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Anime isn’t the easiest thing to convince someone to watch. As surprising as it is[...]

Chinese Streaming Site Bilibili Goes From Anime Pirate To Legit Business

Chinese anime streaming site: Bilibili is an anime pirate site like KissAnime. Well, at least it WAS.[...]

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Anime girls are the centre of lap pillows. With the male character laying down on[...]

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Why “Woke” Culture Will Never Infect The Anime Industry

The word “woke” (just like the word feminism) started out positive. It had good intentions.[...]

A Happy Birthday

Today’s my birthday. July 6th. 2020 has been an insane year to start the new[...]

Why Itachi Uchiha Is Not A Hero, Regardless Of His Impact In Naruto

I love Itachi as much as the next guy. He’s one of my favorite characters[...]

6 Dark Lessons Itachi Uchiha Taught Us About Life

Itachi Uchiha is an iconic character who reminds me of Gin Ichimaru from Bleach. Both characters[...]

13+ Of The Most Masculine Anime Characters You’ll Ever Come Across

Masculine anime characters aren’t just the most masculine in an obvious way. There’s more to[...]

What Parents Need To Know About Anime, And Why They Should

Parents don’t know too much about anime these days. In fact, this was true years[...]

Is Harem Anime BAD? Well, It All Comes Down To This

Is Harem anime bad? That depends on who you ask. Harem anime is statistically one of[...]

11+ Simp Anime Characters You Never Even Considered

I’m from the UK. The word “Simp” is one of the most common slang terms[...]

Why Anime Is Better Than Disney In The Modern Age Of Films & Entertainment

Anime beats Disney in a lot of ways. Don’t ask me why, ask your kids.[...]

An Anime Calculator App With A Virtual Assistant Loli To Go With It

Using an ordinary calculator is basic. You sole your math problems, you calculate,and that’s it.[...]

15+ Weird But Powerful Anime Weapons That Are Unforgettable

One of the coolest thing of the anime world is the weird but powerful weapons[...]

The Greatest Black Anime Voice Actors Who Deserve More Credit

Black Anime Voice actors unsurprisingly play a small role in the US anime dubbing industry.[...]

The Biggest Shows During The Last Anime Golden Era!

The anime golden era was a time where everything was perfect. More money was being[...]

Why You Have NO Reason To Be Ashamed Of Liking Anime

Every so often I’ll talk about anime, how it’s perceived, and how anime fans are[...]

The Best Fire Force Merchandise Anime Fans Will Love (On Sale)

Anime Motivation is an affiliate.   Fire Force has staked its claim in the Shounen[...]