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The Most Memorable Quotes From Steins Gate That Will Make You Think

Anime characters from Steins Gate in this post:

  • Rintaro Okabe.
  • Kurisu Makise.
  • Suzuha Amane.
  • Mayuri Shiina.
  • Itaru Hashida.
  • Moeka Kiryu.

Here are some of the most thought provoking quotes from Steins Gate.

Each with its own set of values, meanings, depth and impact.


Moeka Kiryuu Quotes

Moeka Kiryuu quotes |

“That day four years ago… When I wasn’t needed by anyone. When nobody cared about me. When I had given up on living and was about to jump off the roof of a building… FB saved me with a single message. I didn’t care if it was a joke or not. I was just happy that somebody knew… that I was alive… that it was OK for me to live.” – Moeka Kiryuu


Moeka Kiryuu quotes 3 |

“Look, even if we were enemies in the world you were before, right now I’m your only ally. Even if the whole world turned against you, I would continue to be your only ally.” – Moeka Kiryuu


Moeka Kiryuu quotes 1 |

“People… need to be needed by someone in order to live. If a person isn’t needed, they’re worthless!” – Moeka Kiryuu


Moeka Kiryuu quotes 2 |

“When I realized, I was already on the roof of a building… I had come to hate everything. I was sick of sitting in my room holding my knees too. If nobody was going to notice or care if I died then… what’s the point in living?” – Meoka Kiryuu


Rintaro Okabe Quotes

Rintaro Okabe Quotes |

“It is those who possess wisdom who are the greatest fools. History has shown us this. You could say that this is the final warning from God to those who resist.” – Rintaro Okabe


Okabe Rintarou Quotes

“Remembering something that no one else can is a painful thing. You can’t talk to anyone about it. No one will understand you. You’ll be alone.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 1 |

“The universe has a beginning, but no end. — Infinity. Stars, too, have their own beginnings, but their own power results in their destruction. — Finite.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 2 |

“Keep the past, for all intents and purposes, where it is.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 3 |

“Living should mean no do-overs. This is for the best.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 4 |

“If you want to grant your own wish, then you should clear your own path to it.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 5 |

“The”‘present” is a leaf floating on top of the river. It moves along with the flow from past to future.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 6 |

“Theories are nothing more than words. Accept what you’ve seen.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 7 |

“Conspiracy’s evil influence is much closer than you think, and is always ready to deceive you!” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 9 |

“99% of perception that normal humans have are closed off. Those who don’t think of themselves are quite foolish beings.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 8 |

“What kind of mad scientist worries about not getting enough vegetables?” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 10 |

“You must not change the past, once it’s been established.” – Rintaro Okabe


Rintaro Okabe Quotes 11 |

“No one knows what the future holds. That’s why its potential is infinite.” – Rintaro Okabe


Kurisu Makise Quotes

Kurisu Makise quotes |

“Every brilliant day should be lived for those who passed away.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 1 |

“It feels like time is passing so quickly. Damn you, Einstein! Your science is crowding in on our kiss! He was right. The passage of time depends entirely on where you’re standing. Relativity Theory… it’s so romantic. But it’s just so tragic too.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 2 |

“Maybe there are copies of me on countless world lines. Maybe all their minds are connected, forming a single “me.” That sounds wonderful, don’t you think? Being in all times and in all places.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 3 |

“A strong love for someone… a strong belief in something… a strong desire to convey something… If all those things go beyond time to create “you”, then that would be magnificent. So don’t think of it as letting me die. Even if the world line changes, as long as you don’t forget me, I’ll always be there… I’m sure that from now on you’re going to suffer. You’ll be in a world where no one but you remembers me. You care more about your friends than anything else, so I think it’s going to be painful for you. I’m so sorry. But that pain will mean a lot to me.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 4 |

“I’ve only lived 18 years, but I don’t want to change any of them. They’re all part of my life, even the failures.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 5 |

“Everyone is watching someone other than themselves, someone important to them.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 6 |

“People’s feelings are memories that transcend time.” – Kurisu Makise


Kurisu Makise quotes 7 |

“You can run away, but that’ll just make it worse!” – Kurisu Makise


Suzuha Amane Quotes

Suzuha Amane quotes 1 |

“Everyone gets help from someone else at some point in their lives. So someday, you should help someone too.” – Suzuha Amane


Suzuha Amane quotes |

“To rule time is to rule the world.” – Suzuha Amane


Mayuri Shiina Quotes

Mayuri Shiina quotes |

“We should work towards world peace. Like giving everyone in the world an Upa cushion.” – Mayuri Shiina


Itaru Hashida Quotes

Itaru Hashida quotes |

“There are two types of lies: Lies that hurt, and lies that don’t hurt.” – Itaru Hashida


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