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21 Of The Best Quotes From Kanon That You’ll Connect With

Kanon anime characters in this quote post:

  • Nayuki Minase.
  • Yuichi Aizawa.
  • Sayuri Kurata.
  • Ayu Tsukimiya.
  • Shiori Misaka.
  • Makoto Sawatari.
  • Mai Kawasumi.
  • Akiko Minase.

Similar to Clannad, Kanon is an anime that knows how to do romance and create atmosphere with the characters.

If you want something to remember the anime by, or you’re interested in giving it a try, here are the best Kanon quotes to peak your interest.


Kanon Anime Quotes:


Sayuri Kurata Quotes

sayuri kurata quotes

“The same melody repeats itself as the song grows richer and more beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live seemingly constant lives while experiencing changes bit by bit?” – Sayuri Kurata


Yuichi Aizawa Quotes

yuichi aizawa quotes

“In this world, there are things you’re better off not knowing.” – Yuichi Aizawa


yuichi aizawa quotes 1

“If at the end of the dream, there was something that would make me feel brave enough to return to reality, it would be a new beginning for that innocent young girl… to know of hardship, and to cry in sympathy or to know of joy and to laugh from the heart… Moving forward, seeing these everyday things for the first time. It seems that I would be beside that young girl on her journey. With Sayuri-san around, we’ll get ourselves into all sorts of terrible things… and the oblivious heroine of such a story is… Her.” – Yuichi Aizawa


yuichi aizawa quotes 2

“Every dream has an end… No matter how nice the dream might be, or how scary it is. Under your warm blanket, the dream comes to an abrupt end, when mother shakes you awake. Forever and ever, the morning scene remains the same. But now I… I wonder… when the dreams began to never end.” – Yuichi Aizawa


Shiori Misaka Quotes

shiori misaka quotes

“I’m such a pathetic person… I can’t do anything unless I have someone to use as a crutch.” – Shiori Misaka


shiori misaka quotes 1

“I know I mustn’t love anyone. I simply can’t open my heart to anybody. Because… I know… I know it’ll only hurt them in the end.” – Shiori Misaka


shiori misaka quotes 2

“It would be enough for the depressing things in life to only exist in reality. It is because that I think the birth of a story is from people dreaming of a happy ending.” – Shiori Misaka


shiori misaka quotes 3

“They do say the best cure for a cold is to infect someone else.” – Shiori Misaka


shiori misaka quotes 4

“It’s called a miracle because it doesn’t happen.” – Shiori Misaka


shiori misaka quotes 5

“When you’re halfway through a story, you want to be able to look forward to a happy ending, right? You don’t want it to be sad, life’s tough enough without that. I believe that’s where fiction came from… people dreaming about a world where things end happily.” – Shiori Misaka


shiori misaka quotes 6

“Yuuichi… time has nothing to do with how precious memories are. They’re about how important the moment was… How meaningful it was to the person who experienced it.” – Shiori Misaka


Ayu Tsukimiya Quotes

ayu tsukimiya quotes

“In that case, my first wish is… Please don’t forget about me. Even just ‘I met a weird girl in the snow’… Even that would be okay, as long as you remember me.” – Ayu Tsukimiya


ayu tsukimiya quotes 1

“I wonder why parting is so sad. It must be because what I’ve always taken for granted is no longer a given.” – Ayu Tsukimiya


ayu tsukimiya quotes 2

“You’ve grown up, but you’re still just like the old Yuichi. Still just like the Yuichi that I liked.” – Ayu Tsukimiya


ayu tsukimiya quotes 3

“Right now, the only reason I can keep smiling is because of you.” – Ayu Tsukimiya


Mai Kawasumi Quotes

mai kawasumi quotes

“I want us to be together as well…I don’t mind you. So I want us to be together. You and me and Sayuri.” – Mai Kawasumi


mai kawasumi quotes 1

“I didn’t want to be separated from you and Sayuri so soon again.” – Mai Kawasumi


Nayuki Minase Quotes

nayuki minase quotes

“Get out of here. Please, Yuichi. I don’t want to see anyone. I want…to be alone.” – Nayuki Minase


nayuki minase quotes 1

“Do you still remember my name?” – Nayuki Minase


Makoto Sawatari Quotes

makoto sawatari quotes

“All animals get thrown away when they are no longer wanted. You don’t think so?” – Makoto Sawatari


Akiko Minase Quotes

akiko minase quotes

“I can’t be a replacement for your mother, but I think I can be something like family.” – Akiko Minase

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