The Non Stop Racism Against Black Anime Cosplayers And Influencers Staying Quiet As Usual |
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The Non Stop Racism Against Black Anime Cosplayers, And “Influencers” Staying Quiet As Usual

Black anime cosplayers more than any other group are targeted almost daily. For nothing but the color of their skin.

This happens on platforms like:

  • Twitter
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram

And probably Facebook to some degree, considering the cosplay groups on there.

Usually when this happens, only non-anime websites, influencers or otherwise will bother to speak on it.

In fact – “racism” across the board is a topic few with any level of audience will touch on in the anime community.

Instead, they avoid it like the plague and pretend the anime community is all a ray of positivity with nothing toxic in sight.

A prominent example was a black cosplayer who started cosplaying for the first time as Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer).

Hours after doing her first cosplay, you can already guess what happened.

These Tweets highlight everything:

As pointed out – at the time, the first time cosplayer had to lock down her Twitter account because of the toxic comments and racism.

This incident was back in November 2019, but it still goes on to this day and always has.


In June 2020, during the lockdown that we’re still in, another black cosplayer came out and did a cosplay of Rin Tohsaka (Fate Stay Night).

She even said in her second Tweet “this is my first cosplay, go easy on me”.


And then came the racism and prejudice comments

I’m not gonna read out or write out the messages. You can do that yourself, it’s there in black and white.

The Insider is the only site (or source with clout) that covered this.

Everyone else stayed quiet as a mouse. The same people who say they “love” and support the anime community. And the same one’s who work within the industry, ironically.


Black Anime Cosplayers still dealing with it in August 2020


A black girl even says she’s “intimidated” by the idea of cosplaying

That’s how bad it is in the anime cosplay community. Women are terrified to cosplay because of the hatred, racism and backlash that comes with it.

A reality that doesn’t exist when the shoe is on the other foot.


Ending this post with a positve message

What’s tolerated in life is also what’s promoted. That’s especially true in society.

As long as this bullsh*t continues to go ignored, no one calls out this behavior in large numbers, or racists are “let off the hook”, this is the reality black anime cospayers can expect going forward.

This will (and is) true for anyone who isn’t a western native seeing as that’s where 90% of the racism stems from.

Regardless though, if you’re a cosplayer, do what the F you want and don’t let the haters scare you into not doing it out of fear.

Own your happiness and don’t allow anyone to control it.



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