The Greatest Paprika Anime Quotes For Fans Of This Classic

Paprika anime wallpaper

Paprika anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Atsuko Chiba.
  • Kosaku Tokita.
  • Kei Himuro.
  • Torataro Shima.
  • Doctor Konakawa.
  • The Chairman.
  • Morio Osanai.

Paprika is an anime movie with strong psychological elements with dark undertones. Produced by Madhouse studios (Death Note).

If you’re a fan of this high rated classic, these quotes will be a reminder of the anime films great moments.

Some quotes will make you think, too.

Here are the best lines from Paprika.


1. Kei Himuro Quotes

Kei Himuro quotes

“The sun during midday will light up the dark night. Night dreams of day. Light dreams of darkness. But the ignorant sun will chase away the darkness and burn the shadows… eventually burning itself!” – Kei Himuro


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“I, who stand before you, am the protector of your dreams. I wonder what kind of punishment will befall the ignorant commoner who tries to enter this sacred dream?” – Kei Humuro


2. Detective Konakawa Quotes

Detective Konakawa quotes

“Paprika, is the inside of my head this messed up?” – Detective Konakawa


3. Morio Osanai Quotes

Morio Osanai quotes

“Don’t make me get rough with you.” – Morio Osanai


4. The Chairman Quotes

The Chairman quotes 1

“This breath seethes in the joy of life. I will not allow arrogant scientific technology to intrude in this holy ground.” – The Chairman


The Chairman quotes

“In a world of inhumane reality, it is the only humane sanctuary left. That is a dream. That parade is full of refugees who were unwillingly chased out of reality. I am protecting them. I am the guardian of dreams. My duty is to mete out justice to terrorists like you, Paprika.” – The Chairman


5. Atsuko Chiba Quotes

Atsuko Chiba quotes

“You guys really are alike. You and Himuro. You get preoccupied with what you want to do and ignore what you have to do. Don’t you understand that your irresponsibility cost lives? Of course not. Nothing can get through all that fat. ” – Atsuko Chiba


6. Torataro Shima Quotes

Torataro Shima quotes 1

“Discipline calls for a search of the DC Mini rather than Paprika’s bikini. This is true happiness.” – Torataro Shima


Torataro Shima quotes

“You’re the feisty country girl I saved some time ago. How are you?” – Torataro Shima


7. Kosaku Tokita Quotes

Kosaku Tokita quotes 1

“An overweight spirit needs no diet! Go forward, superhero, to anywhere you please!” – Kosaku Tokita


Kosaku Tokita quotes

“Well-rounded achievement is missing a spice. Paprika found!” – Kosaku Tokita

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