Crunchyroll Apologizes For Dark Skinned Tweet About New Hentai Manga |
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Crunchyroll Apologizes For “Dark Skinned” Tweet About New Hentai Manga

Crunchyroll, or I should say whoever’s handling their Twitter got a lot of backlash earlier today.

The term “Crunchyroll deleted” is even trending on Twitter because of it.

crunchyroll deleted |


What happened?

Hours ago earlier today, depending on your timezone, Crunchyroll’s Twitter account tweeted a NEW hentai manga.

It’s being released in April 2021.

The Tweet says: “I Became a Dark-Skinned Gal, so I Tried to Bang My Best Friend.”

It’s not hard to see why it was an issue with Twitter, given the wording.

Some hours, not minutes later, the Tweet was deleted and scrubbed from their account.

The internet never dies, and so screenshots live on.


crunchyroll news article title changed new hentai manga 1 |

As clearly seen, the article was up on the website as well.

With the same title, word for word pretty much.

Nobody in the comment section seemed to have reacted in the way Twitter did. For whatever that’s worth.

The article changed about an hour or so ago here in the UK.


The original title

The original title is: “Kuro-Gyaru ni Natta Kara Shinyu to Yatte Mita”.

Whoever was behind their Twitter account, decided to use the equivalent of Google translate.

That’s likely how they came up with the translation. I’m curious as to whether this is the normal way of translating titles.

Here’s what I get when I translate the title in Google.

Kuro Gyaru ni Natta Kara Shinyu to Yatte Mita google translate |

“I’ve become a black gyaru, so I tried it with Shinyu.”

The Google translate is even worse. Neither one is accurate in a literal sense I’m sure.

How the person behind Crunchyroll’s Twitter translated it is anyone’s guess. But either it came out differently, or they spun the translation into the dark skinned tweet we saw.


Crunchyroll’s apology

crunchyroll apology |

“We apologize for the insensitive translation in our article and the negative connotations that created. We have changed our article to exclusively use the Japanese title, and are making changes to our operations to prevent circumstances like this from happening again.”

It was a silent one because they haven’t announced it publicly.

They updated the article and threw in an editor’s note. There’s no official “tweet” that addresses the same thing on Twitter itself.

So it’s under the rug by definition.

It does make me curious why typical anime news sites are so silent about this event. Especially ANN.

It’s strange.

But then, as I’ve covered many times before, anything similar is ignored by mainstream anime sites or anime YouTubers.

What do you think?



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