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The Rise And Fall Of Vig Mignogna, And How It All Began (The FULL Story So Far)

vic mignogna broly voice actor
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Since the beginning of 2019 I started to hear more about Vic Mignogna.

Of course – everything I kept hearing was more and more negative as time went by. And THAT’S why I decided to keep my mouth shut since I didn’t know the full story of the news surrounding Vic.

Too bad most people don’t think that way.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon, and If I do get involved, I’ll only do it from an objective point of view. Or in other words: when the facts are revealed.

Irrationality and bias is always stupid in these cases.


That’s how “REAL” news should be, but unfortunately it’s not

vic mignogna deposition

As you know if you’re “sane” to what’s going on with Vic, a lot of the news is BIAS.

And like moths to a flame which is typical in 2019, social justice warriors jumped in and started slandering his name all over social mediaEspecially Twitter.

That’s because of the bullsh*t climate we live in that goes by TWO rules:

  1. If you’re a woman – you’re innocent until proven guilty.
  2. If you’re a MAN – you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Vic Mignogna was obviously on the #2 side of the equation. It got so bad he was essentially pressured and bullied into apologising (it’s not like anyone defended him after all).

YouTube video

With THAT out of the way, let’s get into Vic Mignogna’s allegations and the news surrounding it.


I’ll break it down from the beginning

vic mignogna allegations

QUOTE from Wikipedia:

“Following the English release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which prominently features Mignogna’s vocal work, accusations of sexual harassment began to surface against Mignogna on Twitter. With some allegations dating as far back as 1989.”

YouTube video

Wikipedia ain’t lying. NOT long after the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly (movie), Funimation and a couple of their employees started making accusations against Vic.

Ironic considering the money was made by the time these accusations came out (just saying).


This all started from a JELLY BEAN Joke (of all things)

YouTube video

YouTube video

Later on “fans” came out about their supposed accusations related to anime conventions.

Even DUB voice actors like Christopher Sabat, the voice of Vegeta, jumped on the bandwagon and slandered Vic’s name.

And of course – Monica spoke out against Vic, too.

And a lot of tweets that go against Vic (a lot of women) tend to look like the Tweet below.

This series of Tweets below is the most “believable” of any. But even still – it’s not factual evidence in itself. But it is a possibility at best.

Read the whole thread to see more.

Fast forward to September 2019, and you also have some tweets where people are “kinda neutral” to the whole situation.


Guilty until proven innocent

The problem with situations like this these days, is Men are ALWAYS guilty until proven innocent.

Let’s not act like countless Men aren’t treated this way because of the weak women who know they can get away with it in 2019 (in general).

As an outsider just like MOST people reporting or commenting on Vic, “knowing someone firsthand” isn’t enough to prove the allegations, or disprove the criticism. It holds as much weight as an opinion without evidence.

Especially when you consider things when the roles are reversed. If a woman did what Vic supposedly did, would everybody be in such a big uproar on the internet?

This Tweet says it better than I can:

People act like 6 year old children whose brains haven’t fully developed. With emotions that are out of control.

That’s why so many people judge based on what they see, without knowing what’s “behind” the judgement itself.

Opinions are “facts” in the delusional society we’re now part of. But I’m digressing.


There are two sides to every coin

vic comments youtube

This is a YouTube comment left by one person (of MANY) in regards to Vic Mignogna.

If you have the brain of a 6 year old you might say “It’s obviously bullsh*t, Vic’s a monster!” – but that’s bias talking, not intelligence. Flip the gender roles and we wouldn’t be having this argument.

Every coin has two sides to it. Just like every story isn’t one dimensional.

vic mignogna comments youtube

And then you have THIS evidence which nobody on Funimation’s side seems interested in highlighting. Or at least they didn’t 7 months ago when this comment was mentioned.

I even heard Funimation and ANN BLOCKED some YouTubers for sharing this kind of info (straight from the horse’s mouth).

YouTube video

There are as many people supporting Vic as there are trying to destroy him, and those defending him seem to have more common sense (and logic) than everyone who’s slandering him without taking a moment to THINK.

That’s my observation from the 100’s and 100’s of tweets, articles, comments and videos I’ve dug into.

vic screenshot youtube comment e1568300122205

There’s also THIS interesting comment made on a YouTube video about Vic, which is obviously NOT the kind of in-depth comment you can pull out of a hat and falsify.


