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20+ Anime Shows To Consider Watching From The 2000’s

Do you want to watch anime but you don’t want to watch something from the 90s?

The storyline of anime has gotten better right after the 90s. Not only the storyline, but even the animation looks more modern style.

Even to this day it still looks like it’s been just made recently. There’s a lot of anime to watch that was made around the year of 2000+ that’s for kids, adults and even for older people.

It doesn’t have to be a specific age even if it’s categorized for that particular anime.

Check out the anime in the list below.


1. Prince of Tennis

prince of tennis

It’s about a young tennis prodigy named Echizen Ryoma who moves to Japan to go to school in Seigaku.

Once in Seigaku, Echizen encounters obstacles that would make him a better and stronger tennis player.

Prince of Tennis started in the early 2000’s, it became popular in Japan after the series ended.

Just recently, Funimation announced making a new English dubbed version for Prince of Tennis.

If you want to binge watch a sports anime, this could be it as the series have over almost 180 episodes. With films and OVAS.


2. Naruto

naruto |

A young orphan ninja boy named Naruto Uzumaki tries his hardest to be the next Hokage of his villag.

He wants to be recognized by his friends and people of the leaf village.

Naruto is action-packed at the very start of the beginning. And continues on into Shippuden (season 2).

Besides being action packed, there’s also comedy, romance, life lessons, and more.

It remains as one of the best and popular anime series to this day.

If you want to watch this, good luck in binge watching everything as there’s so much. Especialy with Boruto.


3. Junjou Romantica

junjou romantica yaoi

It’s about a high school student named Misaki who needs to be tutored for his college entrance exams.

Misaki’s older brother asks his friend, Akihiko to tutor Misaki and lets him stay in Akihiko’s apartment.

Akihiko falls in love with Misaki right away, but Misaki keeps denying his feelings for the older man.

The series is popular as the manga is still ongoing today. The storyline is good and it doesn’t focus on one couple but 3 couples.

If you like BL (boys love) anime, check out the series.

Besides the series and manga, it also has the OVA, CD Dramas, video game, etc.

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4. Fate/Stay Night

saber fate stay night 2006 |

If you want to watch Fate/Stay Night, you should watch it from the very start and not like somewhere in the middle or end because it gets confusing.

Fate/Stay Night has almost 25 episodes plus a short OVA. it’s a short series to watch where you can watch it within a weekend.

The animation of the series till looks good, but Fate Stay Night UBW looks even better.


5. Blood+

Blood e1620151645456 |

A girl named Saya is a high school student who doesn’t have any memories from her past.

A man named Hagi tries to help Saya regain her memories.

The intent is to stop destroy the chiropterans (creatures) and defeat Saya’s sister Diva.

The series is violent but it’s good overall, however the fight between Diva and Saya could have been better.

If you like vampires and monsters, this is one of the series that you should look into. Blood+ came from Blood The Last Vampire, the storyline and concept is almost the same but clearly different.

Besides the anime series; there’s the manga, video games, music, and novels to look into.

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6. Full Metal Panic (FMP)

fmp anime

The series is about a military member named Souske who is put in charge of protecting a Japanese high school student named Kaname.

It’s military style so there some strong violence, but the anime is humorous and action packed.

Full Metal Panic has awesome music, the first series of FMP has 24 episodes, but there are sequels to it.

If you like action and don’t really mind the mecha aspects, this is what you should look into.


7. Fullmetal Alchemist

fma anime brothers

It’s about 2 alchemist brothers who are looking for the philosopher’s stone to restore their bodies.

Who doesn’t remember full metal alchemists in the early 2000’s? The first series was a bit different from the manga but the spin-off: manga.

Both series aren’t long to watch if you haven’t watched either of the series yet.

At the time, Fullmetal Alchemist was one of the best anime to watch in the early 2000’s because of the storyline and the unique characters and battles.


8. Inuyasha


A high school girl named Kagome goes back into the past within the feudal era and meets the half-demon, Inuyasha.

Once there, the both of them go on an adventure to gather up all the shikon jewel pieces that Kagome has shattered from the jewel.

It has: fantasy, adventure, comedy, romance, school, etc. The animation even got better after a few years.

This anime is not short as it has about 200 episodes which includes the final act part. A sequel of Inuyasha titled Yashahime has started last year (2020) and is still ongoing.

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9. Hikaru no Go

hikaru no go go class |

A boy named Hikaru saw an old Go board in his grandfather’s shed. While he was cleaning it, he meets the spirit Sai who is a Go player.

Hikaru becomes intrigued in playing the board game.

If you want to watch a game anime, Hikaru no Go is one of the series that you should look into.

The series has elements like supernatural, tournaments, drama, school, coming of age, etc. It’s quite emotional at the end after you hear the first opening song.

The anime ended so abruptly though as the manga even got cancelled.


10. Beyblade

YouTube video

Beyblade is about a spinning top toy that whoever knocks the other beyblade out of the stadium is the winner.

