruko.
  • Tadokoro Jin.
  • Midousuji Akira.
  • Toudou Jinpachi.
  • Kinjou Shingo.
  • Fukutomi Juichi.
  • Shinkai Hayato.
  • Arakita Yasutomo.
  • Ashikiba Takuto.
  • Makishima Yuusuke.
  • Ishigaki Koutarou.
  • Imaizumi Shusuke.
  • Teshima Junta.

Yowamushi Pedal is a sports anime that comes with inspiration and motivational life lessons. Adapted from a Manga series.

Without getting too much into this High School Bicycle anime, it’s the type packed with quotes you can apply to any area of your life. Especially if you’re striving for your goals and wanting to “win” in the game of life.

Let’s focus on the best quotes Yowamushi Pedal has to offer.


1. Shoukichi Naruko Quotes

“A hero breaks out his killer move when his friends are in trouble.” – Shoukichi Naruko


“To stop or to keep going? The one who decides is yourself.” – Shoukichi Naruko


“You don’t understand what it means to love to stand out. Saving the best for last is the true way to stand out.” – Shoukichi Naruko


“Working as a team is far better than working individually.” – Shoukichi Naruko


2. Yuusuke Makishima Quotes

“Your weakness can’t be overcome with knowledge or technique. So climb. Keep climbing until your legs stop moving.” – Yuusuke Makishima


“Your emotions have nothing to do with winning or losing, but they’re motivating us more than you might expect.” – Yuusuke Makishima


3. Toudou Jinpachi Quotes

“No matter how strong he is, he can’t win by himself.” – Toudou Jinpachi


“You won’t learn anything if you don’t solve them yourself.” – Toudou Jinpachi


“Without the strength to swallow this pressure, you can’t win.” – Toudou Jinpachi


4. Kinjou Shingo Quotes

“The most important part of fighting a champion is to never hesitate.To pursue the methods you believe in without doubting yourself.” – Kinjou Shingo


“If you don’t move forward, you’ll be left behind.” – Kinjou Shingo


5. Teshima Junta Quotes

“What I need to do is make up for those weaknesses little by little. That’s where I’ll find my breakthrough. That’s what I believe.” – Teshima Junta


“When you aim for the top, you learn where you stand. Choosing your course of action based on how others see you or think of you won’t get you anywhere.” – Teshima Junta


6. Imaizumi Shunsuke Quotes

“You don’t have to do it alone. If someone falls, we’ll all support him.” – Imaizumi Shunsuke


7. Midousuji Akira Quotes

“Getting upset when you lose is something weaklings do.” – Midousuji Akira


“No matter what you do, the results won’t change. Results are everything!” – Midousuji Akira


“Instead of being good at many things, It’s much better to do one thing really well.” – Midousuji Akira


8. Shinkai Hayato Quotes

“A loser can try again. But a life… you can’t get that back.” – Shinkai Hayato


9. Fukutomi Juichi Quotes

“The only path you should take is the one that leads forward.” – Fukutomi Juichi


“Demanding answers from others won’t move you forward.” – Fukutomi Juichi


“Those who lose don’t deserve to speak.” – Fukutomi Juichi


10. Tadokoro Jin Quotes

“Victory won’t just fall in your lap. It’s something I’ve learned through my victories and losses.” – Tadokoro Jin


11. Ishigaki Koutarou Quotes

“Your heart is too pure. Sometimes desires that are too pure can eat away at you.” – Ishigaki Koutarou


“It’s difficult to endure something alone. But you can endure it as a team. You can move forward. I wanted to create a team whose members will be considerate to each other, and endure.” – Ishigaki Koutarou


12. Arakita Yasutomo Quotes

“Reality doesn’t change! It never changes! That’s why… I’ll change it with my own strength.” – Arakita Yasutomo


13. Ashikiba Takuto Quotes

“I was so happy then, I thought I could do anything. But reality was different.” – Ashikiba Takuto

Featured image source: Yowamushi Pedal Wallpaper



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