And then there’s these videos critics have ignored

YouTube video

This video was released in February 2019.

This line from the YouTube video describes everything in a nutshell:

“Dragon Ball Super Broly actor is being attacked by private chat groups plotting against him with fake evidence.”

When you watch the video, YellowFlash shows the F.B groups where people are “literally” talking among themselves, trying to come up with ways to ruin Vic’s rep by making sh*t up.

They even stupidly believed the group was PRIVATE, when it’s obviously public.


YouTube video

And in THIS video by Yellowflash, he comments on Monica Rial’s recorded tape about the “Vic” situation. And how she lies through her teeth.

I won’t mention everything in the video, but here’s what Monica says about Funimation’s working environment:

Monica: “I’d say it’s professional, but friendly. Happy and you can say hi to one another.”

Reporter: “Have you noticed when people greet each other, they kiss each other on the cheek or hug each other?”

Monica: “It used to be the case a long time ago, but in recent years? No. That is frowned upon.”


This is where Monica Rial slips up

Reporter: “In that video (related to Dragon Ball Super), when you had finished I believe you walked up and had hugged Vic?”

Monica Rial: “Yes mam. It was a work related thing.”

If hugging and kissing is frowned upon at Funimation, how come she willingly walked up to Vic and hugged him? Especially after being sexually harassed?

Ask yourselves that question.

The hypocrisy and lies speaks loud and clear. She also claimed in the video when she was “sexually harassed”, she didn’t do anything because she “wanted to maintain their friendship”.

I’ll get into that a little later.

YouTube video

And THIS video of Monica Rial’s husband doesn’t exactly make her allegations against Vic believable.

If anything – it only complicates and shows the hypocrisy of everything she claimed so far.


YouTube video

This video goes into the “not so smart” choices Vic made. Despite his actions being innocent as proven by the footage.


YouTube video

The title says it all: “Vic Mignogna’s Accuser Confused Him with Monica Rial’s Ex Boyfriend!”.

Conveniently after all the damage has been done.


YouTube video

And this video takes us to the present day with Vic Mignogna’s case.


A personal story

I’ll never forget when I saved a woman from being raped some years ago. I stood by her and even walked her home while the “oppressor” followed us.

Of course he backed down eventually and drove off.

This woman was absolutely terrified. Breathing heavily and in so much trauma that It shocked me to the core.


What’s my point?

Monica claims she was sexually harassed and yet she’s able to laugh and smile without her voice breaking. AND she wanted to “maintain” their friendship prior to the 2019 incident.

Women I know of who’ve been sexually harassed, raped, or anything of the sort aren’t even able to talk about it. Let alone laugh and smile about it like it’s another day at the beach.

So we can throw that allegation of the window and shoot it until it bleeds to death.

She had a personal vendetta and nothing more. As the evidence shows.


Even if some allegations are true, does Vic deserve to be “shutdown”?

The society we live in today is crazy. People make mistakes all the time. And many people even get away with it. The types of mistakes that aren’t so bad that you can’t fix it.

But the moment someone makes a mistake in the limelight, instead of having compassion, we approach it with hatred without a care in the world for the victim (when there’s no hard evidence).

But then we won’t bat an eye when someone like Katy Perry forcibly kisses a boy who said he wants to save his kiss for the right person. And everyone says “that’s cute“.

Flip the gender roles and all of a sudden you’re a horrible monster, and compassion is M.I.A.


Objectivity no longer exists in mainstream news

Political correctness is more important than the truth. And “ending” someone’s career over something you can’t verify is more important than gathering the facts, and removing “bias” from the picture.

A trait anime news source on the internet” has proven.


That’s the Vic Mignogna news from both sides (over a f*cking jelly bean)

vic mignogna allegations 2019 1

This isn’t about MY opinion or how I feel. I’m simply reporting on the facts just as these so called “news” websites should be doing, but have decided not to because their agenda takes priority.

But the last thing I’ll say is: there’s only so long we can keep up this mentality of trying to shut people down for allegations, without consequences.

Or shutting people down just because we don’t like them, we’re insecure, they rub us the wrong way, or even jealousy.

It’s a sad state we’re in right now in 2019, and we’ll end up destroying ourselves as a society if we don’t change the way we deal with these situations.

The anime community included.



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