20+ Of The Best Anime Characters Who Uses Magic Or Sorcery

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Written by Khrista Cendana

There weren’t that many anime series before where magic is being used, but nowadays there’s more and more series of characters using magic.

Whatever the case may be, check out the list below of the characters with magic users.

Maybe you’ll find someone that you recognize or someone that you don’t know.


1. Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular At Magic High School)

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Besides using Ninjutsu, Tatsuya is able to use magic abilities. He can use:

  • supernatural power
  • specialized magician
  • systematic magic
  • counter magic


Tatsuya is a powerful magic user and is one of the strongest foes to fight against. Tatsuya’s teacher was: Kokonoe Yakumo, Yakumo even thinks that Tatsuya could even beat him in a fight.

Tatsuya goes to National Magic University Affiliated First High School and he goes there with his little sister.

The Magic Engineering course was even created for Tatsuya’s achievements.

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2. Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night)


One of Shirou’s signature magic abilities is the: projection and tracing. He can use this magic ability during a fight for weapons. Besides projection and tracing, he can use: reinforcement, structural analysis, broken phantasm and infinite creation of swords.

Besides magic, Shirou uses equipment like the Kanshou and Bakuya. Shirou is able to use magic because he is a magus that was trained by Kiritsugu Emiya but Shirou is sometimes called a Spellcaster.

Shirou’s love interest is Rin Tohsaka.


3. Rin Tohsaka (Fate)

rin tohsaka cute mage fate e1649241873508

Rin Tohsaka has black hair and wears a red top with religious references. And of course – the usual black skirt she’s seen wearing in the Fate anime.

Being one of the Tohsaka’s, a powerful family known for magic, Rin has a sense of pride and self confidence she carries everywhere she goes.

You can see this with how she carries herself, how classy she is, and her overall demeanor.


4. Irene Belserion (Fairy Tale)

Irene e1649246790934

Irene is able to use multiple magic and abilities:

  • World Reconstruction Magic
  • Eye Magic
  • Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
  • Enhanced Magic Power


Irene’s daughter is Erza Scarlet and she was able to create Dragon Slayer Magic. Irene lived for many centuries and most of her time was an unhappy one.

Her magic powers were strong and she even married Rung (a general) before everything went down. Irene is actually a mage and that is why she has multiple magic abilities and was able to live for so long as she didn’t want to hurt her daughter.


5. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

homura e1649246804243

Homura can manipulate memories and destroy universes, she was able to get magic after wishing one day and thus she was able to gain powers to rewind time.

Homura goes to Mitakihara Middle School, she tries her best in school even though she seems distant to others and to Madoka as well.

Her weapon is mostly a shield, but she is seen using like a bow, pipe bombs, golft club, etc. Homura is somewhat like a time traveler and she was seen as a demon but is actually a witch.

She’s not that powerful as Madoka, but she is powerful.


6. Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


Madoka is the complete opposite of Homura, she becomes the law of cycles. She is one of the powerful Magical Girls, more powerful than Homura or the others thanks to Homura’s time travel.

She was living a normal life until she had to decide to be a Magical Girl or not. She uses Law Manipulation, she is able to create arrows in her Magical Girl form. However her story is quite sad in the end but she becomes a goddess as well as the other Magical Girls.

Madoka’s wish was to save a cat, but she was able to save others.


7. Megumin (Isekai Quartet)

KonoSuba Megumin e1649246822486

Megumin is like an extrovert: she’s loud, arrogant, boasting…etc. However, viewers would see that Megumin acts like a child, but she is a powerful witch.

She uses explosive magic, Megumin is part of the Crimson Magic Clan. She uses her power for explosives and very little for casting a spell.

Megumin is a powerful witch that she was able to graduate school early and she likes traveling alone.


8. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

shana e1649246837718

Yuji Sakai is a high school student when he meets a girl that doesn’t have a name but is later called Shana, and Yuji was the one who named her Shana after her sword.

They work together to find the other Flame Haze as they oppose the creation of Xanadu. Shana trains Yuji so that Yuji could become stronger and fight in battle.

Shana went to Misaki Municipal High School, she is mostly feared by the Crimson Denizens as she is quite powerful during a battle. Shana and Yuji falls in love within the series.


9. Louise Francoise (Le Blanc De La Valliere)

images 1

Louise goes to Tristan Academy of Magic, she has poor magic abilities and has a nickname: Louise the Zero.

She is a rare void mage, her void spell is explosion. Louise is named after Louise de la Valliere, a French noblewoman. She uses her whip instead of her wand as her magic abilities are useless.

She falls in love with Hiraga Saito, and it was Saito who confessed it to her first. Louise feels jealous whenever she sees Saito with another woman as Saito is more of a ladies man.

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10. Suguha Kirigaya (Sword Art)


Suguha becomes interested in playing a virtual game called Alfheim Online as a sylph warrior once she finds out that her cousin: Kazuto becomes trapped within the game.

