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23 Of The Greatest Anime Speeches Of All Time

Ready for some of the best anime speeches ever seen? 

In this post you can expect to see:

  • Inspirational anime speeches.
  • Epic anime monologues.
  • Thought provoking dialogues.
  • Motivational anime quotes.
  • Meaningful anime quotes.

And everything along those lines from a diverse range of shows. Like action, magic, gaming, and so on.

Let’s get started!


Best Anime Speeches:


1. Joichiro Nishi Powerful Speech (Gantz)

YouTube video

Taken from the anime: Gantz.

You won’t be prepared for this video if you haven’t seen the anime.

It’s one of the most ruthless, yet thought provoking moments in anime history.


2. Erza Scarlet – If You Truly Desire Greatness Speech (Fairy Tail)

YouTube video


“If you truly desire greatness, you must first know what makes you weak. And more importantly – live with an open heart!” – Erza Scarlet

This quote by Erza is shared after her battle with Midnight, alongside Jellal Fernandes.


3. Yuuki Konno – Sword Art Online Speech

YouTube video

“Sometimes you have to fight to get your point across. You know, like how dead serious you are about something. Just saying.” – Yuuki Konno


4. Mami Tomoe Motivational Speech (Madoka Magica)

YouTube video

Mami Tomoe sharing her wisdom with Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki.


5. Push Your Limits Speech – Yomikawa Aiho (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

YouTube video

Ruiko Saten (main character) is convinced she can’t run anymore. And yet after Yomikawa pushes her to do another lap, she manages to pull it off.

The point? You can do more than you think. It’s a mindset.


6. Sora Speech No Game No Life

YouTube video

“Do you ever ask yourself: how was it that this whole continent was once ruled by humans?” – Sora


7. Mayuri Kurotsuchi Perfection Speech (Bleach Anime)

YouTube video

The concept of perfection doesn’t exist. Nobody’s perfect. And that’s exactly why human society has grown so much.

It’s the idea of perfection that drives us to improve, develop, and make things better.

And yet – it’s never something we’ll ever truly achieve. How’s that for a paradox?


8. Clannad Akio’s Story Emotional Speech 

YouTube video

This speech highlights the struggles of managing a career and balancing it with family time.

Some people get it right, others fail. And for those who fail – there are consequences.

This speech (among others) is the reason why Clannad will always be a TOP series.


9. Kanzaki Yukiko – Be Yourself Speech (Assassination Classroom)

YouTube video

When you’re true to yourself, it feels so much better. And life is just so much simpler and less problematic.

Such a simple truth yet so hard to do!


10. Makarov Dreyar – Those Who Are Weak Speech (Fairy Tail)

YouTube video

“When we’re surrounded by allies it’s easier to stay positive about the future.” – Makarov


11. Mei Misaki – Death Isn’t Kind Speech (Another)

YouTube video

Death isn’t kind, and in the end – we’re all alone. Despite friendships and relationships…

That’s the essence of this short speech by Mei.


12. What Anime Taught Me Speech – Animegataris

YouTube video

“You should strive to make decisions for yourself so you can at least be the main character in your own life.” – Kai Musashisakai


13. Hope Never Dies Speech – Naegi Makoto (Danganronpa)

YouTube video

This speech is right at the end of Danganronpa’s 1st anime series.


14. Gaara Great Ninja War Speech (Naruto Shippuden)

YouTube video

Prepare yourself. This a long one!


15. Kyoko Sakura Sad Speech (Madoka Magica)

YouTube video

Kyoko Sakura and Sayaka Miki conversation.


16. Attack On Titan – Eren Jaeger Motivational Speech

YouTube video

Even in the face of death, you have to fight for what you want. That’s the gist of what Eren’s saying.


17. Lina Inverse Speech About Death (Slayers)

YouTube video

“I don’t wanna die.” – Lina Inverse


18. Reiko Mikami – It’s Pathetic To Give Up Speech (Another)

YouTube video

“Not giving up on yourself is what’s truly important. That way you don’t end up pathetic.” – Reiko Mikami


19. Kuroko Shirai – Stop Making Excuses Speech (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

YouTube video

Kuroko’s short speech about making excuses for your own weaknesses. Instead of using your strengths or doing something about it.


20. Koro Sensei – The Importance Of Losing Speech (Assassination Classroom)

YouTube video

Losing is important. If you win and never learn the importance of losing, and then you finally lose (which will happen, it will crush you.

And the lesson in itself gives you a fresh perspective which then helps you in powerful ways.


21. Canaan – You Should Never Give Up On Life Speech

YouTube video

“You should never give up on life. No matter what you feel. No matter how badly you want to give up.” – Canaan


22. Death Note Monsters Speech (L Lawliet)

YouTube video

A speech about monsters and human beings. It’s a philosophical speech, with deep meaning.


23. Hilarious Goku Speeches From Dragon Ball Super

YouTube video

And to end this post – we’ll go with some humor. Because it’s good to laugh! 🙂


If you could add another anime speech, which one would it be?