10 REALLY Good Shounen AI Anime You Need To Start Watching!

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What is shounen ai? It’s basically like two males getting together in a romantic setting for the anime.

In these anime, there would be a hug or a kiss between the two, but nothing more than that. 


Why watch shounen ai?

  • Romance.
  • Cute Guys.
  • Storyline.
  • Graphics.

Here are 10 Shounen Ai anime I recommend.


Shounen Ai: 


1. Gravitation

gravitation ai anime

This is a music anime.

Gravitation is a sweet story of the protagonist who’s a leader singer in a band called Bad Luck.

The protagonist falls in love with a popular author who has a dark past. The author slowly cares about the protagonist but is still haunted by the past. 

It’s an old anime series and only has thirteen episodes and 1 OVA, but Gravitation is watched by many shounen ai fans.

The story-line is good and you might like it.


2. Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica anime

Junjou Romantica is a story about three different couples but the main couple is a student that needs help with tutoring to get into university.

From there he slowly falls in love with his tutor who happens to be a popular author and his brother’s friend.

The tutors have already fallen in love with the protagonist beforehand.

This is a popular anime in Japan and the U.S.

So far, there’s a total of three seasons.  It has a bit of humor besides the romance in the anime.

The Yaoi scenes from the manga are cut off, so if you’re worried about that, the anime is clearly shounen ai while the manga isn’t. 

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3. Mirage of Blaze

YouTube video

It was a popular anime but as time went by, but the popularity of this anime declined.

I don’t even think a lot of people have heard about this anime.

It’s an anime about a high school student that meets someone who saved him, from there he learns that he is a reincarnation of a feudal lord and that he and his savior have a dark past together. 

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4. Spirit Pact

spirit pact anime series

It’s a popular Chinese shounen ai anime titled Spirit Contract that became popular.

Spirit Pact was adapted by the Japanese. A boy name You Keita dies and he meets someone named Ki Tanmoku as Keita becomes his spirit shadow.

There are some times in the anime where you’ll be like “just kiss already!”

There were a good few times that they did but I felt like the relationship could have been better. There’s a total of three seasons and it is yet to confirm if we’ll see a fourth.


5. Gakuen Heaven

Gakuen Heaven anime

This anime is short and only has thirteen episodes but it’s really sweet.

A high school boy named Itou Keita goes to a “hard to get into” academy where the only way to get in is to get an invitation. He befriends a classmate name Kazuki Endo.

Even if it’s thirteen episodes, Keita wonders on why he’s abele to get into the academy with no special talents.

And he remembers his past with Kazuki Endo.

You can sense something is going on with Kazuki Endo and it isn’t until the end where we find out what Kazuki means to the school and to Keita. 

I really wish this anime has more seasons or episodes, but there is a video game based on the anime for the PS2 I believe.


6. Sukisho

sukisho anime

Sukisho is about a boy named Sora who loses his memories and during that time, he gets a new roommate.

If you like anime about school, Sukisho is one of them. 


7. Loveless

loveless anime series

Loveless is a shounen ai anime where you lose your ears and tail once you’re considered an adult.

It’s basically like you have a fighter unit and you’re the sacrifice during a battle.

Ritsuka is the sacrifice and is a high school student. They come in pairs for the fighting unit but since Ritsuka’s name is called “loveless,” he doesn’t have a fighter.

Soubi the fighter unit is Ritsuka’s temporary fighter unit.

It’s a sad anime because Ritsuka doesn’t find out about his brother and who his actual fighter unit is.

It’s one of my favourite shounen ai anime as Ritsuka begins to care for Soubi in the end.

It’s a 12-part episode but the continuation of the anime continues with the manga.


8. Love Stage

love stage ai anime

This is another good anime. Love Stage is about Izumi Sena who wants to become a manga artist.

It’s a 10-part episode and if you’re looking for shounen ai anime to watch, love stage is something different. 

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9. Hybrid Child

hybrid child anime

Hybrid Child is a short anime and has a total of 4 episodes.

It’s technically about an android where you have to care for them. Kotarou Izumi finds an android one day and begins to care for it.

As time passes, he falls in love with the android and finds out androids have small life spans. 

It’s by the same author of Junjou Romantica.

If you like Junjou Romantica, Hybrid Child might be something worth checking out.

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10. FAKE

fake manga anime yaoi

I love the OVA and it’s about two detective cops that are on a case. One of the characters, Dee Laytner, have fallen in love with his partner. His partner, Randy McClane, isn’t oblivious, but he tries to stop his advances every time he makes a move. 

There’s a lot of humor in the OVA beside being a mystery drama and romance. The manga is more broader and it’s too bad that it wasn’t made into more episodes for FAKE. At least the OVA is an hour long to watch.

These are the shounen ai anime that I think you should get into if you like romance and yaoi.

The first shounen ai anime I watched was Gravitation and from there I was able to watch more anime of shounen ai that I fell in love with.

These are just some recommendations that you should look into for your interest.



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