As a sylph, she has the abilities to use magic: shield, healing, concealment, blade, wind and strength. She was able to play the game with the help of her classmate: Nagata Shinichi who plays the game most in her class.

Her name in the game is called Leafa, her character online seems more adult like rather than a child.

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11. Shiroe (Log Horizon)


Shiroe is actually a graduate student named Kei Shirogane who was majoring in engineering but got trapped in the game of Elder Tales. His name in the game is Shiroe and he is part of the Enchanter class, beside being an Enchanter,

Shiroe is also one of the valuable players within the game. Shiroe is able to use Overskill as it is difficult to use and is a Magical Engineering.

In the game, Shiroe is level 90s whereas the HP of his avatar is high. Shiroe was able to develop The Magic Contract for his avatar.

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12. Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

tohru e1649246864740

Tohru is an actual dragon but she can transform into a human girl. She even falls in love with Kobayashi and works as a maid for her. In due time, Kobayashi slowly falls in love with Tohru as well.

Besides shapeshifting, Tohru has many powers and abilities: Fire Breath, stamina, speed, health, durability, poison, etc.

Her father is named Damocies and it is unknown about her mother. Tohru is more like a human than dragon, making her relationship with her father more complicated as she lives with Kobayashi.


13. Yuko Ichihara (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

yuuko e1649246874727

Yuko can grant wishes, traverse dimensions, create gods, manipulate time and even speak through other people’s minds. However there is always a catch if someone wants something for Yuko to do.

She owns a mystery shop and even goes to a fortune-teller every so often. Yuko is mostly seen drinking sake or any sort of alcoholic drink.

There would probably be some viewers watching the series thinking that Yuko is some sort of mage or witch. Yuko’s shop in the end is given to Watanuki and Yuko was one of the popular characters before.

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14. Irisviel Von Einzbern (Fate Zero)


Irisviel doesn’t have a normal life, she stays at the castle most of the time and doesn’t know the outside world as she doesn’t know much about women’s emotions and experiences.

She inherited magecraft where she is able to create and forge matter. Besides that, she is able to use a reverse-type magic crest, and healing magecraft as she has magical energy.


15. Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura)

syaoran li e1649246895133

Syaoran used to be the rival of Sakura but soon the two of them became friends and then started dating later on in the series.

He can use Elemental Magic: Lightning, Fire, Wind, Water and Ice. Not only that, but he is a good swordsmanship, martial artist and he can even detect the supernatural.

Syaoran becomes a good ally on capturing the cards.

He wasn’t in the anime series until like episode 10 of the series and viewers would know that it would take time to get used to seeing Syaoran on screen.


16. Yuno (Black Clover)


Yuno is able to use double casting magic, and the four elements that he uses are: wind, bell, slyph and host. However his true magic ability is actually star magic.

Besides using magic, Yuno uses weapons against foes: four-leaf clover and spade grimoire. He is part of the clover kingdom and spade kingdom, he likes to compete against asta.

The two compete against each other because Asta is more powerful than Yuno within the series as Asta because he wants to become the next Wizard King.


17. Chise Hatori (Maho-Yome)

chise e1649246484387

When Chise needs to use magic, she has to sing to be able to use the ability. She is able to purify, fly and create potions for her magic abilities.

She has a curse based upon a dragon that gives her different abilities: strength, senses and shapeshifting.

Chise’s family life is a sad one as her father and brother abandoned the family and her mother commits suicide.

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18. Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Howl’s Moving Castle)

jenkin e1649246464711

Howl is a powerful wizard, he is able to transform into different animals. Besides transforming: he is able to fly by using his power, fight and escape from battle.

He uses magic to transform when it is needed. Howl may have the ability to transform but over time, Howl could be seen as some sort of coward who runs away from things even though he is a wizard.

He is talented with magic and begun to study spells and charms.

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19. Miyuki Shiba (The Irregular At Magic High School)


Miyuki is a top honor student at First High School, she is the sister of Tatsuya Shiba. Miyuki is a magician and she has abilities like her brother.

Unlike her brother, she has: magic endurance, excels standard modern magic, outer-systematic magic and even has systematic magic.

The two siblings are quite close as Miyuki would give a bit of her power to Tatsuya when needed. However viewers would think that Tatsuya still has the upper hand against Miyuki in terms of what magic they have.

Miyuki may be the younger sibling of Tatsuya but she is a bit opposite.


20. Liliruca Arde (Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon)


Arde drank something called Soma and she was able to acquire magic where she could use Cinder Ella. It’s a transformation magic where she can use it to be able to transform into anything.

Besides transformation, she has the ability to use Artel Assist where it’s mostly useful on weight. Arde is a level 2 status where she was able to use more items after being level 1.

She was part of the Soma Familia but later on, she became part of the Hestia Familia. Her experience is gathering information where she can battle plans and strategy.

Hope you were able to enjoy this article on anime characters that use magic.



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