How “Fan Service” Can Make Or Break An Anime Series

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Does fan-service ruin anime?

This debates been going on for years now.

And like a lot of things in entertainment, it’s unlikely to ever go away.

But here’s a good way to look at it:

“It’s not fan-service that ruins anime, it’s the context of “how” you use fan-service.”


Let’s take an anime series like “Death Note” as an example:

How "Fan Service" Can Make Or Break An Anime Series

How successful would Death Note be if “fan-service” was THROWN into every episode of the series?

Would it turn out to be the masterpiece that it is today?

And would you consider it a worthwhile psychological anime?


It’s safe to say Death Note would have fell flat on its face. 

And I wouldn’t even be writing about it in 2017.

This is what happens when you use “fan-service” to interrupt a GREAT story-line and plot that has “nothing” to do with fan-service.

Or a story that CAN’T be improved by the use of fan-service.


On the other hand  -  “Food Wars” uses fan-service to its advantage:

How "Fan Service" Can Make Or Break An Anime Series

Food Wars uses fan-service for both men and women to enhance the feelings of “food-gasms”.

It takes a delicious meal that’s irresistible, and then uses fan-service to spark the characters imagination, and exaggerate how GOOD the food tastes.

This is the selling point of Food Wars, and is one reason it’s popular.

It’s a unique concept among anime shows after all, and it proves fan-service can work if used in the “right” context.

So back to the question:


Does fan-service ruin anime?

By itself, we can say fan-service does NOT ruin anime.

That being said though…

A lot of creators ruin anime by being simple-minded, believing if you “throw in” fan-service it will make an anime more appealing or successful.

You can’t use fan-service without first considering the context.

And that’s the low-down when it comes to the use of fan-service in anime.


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