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The Most Meaningful Manga Quotes From Torikago No Tsugai

Torikago No Tsugai quotes taken from characters:

  • Blue Owl.
  • Gin Kurobe.
  • Shirasagi Yuki.
  • Kuruwa Kimiharu.

Torikago No Tsugai is a manga about a game where people’s lives are on the line. Which stems from the search of a missing friend.

There are some meaningful quotes to extract from this Manga, so let’s focus on that.

Here are the best lines from Torikago No Tsugai.


1. Kuruwa Kimiharu Quotes

Kuruwa Kimiharu quotes |

“You see, I really hate the word “responsibility” saying something or doing something “it’s your responsibility” “take responsibility” making a “selection” always comes with “responsibility.” That’s why I abandoned “selection” therefore, I don’t have to bear any responsibility anymore.” – Kuruwa Kimiharu


2. Gin Kurobe Quotes

Gin Kurobe quotes |

“Life is all about “selection”. There’s no such thing as a life of being pushed around by circumstances or a life of doing as one is told. It is you who selected to be “swept along.” – Gin Kurobe


3. Blue Owl Quotes

Blue Owl quotes |

“Selection” is important. Even in life. Living, dying, killing are all the results from your selection. Bad luck? Poor fortune? Poor judges of character? You’re wrong. It’s a selection error for not thinking thoroughly and choosing the answer without proper consideration.” – Blue Owl


Blue Owl quotes 1 |

“A true hero is a sage with a clean heart, a fake hero is a fool with an ignoble heart. The sage will be saved and the fool will be punished.” – Blue Owl


Blue Owl quotes 2 |

“There’s no master who deliberately lets his birds escape from his birdcage.” – Blue Owl


4. Shirasagi Yuki Quotes

Shirasagi Yuki quotes |

“I believe that people have the individual right to decide how they want to live. So whether you just listen to what others say, or get stuck a lot of times…and cause trouble to others, it ultimately comes back to yourself.” – Shirasagi Yuki


Shirasagi Yuki quotes 1 |

“In some ways, the more one thinks, the closer one feels to getting the answer…but in the end, it’s hard to tell what is really the safe answer. I started to dislike being like that at one point, and my motto is, “make quick decisions and act fast.” I choose the first answer that feels “right” to me.” – Shirasagi Yuki

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