The anime series is about a boy named Tyson who becomes the world champion Beyblader.

Tyson is part of the team called Bladebreakers. The animation was a bit different with the character designs but it improved when the next season titled Beyblade VForce aired.

I think kids still play Beyblade and the anime series is still popular because of all the beyblade toys, manga, video games and the films.

Each series of Beyblade has at least 50 episodes, the newest series of Beyblade is titled: Burst Dynamite Battle.


11. Strawberry Panic

strawberry e1620152024111 |

The series is about a group of girls who go to different schools. It tells the story of romance between the girls.

The anime series is yuri but the storyline is good as it tells what each couple is doing.

There’s a total of 26 episodes.

Strawberry Panic is a must-see and even to this day it’s one of the best yuri anime out there.


12. Bleach

bleach e1620152055177 |

It’s about a boy named Ichigo who becomes a soul reaper after meeting a girl called Rukia.

Ichigo goes on an adventure to figure out what is going on in the soul society organization.

It is mainly an adventurous and supernatural series, with 370+ episodes in total.

There’s even going to be a new anime of Bleach titled Thousand-Year Blood War to end the anime for their anniversary.

Besides the series and manga, there’s a couple of movies as well to look into.

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13. Death Note

death note

It’s about a high school boy who finds a notebook titled “death note.” It once belonged to a shinigami.

Whoever finds the book is granted supernatural abilities to kill whoever’s name is written in the book.

Death Note has a somewhat good storyline, but the ending of the series? Not so much.

Ever since Death Note aired, it has gotten films live action drama and movies..

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14. Code Geass

code geass |

The black prince who is named Lelouch, gets involved in a war and finds a mysterious girl.

The mystery girl saves Lelouch’s life and grants him a power called Geass.

Both season 1 and 2 of the series have 25 episodes.

Even though it’s been years since it aired, it’s still watchable for otaku fans that are both new and old. It’s a classic.

It’s easy to understand the storyline of Code Geass.


15. Digimon Tamers

digimon tamers

Digimon Tamers is the 3rd series of the Digimon franchise.

It’s about a group of young kids discovering that Digimon is real in the “real world” where a Digivice magically pops up one day.

Unlike in Digimon and Digimon 02, Digimon Tamers use trading cards to help boost their Digimon in real battles using their digivice.

Digimon Tamers is set in the modern world but the Digital World makes an appearance for a few episodes.

Just like the previous series, there’s about 50 episodes to watch.

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16. Fruits Basket

fruit |

It’s about a young girl who learns that the Soma family is cursed and possessed by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

If you haven’t seen Fruits Basket, you have probably heard about the anime. The anime is so popular in both Japan and the U.S.

It has different themes within the anime itself. For instance: romance, fantasy, reverse harem, etc.

Besides that, the animation is good even if it’s an old anime.

Fruits Basket has a reboot series which started in 2019. The 2019 version of Fruits Basket follows more closely with the manga and the series itself has almost 55 episodes and is ongoing.


17. Black Butler

black butler

An orphan searches for his parents’ killers with the help of a loyal demon servant.

The series doesn’t take place in Japan but during Victorian era London.

The storyline is good and different but the series is controversial.

Many people think that the author intended the series to be yaoi or BL (boys love) but many argue that the series isn’t.

That said, you can clearly tell there are some scenes that could be considered romantic or Yaoi.

I think you should give this anime a shot. The first series has only 36 episodes and then there’s the OVA’s, but it continues on with a sequel and another few OVA’s plus the movies.

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18. Gokusen

gokusen |

It’s about a teacher named Kumiko who wants to teach instead of being a part of the yakuza family.

She gets the job in a private all-male school but she got the class that has all the troublemakers which is class 4-D.

Throughout the series, she tries to teach them education and life lessons, hiding the fact she comes from the yakuza.

This anime has good points to help the older kids with life lessons. The television drama and special came first prior to the anime series, the anime series has almost 15 episodes.

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19. Hamtaro

hamtaro e1620152280128 |

The anime name says it all as it’s about a hamster who lives with its owner and goes on an adventure.

I’ve seen Hamtaro before and it was really popular when it aired in the early 2000’s. I believe that the anime is aimed for kids that are in Elementary School and lower.

Hamtaro has almost 300 episodes, there’s also the spin-offs and movies.

Try binge watching Hamtaro, the kids would like to see that cuddly, hamster!

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20. White Album

white album anime kiss

It’s about a young couple from high school.

A girl named Yuki has to put their relationship on hold because she’s becoming a singer. Yuki couldn’t handle the pressure in both her being a singer and then a lover to her boyfriend.

The storyline is somewhat realistic on trying to juggle a relationship and a career of your dreams.

There might be some parts that will hit you in feels.

Other 2000’s Anime:

  • Vampire Knight
  • K-On
  • Fairy Tail
  • Bakugan Battle Warriors
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Midori Days
  • Scrapped Princess
  • Kino’s Travels: The Beautiful World
  • Chrono Crusade



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