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The Happiest Anime Characters Who Will Put A BIG Smile On Your Face

How do you define an anime character?

Happiness can mean a lot of things after all.

But generally:

  • They’re cheerful.
  • Energetic.
  • Friendly.
  • Optimistic.
  • Easy going.
  • Chilled.

Keeping that in mind, here are some characters who are just like that.

The type to put a smile on your face, make you laugh and feel better as they entertain you on-screen.


Happiest Anime Characters:


1. Kongou (Kantai Collection)

Kongou kantai collection | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Kongou is from the Kongou class battleships in Kancolle. She’s like a battery that never runs out.

She could literally walk into a room full of depressed people, and lift their spirits in a heartbeat. Putting everyone on the same wavelength as her (in terms of happiness).

One of Kongou’s best personality traits is her optimism, confidence and looking on the bright side of things.

Even in the worst of situations.


2. Soma Yukihira (Food Wars)

Soma Yukihira cooking | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Soma’s too happy to care about other people’s opinions. Especially when those opinions are negative and only intend to criticize.

He’s too easy-going to get lost in the small details of life, which is why he’s able to turn enemies into friends. And overlook the attitude of characters like Erina Nakiri (dubbed version).

Just like Kongou, his optimism is intoxicating. And it’s hard to not feel inspired or motivated when Soma’s around.

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3. Hajime Shinoda (New Game!)

Hajime Shinoda wallpaper | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Hajime is one of my favorite characters from New Game. She’s one of the most extroverted anime characters too.

In general it’s unlikely to see Hajime sad or feeling “down” because she’s always UP like a ball thrown in the air.

This bleeds into her work and passion for building games at the company: Eagle Jump. Impacting everyone she works with in a positive way.


4. Goku (Dragon Ball Super)

Goku dragon ball super | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

How can you forget a character like Goku?

Not only is he original compared to most characters, he’s probably the happiest.

Few can rival Goku for his optimism, naivety, purity and positive energy.

He has so much of it characters like Vegeta find him annoying and childish. But that’s what makes Goku’s personality so infectious.

After all – Goku’s optimism (and happy attitude) is the reason most DB characters strive to improve themselves. While looking on the bright side of life.


5. Kirino Chiba (Bamboo Blade)

Kirino Chiba bamboo blade | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Kirino is the leader of the Bamboo Blade squad in the anime. Which is a group of Kendo practitioners.

Similar to characters like Shinoa Hiiragi, Kirino is cheerful, energetic, empathetic and thoughtful of others.

And more importantly: she’s an easy-going, cheerful character who uplifts others without struggle. Making her the perfect character to lead and inspire others.


6. Aladdin (Magi: Kingdom Of Magic)

Aladdin magi anime gif | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Aladdin is like a mini-version of Goku from DBZ or DB Super. You could say he’s even like Goku as a kid.

Aladdin is so positive it’s almost as if he’s not capable of feeling angry or negative feelings.

Similar to Goku, Aladdin has a sense of “naivety” to his personality. Which adds to his flaws and strengths as an anime character.


7. Honoka Kousaka (Love Live School Idol Project)

Honoka Kousaka smiling | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Honoka is like the annoying little sister you never had. Which is true if you’re annoyed by the types of people who have way too much energy and optimism.

That’s what I love about Honoka. That type of happiness and energy is necessary, especially if you have big goals in life you’d like to achieve.

Ironically Honoka puts her energy to a similar use in the anime to achieve her “big” goals as an Idol.


8. Licht Von Grannzreich (The Royal Tutor)

licht the royal tutor | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Licht is a funny character who doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. That’s the reason Heine Wittgenstein, the main character has to whip him into shape as a tutor.

He’s always surrounded by women. And despite how he seems on the outside, he does have pure intentions and is actually a decent character. Flamboyance and extraversion aside.


9. Lyria (Granblue Fantasy: The Animation)

Lyria granblue fantasy the animation e1536064933312 | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Lyria grew up a slave (basically) and has no idea what she is.

Regardless of what she’s been put through, she’s still able to smile and keep up a cheerful personality.

She’s naive to a fault, but that’s what makes Lyria’s happiness so hard to ignore.


10. Vash The Stampede (Trigun)

vash the stampede trigun e1536065088891 | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

This guy’s goofy as F. It’s hard to take a guy like this seriously in most cases, but that’s actually a part of his charm.

He’s hilarious, laid back, smarter than he looks and surging with optimism.

And that’s in spite of his tragic back story. Or his more “serious” side.


11. Hana Fountainstand (Hanayamata)

Hana fountainstand gif | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

The best way to picture Hana’s cheerful attitude is to think of her as a “female” Natsu.

Or In the words of Yaya Sasame in the same anime:

“She’s type to hit you with the happy stick whether you want it or not.”

Hana’s charm comes down to her obsessive drive to succeed and do the things she wants to do.

It doesn’t matter what people say, how they criticize, or how many rejections she has to face. Hana see’s one thing and one thing only: success. 

That’s why she’s able to stay happy, optimistic and positive. Because she’s always focused on the goals she’s set for herself.

Hana’s jolly attitude by itself is enough to beat any doubters into submission.


12. Tenka Kumou (Luaghing Under The Clouds)

Tenka Kumou laughing under the clouds e1536065358437 | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Being the oldest brother of the “Kumou” brothers, Tenka plays the role of mother, father AND older brother. Because his parents passed away, leaving the responsibility on his hands.

But that doesn’t stop Tenka from being the most cheerful, positive older brother you could ask for.

And it’s not like he’s faking it either. It’s genuine, pure and 100% legit.


13. Leone (Akame Ga Kill)

Leone akame ga kill smile | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

Leone is both sarcastic, fun, and outrageously cheerful. That’s what makes her one of my favorite Akame Ga Kill characters.

She’s the type of person who keeps life interesting. It’s hard to ever get bored around her. And similar to Tenka, it’s not like she’s pretending or putting on an act.

It’s genuine, legit, and generally how she behaves. Even when shit hits the fan.


14. Fairy Tail)

Natsu Dragneel smile gif | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

It’s obvious why Natsu makes it on this list. He’s the type of character who no matter how old he gets, he’ll never lose his child-like spirit.

Natsu brightens up the lives of anyone his heart touches. Strangers and friends alike.

He’s not the smartest anime character (intellectually), but his simplicity is actually what makes him stand out.

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15. Yui Hirasawa (K-On)

Yui Hirasawa gif | https://animemotivation.com/happy-anime-characters/

And to wrap this up – Yui Hirasawa takes the #15 spot.

Yui Hirasawa is a risk taker. The type of person who the “average” person will criticize and belittle.

Yui doesn’t care about what people think, especially when it comes to negative intentions.

She’s too happy for that BS, and too driven to do whatever she wants to do. As long as it makes her happy, it’s fun, and she believes it’s right.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill).
  • Whis (Dragon Ball Super).
  • Iori Nagase (Kokoro Connect).
  • Anzu (Hinamatsuri).

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Who would you add to this list?


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