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A List Of Anime Shows That Have (And Will) Break The Internet In 2022

Anime has been dominating for a while now, but more than any other time in its history, certain shows have been breaking the internet in ways anime hasn’t in the past.

This is because of anime’s:

  • Growth.
  • Progress.
  • Evolution.

And how the internet continues to grow along with anime as a medium and the industry as well.

Crunchyroll’s growth has played a role in anime breaking the internet as well as Funimation, and social media also.

Let’s focus on these types of anime as far as which will break the internet in 2022.


Potential anime 2022:


1. Chainsaw Man

YouTube video

Chainsaw man is a manga with a lot of HYPE behind the series. And this was proven the moment the adaptation was announced.

Twitter blew up and the anime was trending. But not just because of the big fanbase behind it….

It was trending because chainsaw man’s trailer hit millions of views within hours of releasing to YouTube.

chainsaw man hype views anime manga |

As pointed out by a reddit post, AOT did 5 million views in 24 hours. Not surprising given AOT’S leverage.

Chainsaw Man did 4 million views in just 4 hours of releasing the trailer, so you can see by comparison just how much HYPE there is for the Chainsaw Man series.

If any anime breaks the internet in 2022, Chainsaw Man is definitely one of the one’s to do it.

I can’t imagine how big it’s gonna blow up when it finally airs for real.


2. Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc

thousand year blood war arc ichigo bleach |

Bleach is one of the big three so it’s reputation and popularity can’t be fucked with. It’s a MAJOR success and a massive contributor to the anime industry.

Sales figures don’t lie, and neither does its solid fanbase.

When the new BLEACH was announced back in 2020, there was a livestream for the announcement straight from Japan.

That livestream had around 20K-30K fans watching the livestream in real time. Not to mention it was aired after midnight in the UK, and late at night in the USA.

Despite this the livestream hit numbers many celebrities can’t even hold. If that doesn’t speak for itself, I don’t know what does.

#Bleach will break the internet when the new arc finally airs and hits big numbers once again.


3. Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2

attack on titan final season part 2 blondie |

Attack On Titan is still airing to be fair, and it has had time up until this point to get traction… And unsurprisingly the anime has gained tons of traction as always.

Its gotten to the point where there are memes everywhere with Eren Yaeger whispering in the ears of many anime characters, and even voice actors, authors, and characters outside of anime.

Its become a staple in the online anime community.

At this point the anime has already broke the internet and trended over social media for tons of reasons.

If the anime trends anymore despite coming to an end soon, well, it’ll be for the same reasons. Those reasons being it’s too big to go unnoticed.


4. Uzumaki

uzumaki anime adaptation horror |

Uzumaki is a horror manga and one with a big following as well. The adaptation and announcement drew a lot of attention.

Each trailer for the adaptation (the upcoming anime) has over 1M views at minimum.

Very little information has been leaked or shared about this upcoming anime, but it’s said to be dropping around October 2022.

It could be the horror series to actually BREAK the internet since there hasn’t been a horror series to ever do it to the highest level.


5. My Hero Academia Season 6

mha s6 anime |

My Hero Academia needs no introduction. The anime has been killing it since it first dropped in 2016.

Each season seems to get better, and each season definitely seems to trend more and more across social media and YouTube. Plus websites and the whole lot.

Season 5 wasn’t much to shout about as far as content, hype, controversy, or major turning points in the story (with exception). That said, season 6 is gonna make up for what season 5 didn’t do.

A lot more will be revealed and the story’s about to turn the heat up to the max and start conversations across SM.


6. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie 2022 |

Dragon Ball Super and the dragon ball franchise in general is known for its dominance in Shonen, and its impossible popularity in the anime industry. And even in pop culture.

It’s the father of Shonen after all, so it goes without saying.

DB Super is also known for breaking the internet and causing Crunchyroll’s streaming platform to CRASH under the weight of its fanbase.

Will the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero be able to do the same thing? That’s yet to be seen, but it’s dropping in April. The 22nd to be exact.

If any anime or anime movie can do it, Dragon Ball Super is an obvious contender.


7. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

boruto next generation anime series |

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a lot of things to a lot of people, especially Naruto fans more than anyone else.

Some people HATE Boruto for the direction they took the series in, following from Shippuden into the future. It even has the lowest MAL ratings for a popular Shonen.

But some fans love the changes, especially those who are new to the Naruto franchise.

Boruto did make headlines back in 2021, and with its new chapters and anime episodes it has some potential to break the internet if it plays its cards right.

Only manga fans will know whether that’s a likelihood or not in the truest sense.

Can you think of anymore anime that may BREAK the internet in 2022?



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