23+ Of The Best Quotes From Is The Order A Rabbit!

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Is The Order A Rabbit quotes taken from:

  • Rize Tedeza.
  • Chino Kafuu.
  • Cocoa Hoto.
  • Chiya Ujimatsu.
  • Syaro Kirima.

Is The Order A Rabbitis an anime series equating to “cute things”. Working in a cafe together.

Even as a simple slice of life show there’s quotes that share meaning and lessons. While other quotes are just reminders of a character’s personality and their individual moments.

Here’s the best the anime has to offer.


Is The Order A Rabbit? Quotes


1. Rize Tedeza Quotes

“My dad is a soldier. I’ve been trained in various forms of self-defense since I was little, that’s all… I’m a normal high school girl! Believe me!” – Rize Tedeza


“It’s natural to hide from an unfamiliar presence!” – Rize Tedeza


“She practiced latte art so much, we ended with way too many cups of it. I Don’t want to drink anymore cafe latte for a while.” – Rize Tedeza


“I’m not lonely! I’m not lonely at all!” – Rize Tedeza


“When you speak to a superior, end your sentences with “sir”!” – Rize Tedeza


“Listen to this, wild geese. A New girl, and she was a really weird one.” – Rize Tedeza


2. Cocoa Hoto Quotes

“Apparently I have a “sister complex”! Sister complex! Sister complex! Sister complex!” – Cocoa Hoto


“If only I had some special skill.” – Cocoa Hoto


“Don’t underestimate bread-making, guys! It’s a battle in which the smallest mistake can affect the outcome!” – Cocoa Hoto


“I would like some more coffee.” – Cocoa Hoto


“So this is my new school… Just looking at it is so exciting! This is where I’ll spend my youth, huh? Laughing and crying with my friends, and sometimes fighting… It’s just as beautiful as I imagined!” – Cocoa Hoto


“Girls! How’d you like my explanation of the theory of relativity?” – Cocoa Hoto


3. Chino Kafuu Quotes

“She doesn’t need a photo of me smiling now. I am to Cocoa a lion who pushes its cub off a cliff. Only when she climbs back up will I allow her to photograph me smiling. Probably.” – Chino Kafuu


“Grandpa, I love the smell of coffee. Green tea and herbal tea also smell wonderful. But… It looks like I found another smell that puts me at ease. I wonder when she’ll be back.” – Chino Kafuu


“I am not good at talking. I can’t just make a small talk out of nowhere.” – Chino Kafuu


4. Chiya Ujimatsu Quotes

“Just as the moon travels through many thousands of nights… I call it Senyatsuki! The chestnuts in the youkan represent the moon!” – Chiya Ujimatsu


“Since we have this chance, I’d like to hear the things you’re all hiding in your hearts.” – Chiya Ujimatsu


“If I give up now, I would be a disgrace to all samurai! I cannot lay down my life!” – Chiya Ujimatsu


“When I look at Japanese sweets, all kinds of ideas come to me.” – Chiya Ujimatsu


5. Syaro Kirima Quotes

“A delinquent feral rabbit? It’ll bite me! I’m scared! I can’t get past it!” – Syaro Kirima


“I’m glad we were able to borrow pajamas from Chino-chan, but aren’t these too cute? I usually sleep in tracksuits.” – Syaro Kirima


“Rize-senpai, you said you’ve had trouble sleeping lately, so I recommend lavender!” – Syaro Kirima


“I pay a lot of attention to the teacups I drink fine teas from.” – Syaro Kirima

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