7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

Black Male Character Naruto

I’d say Black male anime characters are more common than women. But then again I could be wrong, as it could be more equal.

Because hey, there are only a couple dozen black anime characters to begin with.

Who’s your favorite black male character?

Whatever your thoughts are, leave them in the comments. Or share other black male characters that I’ve missed in this post.

With that out the way, here are the top 7 black male characters in anime…


1. Tosen Kaname

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

Tosen Kaname’s one of the main soul reapers from: Bleach.

He probably has one of the most interesting abilities as a soul reaper as well.

I can’t say he has much of a personality.

Tosen’s the quiet type who doesn’t say too much. But it’s clear he’s intelligent and sharp.

Overall he’s too famous to NOT include in this list.


2. Dutch

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

I’d say Dutch is one of my favorite black male characters in anime.

He’s one of the main characters in gangster series: Black Lagoon.

He’s tall, muscular, and would probably knock you the F** out if you cross the line.

Dutch is a laid back, chilled character on the surface. But is dead-serious when the situation calls for it.


3. Andrew Gilbert Mills

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

There aren’t many anime fans who don’t know or haven’t watched Sword Art Online…

This is the anime series Andrew Gilbert Mills is featured in. As a support character.

Similar to Dutch, Andrew is laid-back, chilled, and doesn’t want any trouble.

One of his specialties is making/crafting weapons in SAO.

Which is crucial to their survival in season 1.

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4. Uub

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

Uub is an eventual character who appears at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Despite his fame, Uub is one of my least favorite black male characters.

Why? Because of his back-story and character design.

He’s painted as an “African kid in a run-down part of town”.

Similar to the huts you’d see in the worst parts of Africa.

This has negative-stereotype written all over it, which is my reason for disliking Uub as a black male character.

That aside, Uub’s a nice addition to this list.

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime


5. Love Aikawa

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

Love Aikawa’s one of many Visored characters from: Bleach.

Similar to Andrew Gilbert Mills, he’s laid back, chilled, and a cool guy to hang out with.

Most of the time he keeps a cool head, and is much more powerful than he first appears.


6. James Ironside

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

If you’ve watched the anime series – Blood+ then you’ll recognize this guy.

He’s one of Diva’s Chevalier’s who protect her from danger.

One thing about James Ironside is he’s calm, lacks a sense of humour and likes being on time.

James is also a leader with strong leadership skills.

And has a background in the US military.


7. Sid Barrett

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

Have you seen the anime series – Soul Eater?

Sid Barret is one of the X teachers who taught at the Death Scythe Meister Academy.

Similar to Koro Sensei, Sid’s an exceptional teacher. And his students love him to death.

As well as his teaching methods and style.

But this changes after he’s turned into a zombie at the beginning of Soul Eater.

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BONUS Character: Takeda Ikki

7 Of The Best Black Male Characters In Anime

Takeda’s one of my favorite characters from: Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Afro Samurai.
  • Scar (Full Metal Alchemist).
  • Ren Akatsuki (Fairy Tail).

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